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Examples of "mizurov"
Vinokourov arrived in France on 22 March 1997, after a sub-par performance due to illness in the Tour de Langkawi as a member of Kazakhstan's national team. While Vino readily adapted to Europe, Mizurov – who had won the inaugural time trial in the 1997 Tour de Langkawi – struggled with homesickness and contemplated a return to Kazakhstan. Ultimately, in May 1997, Mizurov was replaced by Vinokourov's former classmate Andrei Kivilev, who was then racing with an amateur team in Burgos in Spain after having placed 29th in the previous year's Olympic road race. Mizurov would later turn professional in 1999 with , and he reunited with Vinokourov in 2007 at .
The 2005 UCI Asia Tour was the first season of the UCI Asia Tour. The season began on 16 January 2005 with the Tour of Siam and ended on 19 September 2005 with the Tour de Hokkaido. Andrey Mizurov of Kazakhstan was crowned as the 2005 UCI Asia Tour champion.
The points leader, based on the cumulative results of previous races, wears the UCI Asia Tour cycling jersey. Andrey Mizurov from Kazakhstan was the defending champion of the 2005 UCI Asia Tour. Ghader Mizbani of Iran was crowned as the 2005–06 UCI Asia Tour champion.
In the winter of 1996, Gilles Mas, directeur sportif of the Agrigel-La Creuse team, received a letter from the coach of the Kazakhstani national team, inquiring about the possibility of placing six Kazakhstani cyclists in European professional teams. Mas agreed to take-on the best two, but only on condition they first rode for the amateur Espoir Cycliste Saint-Etienne Loire (ECSEL) clube for a year. Mas and Pierre Rivory of ECSEL chose Andrey Mizurov and Vinokourov.
Battle at the Berrics IV, the fourth installment in the series, was launched in 2011 and was subtitled "U.S. vs. THEM,"—the theme of the competition stipulated that American skateboarders would compete against riders from the rest of the world. The first round of the competition involved sixteen skateboarders from the United States (US) competing against sixteen skateboarders from foreign countries, such as Brazil (Rodrigo Tx, Luan Oliveira, Danillo Cerezini, Felipe Gustavo), the United Kingdom (Fairfax), Canada (Morgan Smith, Wade Desarmo, Mark Appleyard), Colombia (David Gonzalez), Germany (Willow, Alex Mizurov, Lem Villemin), Sweden (Albert Nyberg), Australia (Shane O'Neill), Spain (Enrique Lorenzo), and the Netherlands (Sewa Kroetkov).