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Examples of "mogford"
John Mogford (1821–1885) was an English landscape painter.
According to Mogford, during Edward Morton's term of office as Mayor of Onehunga Borough, 1929-1935:
Thomas Mogford is married to the screenwriter Ali Rea, and they live with their family in London.
Mogford has been the Chief Executive of United Utilities Group plc since March 2011, replacing Philip Nevill Green. He is also a non-executive director with Carillion.
Korda later married Margaret Mogford, a former fashion model and also former wife of photographer Burt Glinn. The two often co-authored books together.
Mogford was educated at Barking Abbey Grammar School, Essex and Queen Elizabeth College, London, where he obtained a First Class degree in Astrophysics, Maths and Physics.
Browns was the first hospitality venture established by millionaire Jeremy Mogford, who in 1973 invested £10,000 (of which £2,500 was borrowed from his father) in the first Browns Restaurant and Bar in Brighton, East Sussex. He established a chain of seven restaurants, mostly in university towns such as Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford, with an annual turnover of £15 million. In 1996, Mogford sold the Browns chain to Bass Brewery for £35 million.
Mogford taught at the Maddox Street art school, where his pupils included Emily Mary Osborn. He married a daughter of Francis Danby.
Steven Lewis Mogford (born 27 June 1956) is a British businessman. He is the Chief Executive of United Utilities Group plc, the UK's largest listed water company.
Mogford began his career in 1977 as a supply engineer with British Aerospace Military Aircraft. He remained with British Aerospace until 2007 when he was Chief Operating Officer for Programmes at BAE Systems plc.
During their time in the Districts, several players gained international honours for the Welsh Districts XV; Carl Mogford, Eugene Glastonbury, Mike Hurn, Mike Peck, Ashley Perry & finally Ieuan Brooks who became one of the youngest players capped at this level. Ashley Perry became the most capped at this level.
Using the figures published by golf course architects Crafter and Mogford, a course should have a fairway width of 120 metres and 40 metres clear beyond the hole. Assuming a 18-hole course, an area of 80 hectares (0.8 square kilometre) needs to be allocated for the course itself. Examples of golf courses that are about one square kilometre include:
Thomas Mogford (born in Oxford on 10 April 1977) is a British author known for the Spike Sanguinetti series of crime novels. He came up with the character of Spike after reading Law as a postgraduate at City University, London, and travelling to Gibraltar to look into praticising there.
Dickenson’s Drawing Gallery, whose teachers included John Mogford and whose students included Emily Mary Osborn, was established at 18 Maddox Street in the early 19th century: the premises are now known as ArtSpace Galleries. Nearby, Maddox Gallery is based at 9 Maddox Street, one of several art galleries on this road. A Museum of Building Appliances, established in the street in 1866, no longer exists.
Little (née Mogford) was born on 1 January 1933. Little grew up in Hamilton, Victoria and attended Mount St Michael's College and Hamilton High School, Victoria. Between 1968 and 1971, she undertook a social work degree at Adelaide University. She has four children and separated from her husband after 15 years. After a short illness, Little died peacefully after a short battle with cancer on 17 August 2014 at Mary Potter Hospice in Adelaide, South Australia.
Mogford was regarded as one of the industry's best and most enlightened employers, which was reflected in a low staff turnover rate. He and his restaurants were used as a case study in a hospitality and entrepreneurship textbook illustrating commitment to employees. In addition, Browns was profiled in a widely used capacity management study by Deterministics Inc. for Cornell University's "Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly" journal.
In November 2006 BAE Systems appointed King chief operating officer from 1 January 2007. He was promoted in what the "Financial Times" described as "in part... to improve relations with the MoD further". This follows a general improvement in relations since acrimony in 2003. The previous co-COOs were Chris Geoghegan and Steve Mogford. The Independent described King's appointment as COO as part of the "succession battle" to succeed BAE CEO Michael Turner.
McKern was the son of James Gordon McKern (1888–1975) a mining engineer, geologist and petrologist who became a technical executive with the petroleum company Mobil and Edith Mary Hamlet (1890–1967), daughter of William Mogford Hamlet. McKern was born in Mosman, New South Wales and educated at Newington College (1931–1935). In the Leaving Certificate Examination he was awarded First-Class Honours in Chemistry and Geology.
Both BP-house experts as well as various authorities and committees investigated the explosion in relation to technical, organizational, and safety culture aspects. The results of the technical investigation of a team of BP-experts were summarized in the so-called Mogford report, the findings with regard to the organizational aspects and the responsibility of management in the so-called Bonse report. The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board examined both the technical aspects and the responsibility of the supervisory authorities. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reviewed in the aftermath the compliance in relation to the various legal requirements.
A team of experts led by John Mogford, the Senior Group Vice President, Safety and Operations, examined the technical aspects of the explosion and suggested corrective actions. On December 9, 2005, BP published this accident investigation report. The report identified as main causes four critical factors. Without those factors, the event would not have happened or would have had a considerably lower impact. The factors included the unintentional release of substance, the operating instructions as well as their compliance with the commissioning of the rectification column, the work control policies, and the structure of the trailers and the design of the blow out vessel.