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Examples of "moliner"
Moliner received the "Lorenzo Nieto López" prize in 1973, awarded by the Real Academia Española
In 1981, L. Permanyer wrote a hard critique about what he considered the stance of most academics toward Moliner.
Lexicographer María Moliner grew up in the town, after moving from her birthplace, the Aragonese town of Paniza.
On November 7, 1972, the writer Daniel Sueiro interviewed Maria Moliner in the Heraldo de Aragon. The headline was a question: "Will Maria Moliner the first woman to join the Academy?". Dámaso Alonso, Rafael Lapesa and Pedro Lain Entralgo had recommended her. But the elected would be Emilio Alarcos Llorach.
María Juana Moliner Ruiz was the eldest daughter of Enrique Moliner, a doctor and son of a doctor, and Matilde Ruiz. At the age of two, her family moved from Zaragoza to Almazán in the border province of Soria. While a teenager her father left for Argentina and never came back, while Moliner, according to her son Fernando, lived with her mother, sister Matilde and brother Enrique in severe poverty. She pursued her Bachillerato at the Instituto General y Técnico Cardenal Cisneros, and obtained a degree in History in 1921 from the University of Zaragoza.
Jon McGregor, Haruki Murakami, John Banville, Nicola Monaghan, Chuck Palahniuk, Michael Chabon, Christopher Brookmyre, Fiona Campbell, Wesley Stace, Rose Tremain, Colm Toibin, Dan Vyleta, and Empar Moliner
Thus formula_20 can be calculated by theoretically deriving or experimentally measuring each parameter. Garcia-Moliner and Flores also discuss two limits
Another derivation of the contact barrier height in terms of experimentally measurable parameters was worked out by Federico Garcia-Moliner and Fernando Flores who considered the density of states and dipole contributions more rigorously.
Denis Azabagić (born 1972 in Tuzla, Yugoslavia) is a Bosnian classical guitarist who performs as a soloist, in chamber settings, with orchestras, and with his wife, the Spanish Flutist Eugenia Moliner, as the Cavatina Duo.
Elejalde M. A., Madeira M. J., Prieto C. E., Backeljau T., Gómez-Moliner B. J. (July 2009) "Molecular Phylogeny, Taxonomy, and Evolution of the Land Snail Genus "Pyrenaearia" (Gastropoda, Helicoidea)". "American Malacological Bulletin" 27(1-2): 69-81.
María Moliner (30 March 1900 – 22 January 1981) was a Spanish librarian and lexicographer. She is perhaps best known for her "Diccionario de uso del español", first published in 1966–1967, when she completed the work started in 1952.
Three American football enthusiasts got together in Badalona on a December 1987's evening to found the team. They were Pere Moliner, first president of the team, Ramón Ventura and Italian Alfonso Genchi. The team was founded as Badalona Drags. They changed names to Badalona Dracs in 2004.
Other attractions include the Lift-Gangway near the former Bullring and the Concepcion hill, the Regional Assembly (the Parliament of the Region of Murcia) which façade has architectural influences of the Renaissance while maintaining a modernist air (typical in the Levant), and the Carmen Conde-Antonio Moliner museum that reconstructs the atmosphere in which these poets from Cartagena created part of their important works.
"Goomer" appeared in more than five hundred publications and this character came to play a movie. The cartoon has also been taken for material intended for practicing Spanish as a foreign language for Virtual Center "María Moliner" in the Ministry of Education in Brazil.
The Board consist of a chair, members from Toronto City Council, and members of the public. As of August 2015, members of the board are: Andrew Pringle (chair), Councillor Chin Lee (vice-chair), Mayor John Tory, Dhun Noria, Marie Moliner, and Councillor Shelley Carroll. With the retirement, effective July 31, 2015, of Alok Mukherjee, the seventh spot on the board now sits vacant awaiting appointment of a new member by the province.
The Museum of Geology at the University of Valencia is located on calle Doctor Moliner. It has several collections of geological and paleontological materials such as meteorites and fossils. There are also other items of historical value. In 1996, it was recognized by the Concierge Museum of Culture of the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat Valenciana. It is developing an important role in conservation.
The range runs in an east to west direction and is part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. The main peak is Punta del Curull (1021 m), other summits are Penya Alta (1015 m), Punta del General (924 m), Punta de Viern (904 m), Punta del Moliner (902 m), Punta del Marc (901 m), Punta del Ponç (892 m) and Punta d'en Llor (891 m).
Moliner said one of her most famous quotes that have been repeated: Yes, my biography is very short due to my only achievement which is my dictionary. I mean, I do not have any works which can be added to that long list that gives me credit to be admitted at the Academy (...) My work is clearly the dictionary. Of course, the fact that a philosopher - referring to Emilio Alarcos- enters at the Academy and not me, but if that dictionary would have been written by a man, I would say: «How this man can not be at the Academy!»
Marçal Moliner discovered her and paved the way for her as a promotional model. Francina's face became familiar in every household in Spain through her work in advertising campaigns, TV commercials and the most prestigious fashion magazines. During this period, she worked with the greatest names in advertising such as Leopoldo Pomés, Estudios Moro, Tessi, Xavier Miserachs, Gianni Ruggiero and Toni Bernad. She took part in the Risk campaign for Andrés Sardá and appeared in TV commercials, notably La Lechera, Gallina Blanca, Camisas IKE, Tergal, Henkel Ibérica, Playtex and Loewe.
Although the rate of Sikh migration from the Punjab has remained high, traditional patterns of Sikh migration favouring English-speaking countries (particularly the United Kingdom) have changed during the past decade due to stricter immigration laws. Moliner (2006) wrote that as a consequence of Sikh migration to the UK "becom[ing] virtually impossible since the late 1970s", migration patterns evolved to continental Europe. Italy is a rapidly growing destination for Sikh migration, with Reggio Emilia and Vicenza having significant Sikh population clusters. Italian Sikhs are generally involved in agriculture, agricultural processing, the manufacture of machine tools and horticulture.