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mon_cœur              amour_est              quand_tu              rêver              un_peu              mieux              une_chanson              veux              je_veux              reste              étais              seule              pour_toi              attente              mon_âme              rêves              rien_que              je_sais              quelqu_un              et_puis              la_pluie              un_jour              avais              mourir              que_aime              quelque_chose              fais_moi              pleure              il_faut              combien              joue              les_yeux              quand_je              je_cherche              un_enfant              je_vais              ça_va              parce_que              je_vous              je_suis              ai_fait              yeux              nous_avons              je_te              quoi              larmes              vient              ce_soir              regarde              mon_ami             

Examples of "mon_coeur"
"Les Moulins de mon Coeur" has subsequently been recorded by:
"Saint-Saëns' Ascanio, 1890:" ""Mon coeur est sous la pierre", of Colombe... sung with exquisite taste and without accompaniment... a delightful Colombe... consummate art... evoking unanimous plaudits".
Change of Heart (French: Mon coeur au ralenti) is a 1928 French silent film directed by Marco de Gastyne and starring Philippe Hériat, Annette Benson and Olaf Fjord.
The song was performed tenth on the night (following Switzerland's Kathy Leander with "Mon coeur l'aime" and preceding Estonia's Maarja-Liis Ilus & Ivo Linna with "Kaelakee hääl").
Several composers wrote songs for Rina with her charming accent in mind. So for example Paul Mirsaki (with his "Rendez-moi mon coeur", which in fact was a reprise of "Sombreros et mantilles", but this time the text remained much closer to the Spanish original) and Jean Tranchant (with "Pourvu qu'on chante"). In 1939 Rina Ketty ventured into classical music with the song "Mon coeur soupire", an adaptation of "Voi Che sapete" from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro".
"Mon cœur l'aime" (My Heart Loves Him) was the Swiss entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1996, sung in French by Kathy Leander. The song was written and composed by Soren Mounir. "Mon coeur l'aime" on YouTube
Mon coeur avait raison (English: "My Heart was Right") is a 2015 double album by Maître Gims divided into "Pilule bleue" with Chinx (15 tracks) and "Pilule rouge" with Gucci Mane (11 tracks)
Due to new rules introduced in 1993 Switzerland were relegated from the 1995 contest, and so the song was succeeded as Swiss representative at the 1996 contest by Kathy Leander with "Mon coeur l'aime".
Soren Régis Mounir's song “Mon Coeur l’aime” was performed by Kathy Leander to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1996, which was hosted by a-ha singer Morten Harket in Oslo, Norway.
The following year, the group released "K2", their second album. Although it was not as big as its predecessor, it produced the major hits "Mon Coeur 'Murder of Crows'", featuring Rania, and the fan favorite remix "Superstar" featuring Bebe Cool.
He won a bronze medal at the Exposition Universelle in 1889 for a large size painting: "la Mère ou « Dormio cor meum vigilat »" ("Je dors mais mon coeur veille"). In 1900, at the next Exposition Universelle, he was among the five lithographic artists selected to achieve two compositions on a selected theme; he received a gold medal at this contest.
In early 2008, under the name "De Tout Mon Coeur", "Patito Feo" started airing on children channel Gulli in France. It soon became a huge success, being the most-watched show on the channel. A few months later, Elastic Rights bought the rights to distribute the show in Italy, Portugal and Spain.
Her recordings include several EPs for Polydor that include songs such as "Merci mon Dieu, La chanteuse de blues", "Mon vieux marin" (with the orchestra of Armand Migiani), "Paris-java", "Sarah", "Tu me donnes", "Une femme est jolie", "Mon coeur est un violin", "Marjolaine", "Patricia" and "La gommeuse de 1900".
In 2012, he released the album "Christian Escoudé Plays Brassens: Au Bois de Mon Coeur", a tribute to French poet and musician George Brassens. Escoudé plays the compositions of Brassens with bassist Pierre Boussanuet and drummer Anne Paceo, with guests violinist Fiona Monbet, clarinetist Andre Villeger, Gypsy jazz guitarist Biréli Lagrène and 11-year-old Gypsy guitarist Swan Berger.
The song was recorded by the Kings Singers on the 1975 album "The Kings Singers Concert Collection" in a sequence of 5 chansons: La belle Margarite by Clemens non Papa, Baisez moi by Josquin Desprez, Petite camusette, also attributed to Josquin Desprez, Mon coeur en vous (anonymous) and Au joly jeu du pousse avant by Clément Jannequin.
Since 1973 Rosier has worked as a film director and screenwriter for French-language cinema. Her first two films "George Who?", a biography of George Sand, and "Mon coeur est rouge (Paint my Heart Red)", which deals with a female market researcher, have been described as feminist. She then produced television documentaries before returning to films with "Embrasse-moi" (1989).
Berry subsequently performed in thirty successful plays for Marcel Achard, Alfred Savoir, Louis Verneuil, and Roger Ferdinand. One of Berry's first movie roles was the silent film "Oliver Cromwell" (1911) directed by Henri Desfontaines. His first appearance in a talking picture was "Mon coeur et ses millions" (1931) with Suzy Prim. Over the course of his career, Berry acted in eighty-nine motion pictures.
Sortir is a 2009 studio album recorded by French singer Gérald de Palmas. It was his fifth solo album and his seventh album overall, released on 16 November 2009 (AZ/Universal Music). The three singles off the album were "Au bord de l'eau", which was much aired on radio and number 25 in Belgium, "Dans une larme" and "Mon coeur ne bat plus". The album was successful, peaking at number two in France, on both physical and digital charts, number four in Belgium.
On 5 June, at 9:15 pm (London time), Radio London broadcast a second message: the next three lines from the same poem. "Blessent mon coeur d'une longeur monotone," or "Wound my heart with a monotonous languor", meant that the invasion was to begin within 48 hours. The Resistance was supposed to increase its efforts against German supply lines, especially railroads, in anticipation of D-Day.
Dalida only released the following double sided singles of this album Les p'tits mots / Mourir sur scène before releasing an updated version of the album that included two new recordings, namely "Femme", a cover of a Charlie Chaplin movie theme called "Smile", and the song "Ton prénom dans mon coeur", a cover of the love theme from "Jeux Interdits", which had previously been sung with other lyrics by French singer Mireille Mathieu.