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steindachneri              siganus              commersonii              oblongus              ciliatus              gulosus              kner              nigripes              tilesius              ocellatus              ocellata              granulatus              limbatus              variegatus              maculosus              rostratus              scutatus              lepturus              cynoscion              hemichromis              laticauda              brevirostris              leptorhynchus              helleri              agassizii              petersii              guentheri              diplodus              oculatus              balteatus              frenatus              spinicauda              parvidens              poecilia              galapagoensis              multifasciatus              microstoma              microlepis              pretiosus              uranoscopus              cichlasoma              orthopristis              telmatherina              nasuta              viridescens              bilineatus              melanotaenia              nigriventris              bifasciatus              falcatus             

Examples of "monacanthus"
Nectriaster monacanthus is a species of sea star in the family Orestieridae. It is the sole species in the genus Nectriaster.
The fish was first described in 1850 by Coenraad Jacob Temminck and Hermann Schlegel, when it was observed along with other fauna off the coasts of Japan. They initially placed it in the genus "Monacanthus", as "Monacanthus cirrhifer"; however, it was transferred to the genus "Stephanolepis" by David Starr Jordan and Henry Weed Fowler in 1903. The species name derives from the Latin word "cirrhifer", which means "bearing fringes of hair".
Monacanthus ciliatus, commonly known as the fringed filefish, the cuckold or the leather-fish, is a species of bony fish commonly found in shallow water in the western Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.
Monacanthus chinensis, commonly known as the fan-bellied leatherjacket or fantail leatherjacket, is a species of filefish native to the western Pacific Ocean and the eastern Indian Ocean where it is found on reefs and soft sediments at shallow depths. This species grows to a total length of .