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Examples of "monsta"
Monsta Island Czars - "Escape from Monsta Island!"
EMI Gold released a Monsta Mash CD featuring the "Monsta Hokey Cokey" written and produced by Steve Deakin-Davies of "The Ambition Company".
Monsta X filmed a commercial for My Little TVing Stick which aired on November 19. Monsta X's Hyungwon modeled on the Runway of SS 2016 Seoul Fashion Week. On December 11, The Korean Girl Scouts Association revealed that MONSTA X would be their 7th promotional ambassadors.
The scores were strange because MONSTA X sold more than I.O.I, but I.O.I was given 1,523 points, while MONSTA X got a lower number – 999 points. MONSTA X also only had 2,000 album difference in album sales from AOA, but the point difference was over 600. When you compare the other scores, the proportion doesn’t add up.
Starting 2014, this company is also known as Monsta.
Escape from Monsta Island! is a studio album released by the Monsta Island Czars, a collective notably featuring MF Doom under his King Geedorah alias. Although the Monsta Island Czars was founded by MF Grimm, he is absent on the entire album due to his incarceration at the time of its production and release.
In June 2016, Monsta X placed #12 on Brand Big data Reputation for Kpop boy group and had the high-growth of 167.46%. MONSTA X tested their mainstream recognition by dressing up as employees of G25 convenient store in Sangam-dong. In July, Monsta X performed at Seoul Prime Concert in Bangkok.
Monsta X's Chinese fan club Monstaxfree received an award at Yinyuetai. Monsta X appeared on Heroes of Remix. Their song "Love" ranked a close second to Wang Leehom's track that has over 100 million plays, and for the Top Track of each episode, Monsta X is top for the first episode with the same song.
Monsta X returned in early October with their fourth mini album and second part of "The Clan" series, titled "The Clan 2.5 Pt. 2 'GUILTY'". The extended play was released on October 4, with the first single "Fighter", along with an accompanying music video. Monsta X entered the Top 10 Billboard World Albums Chart at #3 Monsta X's The Clan Part. 2 "GUILTY" was #1 in US and Japan's iTunes K-pop world album charts and #3 in Japan's iTunes k-pop top song. On 2016, Monsta X won 'Breakout Artist of The Year' in K-Ville Music Awards.
Monsta X won 'Rising Star Award' at the 2015 Daum Official Fancafe Awards
Dubstep artist Cookie Monsta sampled the song in his song "Change Your Heart".
This is the solo and group discography of the legendary underground hip hop collective Monsta Island Czars. Included are the solo studio albums, EPs and compilations of the various group members and affiliates. Although Monsta Island Czars aren't formed until after the death of Subroc, KMD's albums Mr. Hood and Black Bastards are stylistic precursors to what will appear in the Monsta Island Czars catalog.
Monsta X placed #10 on the Top 13 Best-Selling Idol Debut Albums from Year 2012-2016 with 31,085 albums sold in 2015 (debut year sales). They also had 1st generation official fan club recruitment. On 160616 Boy Group Fancafe Ranking, Monsta X was #23. Before the comeback, Monsta X was trending in Korea, Indonesia, and Japan on Twitter. Monsta X's third mini album "The Clan Part. 1 'LOST'" was released on May 18 with the title track "All In". The album was #5 on Billboard's World Albums Chart and stayed for 2 consecutive weeks on it. Monsta X surpassed 1 million views on YouTube in 24 hours, topped Hanteo Chart in Korea and US & Japanese iTunes's K-Pop Charts with The Clan Part. 1 'LOST', demonstrating increasing popularity. Also, they were placed on #4 on German K-pop monthly chart. They were nominated for #1 only after first week of comeback Monsta X ranked #9 on 2016 Gaon Chart 2nd Quarter Album Overall Ranking with 81,655 physical sales. All seats for Monsta X's first live concert MONSTA X THE FIRST LIVE "X CLAN ORIGINS" sold out in less than just 5 minutes right after ticket sales opened.
The next year, she released "Boom", an 11-track collaborative project with Suzi Analogue as Analogue Monsta.
In August 2016, Monsta X joined label-mates Cosmic Girls' Exy, Cheng Xiao, SeolA, Soobin, Eunseo, Yeoreum, and Dayoung in creating Y-Teen, a project unit group that will promote KT's phone fare service and release music together. The music video has surpassed 1 million views on YouTube. On August 7, Monsta X released a music video for the track "Stuck", from their album "The Clan Pt.1 'LOST", as a special gift to their fandom, MonBebe. On the day of release, "Stuck" trended at number 3 worldwide on Twitter. As of August 9, Monsta X were in the top 10 of the charts for physical album sales for 3 months. Monsta X's MV on "Stuck" hit No.5 in America and No.6 around the world. Monsta X placed 11th on Brand Big Data Reputation for Kpop boy groups. In September, MONSTA X was the cover of Fans Magazine 粉絲誌. Also, Monsta X was featured in 《Easy音乐世界》 2016/09上刊 Vol.736.
TopStarNews revealed that Monsta X was #22 on the Top Selling Artists Year-End Chart 2015 while #18 on Male Artists and #46 Rush #61 Trespass on Top Selling Albums Year-End Chart 2015 Monsta X won 'Best Rookie Award' on JAPAKO Music
Monsta X (Hangul: 몬스타엑스; often stylized as MONSTA X) is a South Korean hip hop boy group formed by Starship Entertainment through the survival show "NO.MERCY" on Mnet in 2015. The group is composed of seven members: Shownu, Wonho, Hyungwon, Kihyun, Jooheon, Minhyuk, and I.M.
Monsta X attended KCON 2016 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on March 25, and Chiba, Japan on April 9. They also performed at part 2 of the KCON's Los Angeles event, on July 31. Monsta X returned as LITMUS models. Members Kihyun and Hyungwon made regular appearances on a radio show.
The red and black "Da Monsta" gatehouse, built without right angles and from modified gunite, is one of the few structures visible from the road. Near it is a -high entrance gate, fashioned out of a sailboat boom. In the 1997 documentary, "Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect", Johnson discusses the buildings he built on the property (his "diary") with a focus on "Da Monsta", at that time the latest structure. "Da Monsta" was inspired by the work of German expressionist architect Hermann Finsterlin. The name was chosen after a conversation with architecture critic Herbert Muschamp as Johnson felt the house had the quality of a living thing.
MeccaGodZilla (also known as "RYU BLACK" or "RAVAGE") is an American underground rapper, visual artist, record producer and entrepreneur formerly of the Monsta Island Czars.