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verzate              scandriglia              lorsica              faicchio              pietrabruna              laganadi              fibocchi              ascrea              fosciandora              civitanova_del_sannio              inarzo              montodine              ramiseto              cergnago              montecalvo_versiggia              roccafluvione              roccavaldina              masate              casalmaiocco              fratta_todina              concerviano              carlantino              cerete              gremiasco              castelbellino              guardea              ricengo              cervatto              casalgrasso              offagna              urzulei              saludecio              collelongo              borgo_priolo              cavaglietto              paroldo              momperone              vallemaio              rocca_arazzo              prascorsano              casalserugo              sorianello              sartirana_lomellina              cottanello              barzago              tavigliano              carpasio              quagliuzzo              roccabascerana              comignago             

Examples of "monteleone_sabino"
Poggio San Lorenzo borders the following municipalities: Casaprota, Frasso Sabino, Monteleone Sabino, Torricella in Sabina.
Poggio Moiano borders the following municipalities: Colle di Tora, Frasso Sabino, Monteleone Sabino, Poggio Nativo, Pozzaglia Sabina, Rocca Sinibalda, Scandriglia, Torricella in Sabina.
Monteleone Sabino is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Rieti in the Latium region of Italy, located about northeast of Rome and about south of Rieti.
Cantalupo in Sabina, Casaprota, Casperia, Castelnuovo di Farfa, Collevecchio, Configni, Cottanello, Fara Sabina, Forano, Frasso Sabino, Magliano Sabina, Mompeo, Montasola, Montebuono, Monteleone Sabino, Montenero Sabino,
Torricella in Sabina borders the following municipalities: Belmonte in Sabina, Casaprota, Monteleone Sabino, Montenero Sabino, Poggio Moiano, Poggio San Lorenzo, Rieti, Rocca Sinibalda. It is located near the ancient Via Salaria, and in the Middle Ages it was a possession of the Abbey of Farfa.
There was once a temple of Feronia, which was plundered by Hannibal. Virgil speaks of Mutusca as abounding in olives ("oliviferaeque Mutuscae"), which is still the case with the neighbourhood of Monteleone Sabino, and a village near it consequently bears the name of Oliveto. Excavation work from 2000 until now have uncovered the porch of the temple of Feronia which once featured peripheral walls of breccia, originally made from wood, that was replaced later by another wall composed travertine and bricks.
Trebula (Greek: ; also spelled Trebula Mutusca or simply Mutusca or Mutuscae) was an ancient city of the Sabines in what is now central Italy, one of two bearing the name Trebula – Pliny being the only author who mentions both places: "Trebulani qui cognominantur Mutuscaei, et qui Suffenates". Its site is clearly fixed at Monteleone Sabino, a village about 3 km on the right of the Via Salaria, between Osteria Nuova and Poggio San Lorenzo. There are considerable ruins here including those of a theatre, of thermae or baths, and portions of the ancient pavement. Several inscriptions have also been found here, some of which bear the name of its people, "Plebs Trebulana", "Trebulani Mutuscani", and "Trebulani Mut.", so that no doubt can remain of their attribution.
Victoria’s legend states that she was stabbed through the heart in 250 AD at Trebula Mutuesca (today Monteleone Sabino). An elaboration on her legend states that her murderer was immediately struck with leprosy, and died six days later. Anatolia was killed, also in 250 AD, at "Thora" (identified with present-day Sant'Anatolia di Borgorose). Her legend states that she was at first locked up with a poisonous snake. The snake refused to bite her, and a soldier named Audax was sent into her cell to kill her. The snake attacked him instead, but Anatolia saved him from the snake. Impressed by her example, he converted to Christianity and was martyred by the sword with her.