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Examples of "monzon"
He won two more fights, and the WBC made him its number one contender at Monzon's title. But Monzon did not feel like fighting the Colombian at that moment, so the WBC stripped Monzon of the world title (Monzon retained the WBA title) and made Valdez and Briscoe rematch, this time with the WBC world middleweight title on the line. On May 25, 1974, at Monte Carlo, Valdez became a world champion for the first time, by knocking Briscoe out in seven rounds. Valdez subsequently retained his title against Rudy Valdez, Gratien Tonna and Max Cohen, until Monzon finally agreed to meet him.
Alain Delon was good friends with, among others, Argentine world champion boxer Carlos Monzon.
Corro beat Rodrigo Valdez for the world Middleweight title, and he would beat Valdez in a rematch. Valdez had succeeded Carlos Monzón as world champion. Since Monzon had beaten Valdez twice also during his period as champion, the comparisons between Corro and Monzon became inevitable. The fact that Corro went to Europe to defend his title was another common trait he shared with Monzon. Corro's championship reign would ultimately prove to be inferior to Monzon's however, as Corro defended his title successfully only twice, and Monzon retained the crown for a then record of fourteen times.
On June 6, 1981, Elfego Hernan Monzon Aguirre died in Guatemala; he was 69 years old.
In February 1944 Monzon called for preparation for a national insurrection.
In 2004, Monzon, Veneracion, and Schuck formed the Miss Earth Foundation, which focuses on educating young people in environmental awareness.
In 1945 Monzon was disgraced because of his action and was removed from the presidency of the "Unión Nacional".
He led the conquest of Monzon (Montsó) in 1643 and of Lérida (Lleida) in 1644. He died that same year.
Dolores Hernández Monzon (born 21 May 1997, in Veracruz, Veracruz) is a female competitive diver from Mexico.
The municipality of Pozza di Fassa contains the "frazioni" (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Pera di Fassa and Monzon.
Epic of Bamana Segu (or Epic of Bambara Segu) is one of the longest epics recorded in Africa. The epic was composed by Bambara people in the 19th century. The epic reflects on political and military events which occurred during the reign of three rulers of the second dynasty of Segu Bambara State: Ngolo Diarra, his son Monzon Diarra and grandson Da Monzon Diarra.
The Manuel L. Quezon University has two campuses, namely, the Monzon Hall, located at R. Hidalgo St. and the Arlegui Compound at Arlegui St. where the Basic Education Department is located. Just recently, the Research Center was built adjacent to the Monzon Hall and which was named after Justice Arsenio P. Dizon.
The WBA and WBC, recognizing that Valdez probably wasn't in the best of moods to fight during his first confrontation with Monzon, ordered a second fight between the rivals, and so they fought again, on July 30, 1977, once again at Monte Carlo. This time around, Valdez knocked down Monzon in the second round, becoming only the second man to send the Argentine to the floor in Monzon's long career. Valdez was leading after seven rounds, but Monzon mounted a late rally that allowed him to keep the title by a close decision.
Christian Monzon (born May 23, 1977) is an American film and television actor and model. He was born Christian Gabriel Monzon on May 23, 1977 in Burbank, California. Ethnically he is Mexican and Spanish and spent the first three years of life in Guadalajara, Mexico. His mother Maria Guadalupe Alcaraz moved the family back to Los Angeles after suffering the loss of her husband and Christian’s father, Pedro Monzon. Christian was educated at Canoga Park High School where he cultivated the attributes to excel as a student athlete.
In 2016, Saadia, Joss Monzon, Fernando Benavides and Pablo Gil founded Octopus VR8, an agency dedicated to create cinematic experiences in Virtual Reality .
The old town cemetery was the location of the murders in 1969 of Susan Perry, Patricia Walsh, Sydney Monzon and Mary Anna Wysocki by Tony Costa.
Bennie also fought Rodrigo Valdez three times. He was outpointed twice, but Valdez scored a rare KO over Briscoe in an elimination match to determine the WBC middleweight champion on May 25, 1974 - it was the only time in 96 fights that Briscoe was ever stopped. The WBC had decided to "strip" Monzon of its version of the middleweight crown, although the rest of the world continued to recognize Monzon as champion.
Descendants of Abraham-Leib II and Moshe-Mordechai Monsohn engaged in rabbinics, public service, printing, and the arts and sciences. Under Shimon Monzon (b. 1907; son of Abraham-Leib II) and Shimon Barmacz (b. 1922; son of Raytsa Monsohn Barmacz [b. 1901]; recipient of the Yakir Yerushalayim award), the Monzon Press flourished until it closed in 1992. The Koren Publishers Jerusalem Bible was printed at the press of Shimon Monzon in 1965. Shimon Barmacz and his son, Mordechai (b. 1948), established the Hebron Press in Kiryat Arba. Elyakim Monzon (b. 1927), son of Abraham-Leib’s son Yosef (b. 1903), also engaged in printing. Dr. Zvi Talmon (b. 1922), son of Abraham-Leib’s son David (b. 1893), was a noted Israeli ḥazzan, composer and conductor. Moshe Monzon (b. 1958), grandson of Abraham-Leib’s son Moshe (b. 1897), created artistic tapestries and lithographs and ran an art gallery in the Old City of Jerusalem before relocating to the United States. Dina Zingler (b. 1902), daughter of Moshe-Mordechai (b. 1902), travelled with her father to Beirut to study hat-making and ran a successful millinery shop in the center of Jerusalem. Rabbi Shimon Ben Shemen (b. 1905), son of Moshe-Mordechai, was a Hebrew educator who published diverse educational works (e.g., Hebrew translation of Talmud Bavli, Ta‘anit, Haifa 1966; Megilla, Haifa 1967; Ḥagiga, Haifa 1968; Mo‘ed Qatan, Haifa 1968; Bava Qama, Jerusalem 1971; Bava Metzia, [Tel Aviv] 1978; Bava Batra, Haifa 1982, 2 vols.; Millon Arami-‘Ivri, Bene Beraq 1999).
, Pascual Resultay, Raymundo de Guzman, Vicente de Guzman, Domingo de Guzman, Vicente Frias, Florentino Malicdem, Faustino Monzon, Cornelio de Guzman, Felix de Guzman, Juan Malicdem, Federico Cancino, Artemio Frias, Claudio de Guzman and several others.
The novel also describes the deaths of Susan Perry and Sydney Monzon as due to drug overdoses. Costa claims it was Carl who dismembered and buried their bodies and that he had no knowledge until after their deaths.