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mortality              complications              hospitalization              illness              complication              prevalence              risks              sepsis              illnesses              deaths              hospitalizations              toxicities              relapse              incidences              bacteremia              infections              symptoms              diarrhea              neutropenia              morbidities              toxicity              malnutrition              pathology              disability              obesity              scarring              recurrence              exacerbation              hypoglycemia              infection              mastitis              death              pneumonia              hypercalcemia              nosocomial              hyperglycemia              sequelae              cachexia              immunosuppression              outbreaks              postoperative              hemorrhage              risk              injuries              malignancy              inflammation              lethality              injury              gvhd              pathologies             

Examples of "morbidity"
Some morbidity databases are compiled with data supplied by states and territories health authorities, at national level (National hospital morbidity database (NHMD), for example), or at European scale (European Hospital Morbidity Database or HMDB) but not yet at world scale.
In general, individuals with white coat hypertension have lower morbidity than patients with sustained hypertension, but higher morbidity than the clinically normotensive.
Left untreated, urethral diverticulum can cause significant morbidity (sickness).
Black carbon causes human morbidity and premature mortality.
The most common cause of morbidity in the municipality is upper respiratory infection with 673 reported cases. Other leading causes of morbidity are malnutrition, skin problems, pneumonia, hypertension and diarrhea..
The Sugiura procedure was originally associated with significant morbidity and mortality; in recent years, though, this procedure and its modifications have been performed in many hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgical centers with improving morbidity and mortality rates
Studies of the mortality and morbidity of a series of South Australian based veterans : and the interrelationships between mortality, preceding morbidity, and other factors / by R.V. Southcott, L.G. Veitch Southcott, R. V [Book : 1980 ]
hospitalizations/emergency room visits in a year, age, HIV-AIDS, liver disease or kidney disease, history of frostbite, immersion foot, or hypothermia, and tri-morbidity. Tri-morbidity is co-occurring disorder (psychiatric, substance abuse) with a chronic medical condition.
Iron poisoning may result in mortality or short-term and long-term morbidity.
D. H. Lawrence: "Wineskins of brown morbidity, autumnal excrementa ... an exquisite odour of leave taking".
Possible risks of complications—morbidity—related to emergency tourniquet use include
Unintended pregnancies lead to higher rates of maternal morbidity, and threaten the economic viability of families.
DPN is benign and not associated with any mortality or morbidity.
Exogenous surfactant replacement therapy is effective in reducing RDS mortality and morbidity in preterm infants.
morbidity, and fertility over the past several decades have so shaken up the
Morbidity and mortality range from both extremes as the significance correlate with the underlying systemic disease.
These can lead to significant morbidity and mortality if severe enough.
3. High morbidity and mortality rates in regards to patients with the same or similar symptoms.
Having a religious belief may have both positive and negative impacts on health and morbidity.
Reductions in morbidity and mortality are due to the use of antiviral treatments such as vidarabine and acyclovir. However, morbidity and mortality still remain high due to diagnosis of DIS and CNS herpes coming too late for effective antiviral administration; early diagnosis is difficult in the 20-40% of infected neonates that have no visible lesions. A recent large scale retrospective study found disseminated NHSV patients least likely to get timely treatment, contributing to the high morbidity/mortality in that group.