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Examples of "moremi"
The Moremi-Mannonye Community Trust charges an entrance fee to the Moremi Gorge heritage site, an area where perennial streams have cut deep gorges into the hills,
Moremi Game Reserve is a Game Reserve in Botswana. It rests on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta and was named after Chief Moremi of the BaTawana tribe. Moremi was designated as a Game Reserve, and not a National Park, when it was created. This designation meant local people, the BaSarwa or Bushmen that lived there were allowed to stay in the reserve.
• Obafemi Awolowo University, Moremi Hall Executive Council, Ile-Ife 2002
As of 2007, the Executive Secretary of the SACU was Tswelopele C. Moremi.
Moremi is a village in the Central District of Botswana, about east of Palapye.
The Moremi Game Reserve covers much of the eastern side of the Okavango Delta and combines permanent water with drier areas, which create some startling and unexpected contrasts. Some prominent geographical features of the Reserve are Chiefs Island and the Moremi Tongue. In the Moremi Reserve one can experience excellent views of Savannah game as well as bird-watching on the lagoons. There are also thickly wooded areas, which are home to the Cape wild dog and leopard. To the northeast lies the Chobe National Park which borders the Moremi Game Reserve.
Moremi High School is a government-run secondary school within the campus of Obafemi Awolowo University ("previously University of Ife"), Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. Moremi High School was the first ever secondary school, built within the university and opened its doors to its first set of students in 1978.
The Khwai River is a river in Northern Botswana. It extends from the Okavango River and forms part of the Northern border of the Moremi Game Reserve. Not far from the river, on the North Gate of Moremi, is the BaBugkakhwe village of Khwai.
In 1944 the Batawana Kgosi Moremi III asked the British to appoint Raditladi as the head of the Tsetse Fly Control agency in Ngamiland. As such he became the first Motswana to head a government department. Two years later, Moremi appointed him Tribal Secretary. This appointment occurred just before Moremi's death, following which the chief was succeeded by his wife, the regent EP Moremi. Raditladi and the Regent, both foreign-born, exercised tight control over Ngamiland and quickly aroused resentment. Their clandestine love affair also become public knowledge. In late 1950 the Regent was forced to abort Raditladi's child, an event that led Raditladi's opponents to drive him out of Ngamiland at gunpoint.
Maun, Tsodilo Hills, Moremi Game Reserve, Gchwihaba (Drotsky's) Caves, Aha Hills, Nhabe Museum and Maun Educational Park are the major tourist attractions in the district.
The Lotsane River flows at the feet of the Tswapong Hills on their northern side. One of the main attractions of the hills is the spectacular Moremi Gorge.
Elizabeth Pulane Moremi (1912–1994) was a regent and mohumagadi (queen or queen mother) of the BaTawana tribe in the Bechuanaland Protectorate. She was born in the Orange Free State in South Africa. Her husband Moremi II died when their son Letsholathebe II (born in 1941) was six years old, and she served as regent for their son until he reached the age of majority.
Khwai a small village of approximately 400 BaBukakhwe or River Bushmen located just outside Moremi Game Reserve in Northern Botswana. The people of Khwai are currently developing an eco-tourism and sustainable development program to conserve the area's unique environment.
The Tswapong Hills also have many areas of historical significance and well as the Moremi Gorge. This is an area of great beauty as it has a permanent water source.
"Seance Reflections" documents a childless couple who try to recover their well-being by consulting a charismatic diviner and healer in the village of Moremi. Later they review and discuss the film of their seances.
The Botswana Tourism Organization is building a bridge for motor vehicles across the Lotsane River, and is building tourist accommodations and nature trails in the Moremi - Mannonye Conservation Area.
The 2004 documentary film "Seance Reflections", directed by Richard Werbner, documents a childless couple who try to recover their well-being by consulting a charismatic diviner and healer in the village of Moremi.
The name of the school originates from Queen Moremi Ajasoro, the famous Yoruba deity who escaped with tribal secrets from the Igbos that led to their defeat by the Yorubas.
The Male halls are Awolowo hall, Angola hall, ETF hall and Fajuyi hall. The female halls are Alumni hall, Ladoke Akintola hall, Moremi hall, Mozambique hall. The postgraduate hall, Murtala Muhammed hall is a mixed hall.
Moremi Ajasoro, Princess of the Yoruba, was a figure of high significance in the history of the Yoruba peoples of West Africa. She was a member-by-marriage of the royal family of Emperor Oduduwa, the tribe's fabled founding father.