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Over the next decade Tammes published several influential works. In "Die Periodicität morphologischer Erscheinungen bei den Pflanzen" (The frequency of morphological phenomena in plants) she was one of the first Dutch scientists to report on variability, evolution and genetics. Then in 1907 she published "Der Flachsstengel: Eine statistisch-anatomische Monographie" (The Flax Stem: A statistical anatomical monograph) which used statistics and probability theory to shed light on the inheritance of genetic traits in flax.
Friedrich (or Friederich) Wilhelm Zopf (December 12, 1846 – June 24, 1909) was a well-known German botanist and mycologist. He dedicated to his whole life with fungal biology, particularly in classification of fungi and dye production in fungi and lichens. Besides, his textbook on fungi called “Die pilze in morphologischer, physiologischer, biologischer und systematischer beziehung (Translation: The mushrooms in morphological, physiological, biological and systematic relationship)” in 1890 was also an outstanding work on the subject for many decades. Thus, his numerous contributions gave him a special status in mycological history.