Synonyms for mortified or Related words with mortified

flabbergasted              dumbfounded              dismayed              disgusted              puzzled              appalled              horrified              amused              comforted              saddened              unnerved              flustered              embarrassed              astounded              incredulous              unsurprised              astonished              disheartened              scolded              overjoyed              distraught              bewildered              unfazed              mystified              humiliated              terrified              amazed              heartbroken              aghast              upstaged              bullied              bemused              flattered              consoled              tormented              elated              incensed              chagrined              infuriated              thrilled              remorseful              intrigued              disconcerted              mugged              unimpressed              livid              annoyed              entranced              gratified              embarrasses             

Examples of "mortified"
The interview series is as an offshoot of Mortified, a storytelling project Nadelberg and Katcher run wherein adults share excerpts of their childhood writing and art with total strangers. Mortified exists as stage show that runs worldwide, a series of books, animated shorts, web content, appearances on public radio's This American Life, and a film, Mortified Nation.
This is an episode list for the Australian television series "Mortified".
Simply Mortified is the second album by BS 2000, released on February 6, 2001.
"Simply Mortified" was the final release through the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label.
"Mortified" was created by screenwriter and author Angela Webber. Series director is Pino Amenta. It consists of 26 24-minute episodes. The first season of "Mortified" had a budget of A$9.3 million. It was shot entirely on location in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast while most of the school scenes were filmed at the local Palm Beach Currumbin High School, starting on 8 June 2005. "Mortified" was launched in Cannes at MIPTV in April 2006.
Marny Kennedy won the Australian Film Institute's 2006 Young Actor Award for her starring role in Mortified.
In 2006, Barminski created a video for Mortified, the spoken word project ripped from the pages of real life. Mortified is a comic excavation of adolescent artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories and more) as shared by their original authors before total strangers. The innovative video has been hailed as a breakthrough in guerilla web marketing.
Donald impersonates the comedian Jimmy Durante when he says "Am I mortified! Am I mortified!" His bill even changes shape to make fun of Durante's famous nose. The joke was not as noticeable in the remake because Donald's bill keeps its shape.
A DVD of the series was released in PAL format on 4 April 2007. Titled "Mortified: Volume 1," the 2-disc DVD has a running time of 299 minutes and includes the first 13 episodes. "Mortified: Volume 2", a 2-disc DVD consisting of episodes 14–26 (running time of 312 minutes), was released on 18 July 2007.
Stewie is at first mortified at the brace, but discovers that everyone at his school is treating him with respect because of it.
Odaenathus is viewed negatively in Rabbinic sources; his sack of Nehardea mortified the Jews, and he was cursed by the Babylonian Jews and the Jews of Palestine.
A destructive little boy with an air rifle shoots a baby bird and is mortified when the bird's parents, and all the other birds, go into mourning.
The defeat mortified Napoleon. The Emperor treated Dupont's capitulation as a personal affront and a blight on the Imperial honour, pursuing a ruthless vendetta against all those involved:
After Charlene McKenna appeared on the show on 26 April 2013, she said her mother was mortified at having had the camera aimed directly at her.
Ned is mortified, but his superior is surprisingly tolerant, reflecting, "That's the trouble in our business, Ned. Life's looking one way, we're looking the other."
Webber's most successful and best-known work came later in her life in the form of the children's TV series "Mortified". This series was a comedy drama playing on the embarrassment that children often feel towards their parents, and in 2006 won an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Children's Television Drama. "Mortified" has since been sold to more than 15 countries, including Britain, France, Italy and Argentina.
After finishing school, Smith took a number of acting courses and appeared in a few commercials. He has previously appeared in "", in which he played a surfer. Smith has also had roles in "Mortified" and "Home and Away".
Reinwick stated in late July 2014 that he and the Ciccone family had been “deceived” by the government and that he was “mortified” to be involved in anything with a person like Boudou.
Crosby's poetry possibly gave the best clue to his motives. Death was "the hand that opens the door to our cage the home we instinctively fly to." His death mortified proper society. Crosby's biographer Wolff wrote,
The school was used for the TV series Mortified around 2005 - 2007. In the first series, the school was used as Sunburn Beach Primary, and, in the second series, was used as Driftwood High School.