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Examples of "mortmain"
"Mortmain" means thus incapacity of selling possessions or estates.
3)"Arazi Mevkufe"- Lands possessed in mortmain, but tenanted by a kind of copyhold
Metcalfe's second collection, "Judas and Other Stories" features several horror stories. These include "Mortmain",
The Statutes of Mortmain were two enactments, in 1279 and 1290, by Edward I of England aimed at preserving the kingdom's revenues by preventing land from passing into the possession of the Church. Possession of property by a corporation such as the church was known as mortmain. Mortmain literally means "the dead hand." In Medieval England, feudal estates generated taxes (in the form of incidents) upon the inheritance or granting of the estate.
Mortmain is the perpetual, inalienable ownership of real estate by a corporation or legal institution; the term is usually used in the context of its prohibition. Historically, the land owner usually would be the religious office of a church; today, insofar as mortmain prohibitions against perpetual ownership still exist, it refers most often to modern companies and charitable trusts. The term "mortmain" is derived from Mediaeval Latin "mortua manus", literally "dead hand", through Old French "morte main."
Wilson, Alan. (1968). "The Clergy Reserves of Upper Canada: A Canadian Mortmain". Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
Romola Garai played the lead role of Cassandra Mortmain alongside Bill Nighy, Rose Byrne and Tara Fitzgerald.
Several cases recorded where the King specifically forbade the tenant from alienating a church or land held in perpetuity by the Crown, and presumably the equivalent of mortmain. These cases are dated 1164, 1221 and 1227. After 1217, there was a forfeiture of land to the great lord in cases of unauthorized alienation in mortmain. Henry III granted conspicuous favor to the Church and left the proclamations of 1215-1217 largely unenforced. The proscription was reintroduced and made more forcible by Henry III’s son, Edward I in the Statute of Mortmain in 1279.
On 4 August 1480 the priory obtained licence for the acquisition in mortmain of lands, tenements and rents to the value of £100 yearly.
In July 1474 the prior obtained [royal] licence for it to repossess upon mortmain land, tenements and rents to the value of £50 yearly.
Meanwhile, Will sees that his "parabatai" Rune is bleeding, meaning that he is no longer linked to Jem. Drawing into conclusion that Jem has died, Will resumes to Cadair Idris but is trapped with Tessa by a barrier concocted by Mortmain. Confessing to Tessa about Jem's fate and his own love for her, the two have sex and are found by Magnus, who alongside Charlotte, Henry, Sophie, Gideon, Gabriel, Cecily, and the Silent Brothers are mounting an attack on Mortmain. To his surpise, Will finds out that instead of dying, Jem is turned into a Silent Brother: Brother Zachariah. Mortmain reveals that he is the one who had "made" Tessa by masterminding the switching between Adele Starkweather and Elizabeth Moore and then disguising a Greater Demon as Richard Gray to conceive Tessa with her mother. To protect herself, Tessa Changes into the angel Ithuriel, whose spirit kills Mortmain.
The castle was the inspiration for Godsend Castle, the home of the Mortmain family in the 1949 novel I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith.
When he starts to try to write a new book Mr Mortmain considers the theme of Noah's Ark, but finally decides not to use a biblical theme again.
Although statutes prohibiting mortmain have been abolished in most countries today, a similar legal principle still exists in some jurisdictions in the form of the rule against perpetuities.
Quia Emptores ended the ancient practice of frankalmoign whereby lands could be donated to a Church organization to be held in perpetuity. Frankalmoign created a tenure whereby the holder (the Church) was exempt from all services, except trinoda necessitas. Quia Emptores allowed no new tenure in frankalmoign, except by the Crown. The issues arising from frankalmoign had been addressed by the Statute of Mortmain. Quia Emptores took Mortmain one step further by banning outright, the formation of new tenures, except by the Crown.
The cy-près doctrine applied in England and Wales limited the strictness of the rules of mortmain under which property disposed of otherwise than to a legal heir was subject to forfeiture in certain circumstances. Following abolition of mortmain, the modern application of the cy-près doctrine has predominantly occurred in relation to charities, as these are the most important trusts for a general purpose (not private benefit) permitted under English law.
The word comes from Middle English "amortisen" to kill, alienate in mortmain, from Anglo-French "amorteser", alteration of "amortir", from Vulgar Latin "admortire" "to kill", from Latin "ad-" and "mort-", "death".
In 1312 Prior Thomas de Sandleford obtained a licence for alienation in mortmain to this convent of a messuage, 20 acres of land, and 2 acres of meadow in 'Clere Wodelond,' by Kingsclere, Hampshire.
Cadair Idris is where Will Herondale journeys to in order to attempt to rescue Tessa Gray, his love, from the evil Mortmain in "Clockwork Princess", book three of "The Infernal Devices" by Cassandra Clare.
In November 2015, her adaptation of Dodie Smith's "I Capture the Castle" was broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It starred Romola Garai as Cassandra and Toby Jones as Mortmain.