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kapiri              mpika              chipata              solwezi              sesheke              serenje              mchinji              kazungula              mkushi              mpulungu              isoka              chingola              beitbridge              kalabo              oshikango              mongu              tazara              senanga              francistown              mwinilunga              mwanza              kitale              kasese              palapye              mbeya              katima              songea              bukoba              lilongwe              mulilo              kigoma              mutare              morogoro              kawambwa              chipinge              ndola              mahalapye              mzuzu              chinsali              dagoretti              kidatu              cuamba              mumbwa              grootfontein              malaba              mtwara              chirundu              nsanje              chikwawa              otjiwarongo             

Examples of "mposhi"
Kapiri Mposhi is a Zambian electoral constituency in Kapiri Mposhi District, Central Province. It is represented by Friday Malwa (MMD) in the National Assembly of Zambia.
Kapiri Mposhi is a town Zambian town, seat of the Kapiri Mposhi District, Central Province. Located north of Lusaka, it stands on the Great North Road and is significant for the railway connection between Zambia Railways line from Kitwe to Lusaka and Livingstone and western terminal (New Kapiri Mposhi) of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority from Dar es Salaam since 1976.
Kapiri Mposhi District is a district of Zambia, located in Central Province. The capital lies at Kapiri Mposhi. As of the 2010 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 240,638 people.
Janny Sikazwe (born 26 May 1979 in Kapiri Mposhi) is a Zambian association football referee.
Between Kapiri Mposhi and Kafue in Zambia the highway shares the route with the Cairo-Cape Town Highway.
The gauge TAZARA Railway connects Tanzania to the north via Kasama, with Zambia Railways at Kapiri Mposhi in the south.
The TAZARA Railway which connects Kapiri Mposhi and eventually Lusaka with Tanzania crosses the province from southwest to northeast.
The diocese is composed of the following districts of the Central Province of Zambia: Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi, Mkushi, Chibombo and Serenje.
Most shops and businesses in Kapiri Mposhi can be found along the main road and include a bakery, Agricultural Equipment shop CAMCO EQUIPMENT (Z) LTD, Pep, Shoprite, LK Motors and Barclays bank.
From sea level, the railway climbs to at Mlimba, and then reaches its highest point of at Uyole in Mbeya before descending to at Mwenzo, the highest point in Zambia, and settling to at Kapiri Mposhi.
This system is predominant from Kapiri Mposhi in the east to Mufumbwe in the west, and is a practice of the baLamba and baKaonde tribes of Central, Copperbelt, and Northwestern Provinces.
Running some from Tanzania's largest city, Dar es Salaam, on the coast of the Indian Ocean to Kapiri Mposhi, near the Copperbelt of central Zambia, the TAZARA is sometimes regarded as the greatest engineering effort of its kind since the Second World War. The railway crosses Tanzania in a southwest direction, leaving the coastal strip and then entering largely uninhabited areas of the vast Selous Game Reserve. The line crosses the TAN-ZAM highway at Makambako and runs parallel to the highway toward Mbeya and the Zambian border, before entering Zambia, and linking with Zambia Railways at Kapiri Mposhi.
Serenje is a town of Serenje District, Zambia, lying just off the Great North Road and TAZARA Railway. Serenje has a railway station on the TAZARA railway. Serenje is approximately 191 km from Kapiri Mposhi on the Great North Road. Mkushi is the district west of Serenje. The Mulembo Falls lie near the town.
Mkushi is a town in the Central Province of Zambia, located on the Great North Road and the Tazara railway, northeast of Kapiri Mposhi. The Changwena Falls and Fort Elwes (built in 1896 by European gold prospectors) lie nearby. Mkushi is well known within Zambia for its commercial farms, and is where Chengelo School is situated.
The TAZARA Railway, also called the Uhuru Railway or the Tanzam Railway, is a railroad in East Africa linking the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania with the town of Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia's Central Province. The single-track railway is long and is operated by the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA).
Zambia Railways (ZR) is the national railway of Zambia, one of the two major railway organizations in Zambia, which may also be referred to as Railway Systems of Zambia (RSZ). The other system is the binational TAZARA Railway (TAZARA) that interconnects with the ZR at Kapiri Mposhi and provides a link to the Tanzanian port of Dar es Salaam.
Roads are listed by common name, if any, or main towns served. Major bridges or ferries given in italics. All the listed roads are paved except the Congo Pedicle in DR Congo territory. Note that some share sections, e.g. Great North Road & Tanzam highway between Kapiri Mposhi and Mpika. Usage levels are taken from the NRFA map linked above.
Kapiri Mposhi has two railways stations, a TAZARA Railway station that connects it to Dar-es-Salaam and a Zambia Railways stations that connects it to Lusaka and Livingstone. The TAZARA Railway station is considerably larger and more modern than the Zambia Railways station.
The TAZARA enters northeastern Zambia at Mwenzo, in the Northern Province and heads southwest to Kasama. It then turns due south and crosses the Chambeshi River en route to Mpika. After entering the Central Province, the railway again turns to the southwest, running along the northern foothills of the Muchinga Mountains, past Serenje and Mkushi to Kapiri Mposhi, located due north of the Lusaka.
The TAZARA has a track gauge of , also known as the Cape Gauge, which is widely used throughout southern Africa. TAZARA connects to the Cape-gauge Zambia Railways at Kapiri Mposhi. The remainder of Tanzania’s railways have metre gauge tracks. A transshipment station with a break of gauge station was built in Kidatu in 1998.