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Examples of "mpulungu"
Mpulungu District is a district of Zambia, located in Northern Province. The capital lies at Mpulungu. As of the 2000 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 67,602 people.
From Mpulungu, boats reach DR Congo, Tanzania and Burundi. The MV "Liemba" ferry sails from Mpulungu to Kasanga and Kigoma in western Tanzania, with connections from there to Bujumbura.
Mpulungu is also a fishing port and lies at the end of the old Great North Road.
Kalemie lies at the centre of water lines to Kigoma, Tanzania, Mpulungu, Zambia, Uvira, DRC and Bujumbura, Burundi.
Mpulungu is a town in the Northern Province of Zambia, at the southern tip of Lake Tanganyika.
This was all completed on “budget” and Mpulungu was founded as the southern Transport Terminus of Lake Tanganyika.
It has a station on the TAZARA railway. It is the proposed junction for a branch railway to Mpulungu on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.
Two ferries carry passengers and cargo along the eastern shore of the lake: between Kigoma and Mpulungu and between Kigoma and Bujumbura.
The paved road which winds down the escarpment to Mpulungu affords scenic views and passes close to Lunzua Falls. From Mpulungu the MV Liemba provides a boat service to other ports and countries on the lake. In the 19th century the lake was an important entry point to the territory of northern Zambia, by boat from Ujiji, which was reached by an overland trade route from the Indian Ocean coast near the island of Zanzibar.
Lameck Chibombamilimo was a Member of the National Assembly of Zambia for Mpulungu Constituency since 2006. He was also the Minister of Northern Province.He died on Monday 9 August 2010
"Liemba" runs once a week in each direction, running from Kigoma to Mpulungu Wednesday to Friday, and back again from Friday to Sunday. Accommodation ranges from 1st class (luxury cabin) to 3rd class (seating only).
The "MV Liemba" sails every week from Kigoma to Mpulungu in Zambia at the southern tip of the lake, stopping at a number of other lakeside towns in Tanzania on the way.
The Namwanga language is similar to the Mambwe language spoken by the Mambwe people of Mbala and Mpulungu districts and the Lungu people also found in Isoka. Other similar smaller peoples include the Lambyas, the Nyikas and the Wandyas.
Kalemie Port is also used by boat services to the northern Lake Tanganyika ports of Kalundu-Uvira and Bujumbura in Burundi, and southwards to Moba and Mpulungu in Zambia.
"Mwongozo" was built by a Finnish company for the Tanzania Railways Corporation. Her original route was a weekly return route from Bujumbura, Burundi to Mpulungu, Zambia, calling at Kigoma, Tanzania and various small settlements along the Tanzanian coast of the lake.
Passenger services on Lake Tanganyika to neighbouring countries include Mpulungu in Zambia; Bujumbura in Burundi; and Kalemie, Uvira and Baraka in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The company also plies on Lake Nyasa between Mbamba Bay in southern Tanzania and Nkhata Bay in Malawi.
Until the late 1960s Kasaba Bay Lodge was accessible only by air, or boat from Mpulungu, and catered to wealthy and international visitors. The Mporokoso District authorities had a humble guesthouse at Sumbu Bay, reached by a gravel road from Mporokoso. In the early 1970s this road was connected to Kasaba Bay Lodge, and a new lodge was built at Nkamba Bay.
Mpulungu, 208 km from Kasama, is Zambia's only port, and its harbour is generally used to export bulky goods, such as sugar and cement, to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In turn, Zambia also imports Kapenta (small, dried fish) and other merchandise from these two countries, as well as Tanzania, through the same port.
In 2007 it was proposed to give Mpulungu rail access with a junction off the TAZARA line at Nseluka. This link plus another between Mpika and Mchinji would greater shorten the rail distance to a deepwater port at Nacala in Mozambique.
MV "Liemba, formerly Graf Goetzen or Graf von Goetzen", is a passenger and cargo ferry that runs along the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. The Marine Services Company Limited of Tanzania sails her, with numerous stops to pick up and set down passengers, between the ports of Kigoma, Tanzania and Mpulungu, Zambia.