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Examples of "mtwara"
The Town is located on the main Mtwara-Lindi road, about 10 km from Mtwara. The town can easily be reached from Mtwara via regular "dala dala" services.
Mtwara Airport is an airport in southern Tanzania serving the town of Mtwara.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Mtwara () is a diocese located in Mtwara in the Ecclesiastical province of Songea in Tanzania.
The Stella Maris Mtwara University College (STEMMUCO) is a constituent college of St. Augustine University of Tanzania in Mtwara, Tanzania.
The Mtwara Urban District is administratively its divided into 2 division (Mtwara Urban and Mikindani Division), it has 15 wards, 185 mitaas (streets), 6 villages and 27 hamlets. The Mtwara Urban division is well paved with roads and consist of most CBD's and has 10 wards namely:-
Mtwara Thermal Power Station is a power plant owned by the Tanzania Electric Supply Company. The station has a capacity of and uses natural gas from the Mnazi Bay gas wells in Mtwara. The station is not connected to the national grid but is instead connected to the Mtwara/Lindi mini-grid.
The power station is located on the B2 Highway, from Mtwara to Mikindani, approximately north-west of Mtwara. Mikindani is about equidistant between Mtwara and the station. The coordinates of the station are 10°15'35.0"S, 40°02'19.0"E (Latitude:-10.259732; Longitude:40.038604).
Mtwara Urban is one of the 5 districts of the Mtwara Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the North by the Lindi Region, to the East by the Indian Ocean and to the South and West by the Mtwara Rural District.
The area of the Mtwara Rural District is 3,597 km².
Mtwara Rural is one of the 5 districts of the Mtwara Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the South by Mozambique, to the West by the Tandahimba District, to the North by the Lindi Region and to the East by the Mtwara Urban District and the Indian Ocean.
The airport is located in Mtwara Region, about , by road, south of the town of Mtwara. This is about , by road and , by air, south of Julius Nyerere International Airport, the largest airport in Tanzania. The coordinates of Mtwara Airport are 10°20'10.0"S, 40°10'55.0"E (Latitude:-10.336111; Longitude:40.181944).
There is a choice of bus companies which provide daily services between Mtwara and Dar es Salaam. Also regular buses connect with Masasi, the biggest town inland from Mtwara.
In 2003, it was proposed to bring coal from the Ludewa and Njombe regions by rail to the port of Mtwara in Southern Tanzania as part of the Mtwara Development Corridor project.
The Road is a key road in the Mtwara Development Corridor project and will involve the rehabilitation of the road and a parrael rail link between Mtwara and Mbamba Bay.
Khalfan started playing football in his hometown of Mtwara with a youth team called Score FC. As a student Khalfan attended Ligula Primary School and Ocean Secondary School in Mtwara.
Mtwara might be the port for the export of iron ore and coal. There are plans to build a railway linking Mtwara with Lindi and mines at Mchuchuma and Liganga via Songea.
The Mtwara–Dar es Salaam Natural Gas Pipeline (MDNGP), is a pipeline that transports natural gas from Tanzania's natural gas fields in Mnazi Bay, Mtwara Region to Dar es Salaam.
The Mtwara Rural District is administratively divided into 6 divisions, 17 wards, and 101 villages.
Home games are being played at the Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium in Mtwara.
The regional commissioner of the Mtwara Region is Anatoli A. Tarimo.