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Examples of "mugs"
Tiki mugs are large ceramic cocktail mugs which originated in tiki bars and tropical themed restaurants. The term "Tiki mugs" is a generic, blanket term for sculptural drinkware that depict Polynesian, mock-Polynesian, or tropical themes. Tiki mugs are not commonly seen outside tiki bars and restaurants, but are also a kitsch collectors item.
Ordinary German beer mugs have been made out of glass for hygienic reasons since the introduction of glass mugs to the 1892 Oktoberfest. Modern beer mugs, except again decorative or luxury versions, do not have a lid.
Tiki mugs, drinking vessels usually made of ceramics, originated in mid-20th century tropical themed restaurants and tiki bars. The term "Tiki mugs" is a generic, blanket term for sculptural drink ware that depict imagery from Melanesia, Micronesia, or Polynesia, and more recently anything tropical or related to surfing. Often sold as souvenirs, tiki mugs are highly collectable. Modern manufacturers include Muntiki and Tiki Farm. Individual artists, such as Van Tiki, also produced limited one-of-a-kind hand sculpted mugs.
A popular way to store mugs is on a 'mug tree', a wooden or metal pole mounted on a round base and fitted with pegs to hang mugs by their handles. There are also racks designed for hanging mugs so that they are ready to hand. Those are especially useful on ships in high waves.
to assist beginners. The society also produces tea-towels, mugs,
A puzzle mug called "fuddling cups" consists of three mugs connected through their walls and handles. The inner holes in the mugs walls are designed in such a way that the mugs must be emptied in a unique sequence, or they will drain.
The ailing drunkard threw his mugs and glasses away;
Moomin mugs are a series of collectable mugs with Moomin characters. They are manufactured by Finnish ceramics brand Arabia. The mugs are designed by Tove Slotte, images are based on the original drawings by cartoonists Tove and Lars Jansson. The mug itself is a 0,3 litre ceramics mug of series "Teema", designed by Kaj Franck in the late 1970s.
In German-speaking regions beer mugs may be known as:
The following souvenir tiki mugs are available with certain drinks:
Dirty Filthy Mugs “All Yobs In” CD & PIC DISC LP
Mugs published several books and many articles. A selection:
In April 2014, during MIT's Campus Preview Weekend, a group of Caltech students handed out mugs emblazoned with the MIT logo on the front and the words "The Institute of Technology" on the back. When heated, the mugs turn orange, display a palm tree, and read "Caltech The Hotter Institute of Technology." Identical mugs continue to be sold at the Caltech campus store.
While working in the prison library, D'Angelo is assaulted and strangled to death with a belt by another inmate named Mugs. Mugs positions the body and hands so that it appears to be a suicide by hanging.
Tipsters who provided juicy gossip were provided with coffee mugs emblazoned with the Knife's logo. During the column's heyday, the trophy mugs were occasionally sent randomly to Apple employees in order to obscure the true leakers.
Mugs with inner and outer walls, but not vacuum treated, are generally called double wall mugs. Usually stainless steel will be used for the inner wall while outer wall can be stainless steel, plastic, or even embedded with other materials.
Starbucks cups and mugs are even more popular as the most desirable of Starbucks' product. WikiBooks carries a “Guide to Collectible Mugs/Starbucks City Mugs”. The most recent highest priced auction on eBay for mugs was a Starbucks Complete Skyline set of 48 City Mugs for $10,000. The highest price paid for a single Starbucks coffee mug occurred on June 2, 2013 with the purchase of a 2007 Japan mug for $1,375.00USD. The original price of all Starbucks mugs originally runs between $8.95 and $18.95 USD. In August 2013, Starbucks released a special limited edition Swarovski crystal Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte cup for $150 per cup. A pre-order message was sent out to current registered Starbucks customers and the cup sold out in less than 2 days.
Mugs designed for usage when driving are called auto mugs or commuter mugs, as they enable users to enjoy a beverage while driving. Travel mugs have a spill-proof lid with a sipping opening and in many cases, a narrower base, so that they will fit into the cup-holders that are built into many vehicles. Additional criteria for evaluating auto mugs include: they must be easy to open single-handedly (to prevent distractions while driving), include a fill line (to prevent over-filling, which contributes to leaking), preferably have no handles (no-handled mugs are easier to grab while driving), should not obstruct a driver's view of the road when he or she is drinking, and - with regard to cup-holders be able to fit, stably, into a wide range of mug holders.
Income effects were ruled out by giving one third of the participants mugs, one third chocolates, and one third neither mug nor chocolate. They were then given the option of trading the mug for the chocolate or vice versa and those with neither were asked to merely choose between mug and chocolate. Thus, wealth effects were controlled for those groups who received mugs and chocolate. The results showed that 86% of those starting with mugs chose mugs, 10% of those starting with chocolates chose mugs, and 56% of those with nothing chose mugs. This ruled out income effects as an explanation for the endowment effect. Also, since all participants in the group had the same good, it could not be considered a "trophy", eliminating the final alternative explanation.
"Termites of 1938" was remade in 1946 as "Society Mugs", starring Shemp Howard and Tom Kennedy.