Synonyms for multimerizing or Related words with multimerizing

trimerizing              hexamerization              oligomerising              dimerizing              multimerisation              multimerization              ttse              multimerized              homodimerizing              pentamerising              bimerizing              heteromultimer              multimerizes              foldon              dimerising              trimerising              uev              heterocomplexes              qsubcomponent              scfc              pentamerisation              exodomain              multimerising              habps              stradobody              baapp              iddiscoidin              infestin              heterodimerisation              pentamerization              sctnfalpha              stradomer              cxxc              heteromer              ofamyloid              fniii              endodomain              tnfsf              cohesin              pyrin              sirp              ldlra              wmlsafs              metargidin              trimerize              heteromultimeric              pdz              withthrombospondin              tetramerization              dimerisation             

Examples of "multimerizing"
Recruitment of multiple copies of a protein to a target substrate (e.g., DNA, RNA, or protein) presents a general principle for signal amplification in biological systems. A repeating peptide array termed SunTag has been shown to recruit multiple copies of antibody-fusion protein and up to 24 copies of GFP. SunTag provides a versatile platform for multimerizing proteins on a target protein scaffold and may have applications in single molecule imaging and controlling biological outputs.