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Examples of "musiani"
Musiani is a family name of Italian origin. It may refer to:
Paola Musiani (25 November 1949 - 8 January 1985) was an Italian singer.
Lautaro Musiani (born 8 February 1996) is an Argentine cricketer. He played in the 2013 ICC World Cricket League Division Six tournament.
Born in Vignola, Modena, at 16 years old, while making her accountancy studies, Musiani started singing in the dance halls of her region.
Musiani later became active on stage as an operetta singer and actress, before dying prematurely, aged 35, because of a car crash in the Autostrada del Sole.
"Il nostro concerto" was covered by numerous artists, including Claudio Baglioni, Claudio Villa, Sergio Franchi, Renato Zero, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Peppino di Capri, José Carreras, Massimo Ranieri, Les Compagnons de la chanson, Steve Lawrence, Gino Latilla, Bob Azzam, Franck Pourcel, Pino Calvi, Jimmy Fontana, Fausto Papetti, Franco Simone, Luciano Tajoli, Christian, Paola Musiani.
In 1966, after taking part in a singing contest with a cover version of The Monkees' "I'm a Believer", she was put under contract by CBS. In 1967 Musiani got her first success with "Ode per Billie Joe", a cover version of Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billie Joe". In the following years she took part to the most important musical events in Italy, including Canzonissima, Cantagiro, Festivalbar and two editions of the Sanremo Music Festival, in 1974 and in 1975.
Ongoing human development of caribou habitat has caused populations of woodland caribou to disappear from their original southern range. In particular, caribou were extirpated in many areas of eastern North America in the beginning of the 20th century. Woodland caribou were designated as threatened in 2002. Environment Canada reported in 2011 that there were approximately 34,000 boreal caribou in 51 ranges remaining in Canada (Environment Canada, 2011b). Professor Marco Musiani of the University of Calgary, said in a statement that "The woodland caribou is already an endangered species in southern Canada and the United States...[The] warming of the planet means the disappearance of their critical habitat in these regions. Caribou need undisturbed lichen-rich environments and these types of habitats are disappearing."
In 2002, they released an album co-signed "Rakhî" dedicated to the marriage of their respective universe, based on songs from the Kalbeliya’s caste or the Marwari repertoire from the Thar desert. "Her choreography and Titi Robin’s compositions gather round a show "Jivula" which sees the day in September 2002, and is announced on many French and international scenes, enjoying a light show of Pascale Paillard. In 2006, the DVD "Jivula" and CD "Anita!" (Madoro Music / Naïve) are released, including several documentary films by Sergio Mondelo presenting Titi Robin’s universe, from an Andalusian trip to the grave of singer Camaron de la Isla, featuring interviews and archival footage, music scenes extracts and family, the music and dance creation of Titi Robin and Gulabi Sapera, filmed in India and France. (The live record entitled "Anita!" regroups stage interpretations from the fall of 2005, recorded and mixed by Guillaume Dubois assisted by Jerome Musiani with a Louis Vincent’s booklet). The collaboration with this dancer from Rajasthan ended in 2007. It lasted fifteen years.