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Examples of "mutomo"
Mutomo is a settlement in Kenya's Kitui County, a semi-arid area. It is located in former Mutomo District of which Mutomo was its administrative centre. It has 17,000, mostly poor, inhabitants. It is located about 70 km from Kitui and 230 km from Nairobi. Mutomo can be reached by road through Machakos.
Mutomo District was a former district in the Eastern Province of Kenya. Its population is 180,000. The administrative center of the district is Mutomo. In 2010, it was merged into Kitui County.
Kitui county has large deposits of coal and limestone in Mui Basin and Mutomo/Ikutha respectively.
Major towns in the county include Kitui, Mwingi, Mutomo, Kwa Vonza, Mutito, Ikutha, Kabati, Migwani, Mbitini and Kyuso.
The purpose of the non-profit Mutomo Projects is to improve the lives of the people in the Mutomo District by encouraging community participation, including contributions of labor. Many of its projects are geared toward sustainable development and the creation of microcredit groups for funding.
Mutomo district was one of the poorest areas in Kenya. It is without tarmac roads, and lacks electricity or plumbing in homes. The chronic, severe drought affecting all of Kenya has especially affected this area.
Kitui South Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of eight constituencies in Kitui County. The constituency was established for the 1963 elections. At the 1988 and 1992 elections it was known as Mutomo Constituency. The constituency has six wards, all electing councillors for the Kitui County Council.
Starting in the city of Kibwezi on the Nairobi–Mombasa Road, the road takes a general northerly direction through Mutomo, Ikanga, Kitui, and Mwingi to end at Usueni, a distance of approximately The coordinates of this road in the town of Kiyui are 01°22'23.0"S, 38°00'42.0"E (Latitude:-1.373056; Longitude:38.011667).
In 1934, Harverson was engaged as a geologist in Kenya where he made safaris through the South Kitui District and made notes on the rocks forming the road east of the road at Mutomo and on the marble at Kanziku. He served in World War II between 1939 and 1943 in the East African Engineers when he left as Major.
Catholic Diocese of Kitui covers the COunty of Kitui, consisting of four former Administrative Districts of Kyuso, Mwingi, Kitui and Mutomo, an arid and semi arid area of approximately 30,142 km in Eastern Kenya. It has a population of around 1.09 million people with over 240,000 baptized Catholics (*Source: Central Statistics of the State; Secretariat of State; (2011)
LifeStraw and LifeStraw Family were distributed in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2010 Pakistan floods, 2011 Thailand floods, and 2016 Ecuador earthquake, among other crises and initiatives. In the Mutomo District in Kenya which has suffered from long term drought, the Kenya Red Cross supplied filters to 3,750 school children and 6,750 households. In 2015, LifeStraw filters were deployed in Rwanda.
Kitui High School and Muthale Girls are the only national schools in Kitui County. Other major secondary schools are St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School, St. Joseph's Seminary at Mwingi, Kisasi Boys' Secondary School, Matinyani Boys' Secondary, Mutonguni Secondary School, St. Luke's Yatta Boys' Secondary School,Katheka boys high school (St Aquinas) Mutito Boys' Secondary School and Mwingi Boys' Secondary School. Major girls' schools include Mulango Girls' High School, St. Angela's High School,Mbitini Girls' Secondary School, Chuluni Girls' Secondary School, Mutito Girls' Secondary School and Mutomo Girls' Secodary School. Other notable secondary schools are St.Ursula Girls-Tungutu, St. Aquinas Kyangwithya Boys, Nzambani Boys, Maliku Girls, Thitani Girls, Zombe Girls, Migwani Boys, Katheka Boys and St. Lawrence Kaluva Secondary School.
The Kenya Red Cross Society, Kitui branch, outlined a program in July 2011 to be implemented in two areas of the Mutomo District, Mathima and Kanziku that have badly contaminated water, and lasting until the following April. The program distributed portable water filters called "Lifestraw filters and LifeStaw Family filters" which come in two sizes: one small enough for school children to hang around their necks (since it is the children who carry much of the water), and a larger filter supplied for household use. The small filter lasts three years and the larger one is good for five years. The program aimed to supply 3,750 pupils and 6,750 households. Both the school children and adult residents were excited about their filters. One school pupil, Kambua Mwanzia, said the children had been trained in the use of the filter and that besides cleaning the water it also removed smells. She said she keeps her filter with her at all times, unless she is in bed.