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Examples of "mwja"
The MWJA was started with a 25-member executive committee.
The Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association (; MWJA) represents writers and journalists in Myanmar.
He was a committee member of the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association (MWJA),
In June 2000 Tin Shwe was Chairman of the MWJA Health and Welfare Work Committee.
The MWJA sponsors the annual Sayawun Tin Shwe Award named after the writer Sayawun Tin Shwe.
The Burmese writers established the MWJA with permission from the Ministry of Information.
Under the MWJA constitution, as an independent association no members could belong to a political party.
On this day the MWJA also organises lectures, talks and traditional gatherings of writers.
Under the MWJA constitution, as an independent association no members could belong to a political party.
She was a member of the central executive for the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association (MWJA).
Dr Tin Tun Oo was vice-chairman of the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association (MWJA).
At first closely associated with the Ministry of Information, in the 2011-2012 period the MWJA achieved greater independence.
The MWJA is a nationwide confederation with a central headquarters and associations or branches throughout the country.
In 1997 the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association (MWJA) held a ceremony to honor U Soe Nyunt at Studio-A of Myanma Radio and Television.
It was postponed at the request of the Press Scrutiny and Registration Division (PSRD), who said it needed permission from the MWJA.
In January 2012 the MWJA Vice-president U Ko Ko Hlaing said the association expected to establish a national press council later in the year.
With growing expectations of media liberalisation, some MWJA members acknowledged that after fifty years of weekly publication and censorship the change might be difficult.
In May 2011 U Ko Ko Hlaing, a retired colonel and vice-chairman of the MWJA, was appointed to a nine-member advisory board to the president U Thein Sein.
On 17 June 2001 the MWJA arranged a meeting at Oktara Hall of Karaweik Palace where the Writers Association of the People's Republic of China awarded him the honorary title of "Literary Messenger of Friendship".
In its conference on 23 June 1998 the MWJA decided on three tasks. "The three tasks are: the association members are to actively participate in serving national interests by having ... the people imbued with correct concepts and high morale with the use of literature and journalism: to the extent organisation for new members consolidate organisational set-up of the association, raise leadership role and make organisation work dynamic and effective; to bring about improvement of skills of MWJA members, look after their welfare and regularize creation and publishing of literary works, and to strive for increasing the readership".