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phidim              besishahar              jatani              pyuthan              sindhuli              gulariya              anakkara              sarlahi              ramechhap              banepa              kushma              dhulikhel              madanapalle              nadakkavu              galyang              baluwa              khalanga              chautara              silapathar              sunwal              arghakhanchi              padanilam              dhankuta              panchkhal              anthoor              aloor              kyankwanzi              syangja              urlabari              saptari              kottur              kiryandongo              dolakha              ratnanagar              mirik              kondotty              terhathum              gramapanchayath              chikkamagaluru              elavumthitta              kuthuparamba              mogral              irikkur              didihat              biruwa              dadeldhura              mpigi              mangalagiri              nawalparasi              gaindakot             

Examples of "myanglung"
Myanglung () is a municipality and the district headquarters of Terhathum District of Kosi Zone in eastern Nepal. The municipality is situated at an elevation of about 1500 metres above sea level. Myanglung was converted into a municipality from a village development committee on 18 May 2014, merging the existing village development committees of Myanglung, Piple, Jirikhimti, Ambung, Sabla and Tamphula. According to the census of 2011 the total population of Myanglung is 19,659 including five VDCs.
The Myanglung temple is the most visited religious place in Myanglung. Singhabahini temple, Baudha Monastery and the local church are also places of religious attraction. Apart from these venues, another temple that resembles Myanglung temple are Singha Bahini goddess' temple and Pathivara goddess' temple situated to the western side from Myanglung which are also tourist attractions. People from around the district often come occasionally by making an appointment to see the goddess.
This school is the first established boarding school in the city of Myanglung and it is considered the first school which brought English medium education in the city of Myanglung.
Agriculture is the main business of people outside Myanglung, whereas people within Myanglung have different kinds of businesses. As a whole, vegetable production and selling in the local market are regarded as the main businesses.
For higher education, Myanglung campus situated at Myanglung Municipality and Terathum Campus (popularly known as Chuhandada Campus) situated at Chuhandanda are prominent academies in the area. The Tehrathum Campus is one of the oldest campus in the Nepal established in 2017 B.S.
The Myanglung, along with the Tehrathum, were annexed into the unified Nepal by Prince Bahadur Shah in 1780s. Earlier it was a province of "Pallo Kiraat".
Myanglung has two community radio stations: Radio Menchhayayem - 102.6 MHz and Radio Terhathum - 92.4 MHz to promote local culture and language.
Myanglung Campus or Myanglung college () is a college situated at the heart of Myanglung Municipality of Terhathum District in eastern development region of Nepal on the lap of the Himalayas. This college is has educational facilities which meet the requirements of Tribhuwan University (T.U.) of Nepal and is affiliated to T.U. Also this college is somewhat private oriented and is offering standard education like other colleges offer to its campus students. Its date of set up is 2038 B.S and the college celebrates the anniversary on right date of its establishment. It has not yet any sister college. The current college principal is Mr. Dadiram Neupane from Solma VDC.
A small cottage industry called "Gharelu dhaka" "udyog" produces textiles products which is an important industry in Myanglung. Other small industries such as breads exist.
Myanglung attracts domestic and foreign tourists due to its natural beauty. The town serves as a tourist hub for the reason.
Singha Bahini Higher Secondary School () is a public school situated at Myanglung-2, Terhathum in eastern Nepal. It is affiliated under Higher Secondary Education Board.
Terhathum District (), a part of Province No. 1, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal. The district, with Myanglung as its district headquarters, covers an area of 679 km² and has a population (2001) of 113,111. The word Tehrathum is constructed from thirteen ("tehra") and "thum" (castle or fort). This can be spelled as Terathum, Tehrathum or Terhathum. The town supposedly is the site of one of a series of guard posts once protecting the territory of the Limbus (Limbuwan). Therathum is a word also used to mention Myanglung Bazar which has the district headquarters of Tehrathum. Myanglung is onomatopoeic for the sound of a cat meowing and refers to an old tradition of a limbu temple (which remains today) in the town which had a resident cat. Myang means the cat voice and lung means stone.The stone still exists in Myanglung Bazaar at its gateway and is worshipped by the people entering bazaar.
Saraswati Secondary School () is an urban Nepali medium dependent school under control of government of Nepal and it is situated at the heart of Myanglung headquarter of Terhathum District in the eastern region of Nepal. It is one of the public schools in the municipality of Myanglung where the head person is considered to headmaster therefore, the current headmaster is Mr. Govinda Praised Shrestha. The physical structure of the school is modern and has a lots sitting hall for students.
Radio Tehrathum () 92.4 MHzis a Frequency Modulation station dedicated to the service of peoples resided in community and it is situated at the heart of Myanglung, Terhathum District of Kosi Zone in eastern Nepal.
"'Tumbahangphe" belong to the Limbu Indigenous Peoples of Eastern Nepal. They are originally from Tehrathum District. The major settlement of Tumbahangphe are in the hills, in places like Myanglung (headquarter of Tehrathum district), Taplejung, Dhankuta, Panchthar and Illam.
Angdim, Basantapur, Chhate Dhunga, Chuhandanda, Dangpa, Hamarjung, Hawaku, Isibu, Jaljale, Khamlalung, Morahang, Myanglung Municipality, Okhare, Oyakjung, Panchakanya Pokhari, Phakchamara, Phulek, Pauthak, Sabla, Samdu, Sankranti Bazar, Simle, Solma, Sri Jung, Sudap, Sungnam, Thoklung
Efforts are being made to encourage tourists in the area but at present facilities are not well developed. The waterfall is described as being at one day's walk from Myanglung bazaar.
Also there is a new connection with the Sakranti VDC of Terhathum district by a gravel road through which it is linked to Koshi Highway in Myanglung (Headquarter of Terhathum District).
Tamphula is a market center in Myanglung Municipality in the Himalayas of Terhathum District in the Kosi Zone of eastern Nepal. Formerly a Village Development Committee this place was merged to form the new municipality since 18 May 2014. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 2000 people living in 388 individual households.
Sabla is a market center in Myanglung Municipality in the Himalayas of Terhathum District in the Kosi Zone of eastern Nepal. Formerly a Village Development Committee this place was merged to form the new municipality since 18 May 2014. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 2184 people living in 389 individual households.