Synonyms for myong or Related words with myong

kyong              hyok              hyon              hyong              yeop              kyoung              jungkim              taik              jinkim              keum              huikim              hwakim              gwak              jinlee              hokim              sookim              keun              youngoh              chulpark              hyeok              pyung              sunkim              deuk              gyong              ryeol              jinpark              soolee              yeom              seop              heepark              pyong              okkim              maeng              heelee              junkim              eunkim              byeon              gwon              kyungkim              sangho              gyeong              reum              byong              byoung              jinho              jiseok              kyoo              hyoung              wooklee              byeong             

Examples of "myong"
• Seoul, visiting Hankuk and Myong ji universities
15 members were elected to the 7th Central Auditing Commission: Choe Sung-ho, Pak Myong-sun, Kim Kyong-nam, Hwang Chol-sik, Kim Yong-chol, Ri Yong-ik, Kim Myong-hun, Kye Yong-sam, Jo Jong-ho, Kye Myong-chol, Jang Jong-ju, Pho Hui-song, Jong Pong-sok, Choe Kwon-su and Ho Kwang-uk. The Commission soon convened and chose as its Chairman Choe Sung-ho and Vice-Chairwoman Pak Myong-sun.
Hong Myong-HuiKim Kyong-HwaChoe Yong-SimSong Jong-SunRo Chol-OkHo Un-ByolJo Yun-MiRi Ye-GyongKim Yong-AeRa Un-SimRi Un-GyongKim Chung-SimYun Hyon-HiYu Jong-HuiJon Myong-HwaJo Yun-MiJong Pok-SimKong Hye-Ok
A Control Commission of the WPK Central Committee was elected: Hong In-bom (Chairman), Jong Myong-hak (First Vice-Chairman), Ri Tuk-nam (Vice-Chairman), and members Kim Yong-hwan, Kim Kum-chol, Kim Yong-son and Kim Myong-chol.
Kim Myong-Hwi (born 8 May 1981) is a retired Japanese-born North Korean footballer.
Jon Myong-hwa (born 9 August 1993) was a female North Korean football midfielder.
After serving his term, Myong became a McDonald's Owner/Operator in New York City.
Myong Cha-hyon (born 20 March 1990) is a North Korean international football player.
The following are the winners of the Myong Cha Son Haiku Award:
Jon Myong-hui (born ) was a female North Korean football goalkeeper.
Ri Myong-Sam (born 6 May 1974) is a North Korean football player.
Bun-nyeo, a girl in a mountain village loses her virginity to Myong-jun, the village vagabond. After both of her suitors die before they can wed Bun-nyeo, she moves to the city to work in a factory. Myong-jun persuades her to return to the village, but he is arrested for murder. As the film ends, Bun-nyeo is waiting for Myong-jun's release.
Myong Juch returned to Korea in late 2001, to serve as the President of KARP.
Jong Myong-suk () is a female wrestler from North Korea. She won the bronze medal the 2014 World Wrestling Championships.
Koh Myong-jin (; born January 9, 1988) is a South Korean football player who plays for Al-Rayyan.
Jang Myong-Il (; born April 25, 1986) is a North Korean footballer who plays as a defender for Amrokgang.
Later on, the Myong Cha Son Haiku Award was added and presented for the first time in 2007.
There are many players played for reserves including Lee Chung-Yong, Song Jin-Hyung, Ko Myong-Jin, Ahn Sang-Hyun.
Ri Myong-su (; born 1937 in Myongchon, North Hamgyong) is the chief of General Staff of the Korean People's Army.
Kang Myong-a (born 30 March 1972) is a South Korean sport shooter who competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics.