Synonyms for mystified or Related words with mystified

puzzled              bemused              awed              unnerved              disconcerted              nonplussed              astounded              entranced              flattered              dumbfounded              gratified              bewildered              scorned              deluded              belittled              enraptured              mesmerized              flustered              disdainful              enthralled              loathed              amused              pestered              mortified              scandalized              comforted              upstaged              discomfited              envied              unsurprised              intrigued              affronted              disrespected              unfazed              wooed              consoled              scandalised              awestruck              tormented              unconvinced              flabbergasted              unpersuaded              humbled              vexed              scolded              disheartened              appalled              detested              pitied              flummoxed             

Examples of "mystified"
He reports he remains mystified as to why he was originally captured, and why he continued to be detained.
The history of the mountain is often mystified, due to the presence of megaliths. These attract adepts of different neopagan and other faiths.
Centricity's first album release was downhere's "Wide-Eyed and Mystified" in May 2006. The label then released records by Jaime Jamgochian and Circleslide also in 2006.
BBC director general Mark Thompson said "staff were “quite mystified” by the rise of Margaret Thatcher but that there was “less overt tribalism” among its journalists.
Thunder After Lightning (The Uncut Demos) is the second intermediate album release from Christian rock band Downhere. This album is composed of fourteen "demos" which were considered for the potential inclusion on their previous release Wide-Eyed and Mystified. The CD also contains three song demos that were studio recorded and released on Wide-Eyed and Mystified; "1000 Miles Apart", "A Better Way", and "Jesus, Ellipsis". The latter developed into the song now entitled "The Real Jesus".
"Wide-Eyed and Mystified" was distributed by Warner Music Group, but in March 2010 Centricity signed a new agreement with Universal Music Group to distribute all past and future releases.
In some way, Rodríguez Alcalá abandons his regular historical subject, based in the reestablishment of Paraguayan mystified figures by the dictatorship, to widen his perspective to the international connection of Paraguayan independence.
But Becker was mystified when the water of the flooded shaft was tested and it contained no quicksilver: "The absence of mercury from these waters was not a little perplexing," he wrote.
Pekka Streng avoided publicity and only gave one interview to a music journalist during his life. Because of this, not much has been known about him as a person, which occasionally has helped form a somewhat mystified image of him.
Anna's busy building her dream of a family life with Tom. She's mystified as to why Tom insists on keeping their Botswana plans a secret and is insistent on telling everyone about their departure.
Hill later said "I don't think it was understood how much genre parodying was involved in that picture. It rather mystified a lot of American critics but it has its defenders."
The species of Raoulia can be easily mystified because of the overall resemblance in general appearance, despite being taxonomically distinct. "Raoulia eximia", the Canterbury vegetable sheep, usually found on rock outcrops has grey to grey-green colouration and narrow buds.
The events that took place on the fourth day of the operation are considered to be the most controversial part of the conflict and are still mystified by many conspiracy theories.
The critic for "The New York Herald Tribune" was even more mystified, "Of the three new numbers offered, "Resurrection" to music by Harsanvi (sic) was the least definite and effective, a bizarre interpretation in expressionistic vein."
Wide-Eyed and Mystified is the third official album release by Christian rock band Downhere. It is the 1st official album release through Centricity Music, to which the band was signed in 2005.
The mystified Antonio arrives at Mendoza's house; while he is offstage meeting 'Clara', Mendoza and don Carlos congratulate themselves on their cunning. Still unwitting, they agree to help the pair get married.
In 2007, the band released two additional CDs that were unique. In early 2007, they released "Wide-Eyed and Simplified", which contained new versions of 8 songs from "Wide-Eyed and Mystified", in addition to three popular songs from earlier releases. Later in 2007, the band released "Thunder After Lightning (The Uncut Demos)". This album contained 15 previously unreleased demos which were considered for use on "Wide-Eyed and Mystified" but were not used. The CD also contained demo versions of two songs which were used on "Wide-Eyed and Mystified". In April 2007, Downhere released Thank You for Coming (The Live Bootlegs), a six-song collection of live songs recorded in 2007 while on tour with Jason Gray and Lanae Hale.
It was suggested that, despondent over the relationship, an emotion possibly exacerbated by the cabin fever of months at sea in close, cramped quarters, Coriam committed suicide. Her family, and friends among the crew, doubt that. "[W]e know she would never harm herself," said her father. "We just know. That's why we have been totally mystified from day one."
U.S. Air Force test pilot Major Bill Allison flies the X-80 experimental aircraft to sub-orbital spaceflight successfully, though losing radio contact in flight. When Major Allison returns to the airbase it appears abandoned, old and deserted. Mystified, he sees a futuristic city on the horizon and heads toward it. The major is rendered unconscious and captured.
Shuttlesworth was apparently personally fearless, even though he was aware of the risks he ran. Other committed activists were scared off or mystified by his willingness to accept the risk of death. Shuttlesworth himself vowed to "kill segregation or be killed by it".