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ulagam              ennai              thaai              pudhu              mazhai              thanga              meendum              kizhakku              konjum              neeku              pudhiya              neeye              ullam              vendum              varai              ninne              paravai              unakkaga              unnai              neeyum              thottu              nooru              mounam              thedi              paarvai              idhu              geetham              kaattu              manasu              vandha              kavithai              njaan              manithan              kanasu              adhu              aayiram              kaatru              pennin              kalyaanam              kunguma              naanu              yaanai              koottam              hrudaya              ithu              bhale              mattum              indha              intlo              naaku             

Examples of "naane"
Karunanidhi's stage plays include: Manimagudam, Ore Ratham, Palaniappan, Thooku Medai, Kagithapoo, Naane Arivali, Vellikizhamai, Udhayasooriyan and "Silappathikaram".
Kelviyum Naane Pathilum Naane is a 1982 Indian Tamil film, directed by N. Murugesh, starring Karthik and Aruna Mucherla in lead roles. The film, produced by R. Radha and M. S. Akbar, had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja and was released on 7 May 1982.
Performances by title winner Saisharan, which consisted of renditions of "Paattum Naane" and "Mazhai Thuli Mazhaithuli Mannil Sangamam", received full cheers from the audience.
As of April 2016, Dwivedi has completed filming "Ranachandi" is filming with "Naane Next CM". She is also filming with Faisal Saif's multi-lingual film "Amma". In preparation for her role in "Naane Next CM", she shed 15 kg over a span of three months.
Anand is known as the director of successful films "Naane Raja Naane Mandhiri" starring Vijayakanth and the Sathyaraj, Radha, Ambika starrer "Annanagar Mudhal Theru", a remake of Malayalam film "Gandhinagar 2nd Street". His last directorial venture "Anandha Thollai" starring Powerstar Srinivasan is still unreleased.
Naanu Naane is a 2002 movie directed by D. Rajendra Babu starring Upendra and Sakshi Shivanand in leading roles. The movie is a remake of Hindi movie "Raja Hindustani".
Naane Raja Naane Mandhiri (Tamil: நானே ராஜா நானே மந்திரி; English: I am the king and the minister) is a 1985 Indian Tamil film, directed by Balu Anandh and produced by Thooyavan. The film stars Vijayakanth, Radhika, Jeevitha and Goundamani in lead roles. The film had a critically acclaimed musical score by Ilayaraja. The film was remade in Telugu as "Nene Raja Nene Mantri" with Mohan Babu.
Tirupati was nominated for the Big Music Awards and the IIFA 2015 and won the Mirchi Music Award as Best Upcoming Female Singer for the song "Aye Mr. Minor". Her songs, "Silikku Marame" composed by music director D. Imman and 'Oday Oday' from "Raja Rani" composed by GV Prakash were massive hits, as were her three tracks in the 2015 Mani Ratnam - AR Rahman film OK Kanmani,: 'Kaara Attaakaara', 'Parandhu Sella Vaa', and 'Naane Varugiren' (corresponding three in the Telugu version "OK Bangaram" as well) starring Nithya Menen and Dulquer Salmaan. She went on to win the Best Female Singer Award for "Naane Varugiren" at the Vikatan Awards 2015.
The soundtrack and score were composed by K. V. Mahadevan, while the lyrics of the songs were written by Kannadasan, with the exception of the first portions of "Pazham Neeyappa", which were penned by Sankaradas Swamigal. The soundtrack was released on the Saregama music label. Every line in the song "Oru Naal Podhuma" belongs to a different raga. Some of them include "Darbar", "Todi", "Neelambari", "Mohanam" and "Kalyani". "Pazham Neeyappa" is based on three ragas — "Darbari Kanada", "Shanmukhapriya" and "Kambhoji". "Isai Thamizh", "Paattum Naane" and "Illadhathondrillai" are based on the "Abheri", "Gourimanohari" and "Simhendramadhyamam" ragas respectively. Vikku Vinayakram and Cheena Kutty were the "Ghatam" and "Mridangam" players for "Paattum Naane" respectively. The "Macha Veena" seen in "Paattum Naane" was made by Subbiah Asari; the crew of "Thiruvilaiyadal" purchased it from him for .
The album received positive reviews from critics, and the songs "Pazham Neeyappa", "Oru Naal Podhuma", "Isai Thamizh" and "Paattum Naane" still remain popular among the Tamil diaspora. Film historian Randor Guy, in his 1997 book "Starlight, Starbright: The Early Tamil Cinema", identifies "Pazham Neeyappa" in particular, performed by Sundarambal, as the "favourite of millions". The singer Charulatha Mani, writing for "The Hindu", believed that Sundarambal had produced a "pure and pristine depiction" of the "Neelambari" raga in "Vaasi Vaasi", and expressed approval of M. Balamuralikrishna's rendition of "Oru Naal Podhuma". Mana Baskaran of "The Hindu Tamil" described the album as: "an attractive package for all to listen to." Following T. M. Soundararajan's death in May 2013, M. Ramesh of "Business Line" wrote, "The unforgettable sequences from ... Thiruvilaiyaadal ... has forever divided the world of Tamil music lovers into two: those who believe that the "Oru naal poduma" of the swollen-headed Hemanatha Bhagavathar could not be bested, and those who believe that Lord Shiva’s "Paattum Naane Bhavamum Naane" won the debate hands down." He praised Soundararajan's performance in "Paattum Naane", which he described as "stupefying". Writing for "The Hindu", C. V. Vasudevan wrote that the film "clearly showcased the talents" of Sundarambal, Mahalingam, Balamuralikrishna and Soundararajan, and the "composing forte" of Mahadevan.
In 2002, Upendra hit a rough patch, with his most expected films such as "H2O", "Super Star" and "Hollywood" not meeting expectations and having average run at the box office and films like "Nagarahavu" and "Naanu Naane" flopping at the box office.
Naane Raja (Tamil: நானே ராஜா) is a 1956 Indian Tamil film, directed by R. R. Chandiran. The film stars Sivaji Ganesan, Sriranjani, M. N. Rajam and T. S. Balaiah in lead roles. The film had musical score by T. R. Ramanath.
Amresh Ganesh is an Indian actor, film composer and singer, who has worked in Tamil language films. The son of actress Jayachitra, Amresh appeared as an actor in his mother's productions "Pudhiya Raagam" (1991) and then in "Naane Ennul Illai" (2010), before working as a music composer in the late 2010s.
Naane Bhagyavati (Kannada: ನಾನೇ ಭಾಗ್ಯವತಿ) is a 1968 Indian Kannada film, directed by T V Singh Thakur and produced by M Sampath. The film stars Kalyan Kumar, Udaykumar, Mynavathi and Bharathi in lead roles. The film had musical score by T G Lingappa.
She cast herself as the heroine in the Tamil film "Pudhiya Raagam" (1991), which marked her debut as a director and producer. Unfortunately, the film flopped. In 2010, she cast her son Amresh Ganesh as the hero in the Tamil film "Naane Ennul Illai" (2010), which she wrote, produced, and directed.
The people of Pasighat celebrate a variety of festivals. Solung, Aran, Etor etc. are important festivals here. Legend has it that the festival regarded as Solung, which is the principal festival of the Adis, came into existence when the Goddess of wealth, "Kiine-Naane" had asked them in person to carry out this worship or 'puja'.
The Music was composed by "Vedha" and lyrics written by Kannadasan. The film P. Suseela was sing few melodies track "En Vedhanaiyil" 2. "Naane Varuven" 3."Mulli Roja" and T. M. Soundararajan and L. R. Eswari sing "Paarvai Ondre Pothume" romantic song. Then L. R. Eswari sang a solo song "Kannukenna Summa". Excellent dance performed C. Lakshmi Rajyam in Ooty and the dance sequence is very beautiful and ear shattering music.
On a rainy night, the highly reputed Dr. Anand(Jaishankar) is driving. He sees a mysterious woman standing by the road and gives her a lift. She introduces herself as Sandhya(Jayalalitha). As soon as she steps into the car, the wipers eerily stop working. He's even more spooked when the lady shows him the way when the path is barely visible. The mysterious woman guides him outside a cemetery. On reaching the cemetery the gates open automatically and Anand hears a song "Naane Varuven Ingum Angum".
Naane Ennul Illai (; English: "Even I Am Not In Me") is a Tamil film written and directed by former actress Jayachitra, starring her son Amresh Ganesh, in his acting debut, and Arya Menon in the lead roles, with Nassar, Visu, Gangai Amaran, Saranya, Kuyili, Raghav Ranganathan, Sathyapriya and Mohan Sharma playing supporting roles. Amresh Ganesh also worked as the film's music composer, besides writing and singing one song. The film, produced by Sendhur Murugan Combines, released to poor reports on 15 October 2010 and was unable to break even at the box office.
Anand is very unhappy after the demise of his girl friend. His mother fixes an arranged marriage to a girl recommended by her sister. On the wedding night, Anand is shocked to see that the bride is none other than Sandhya. He starts avoiding her. One day, he sees that she has painted the same bungalow in which he was called on that rainy night. Just after that, he hears her singing a part of "Naane Varuven Ingum Angum". On another night, Sandhya visits Anand's hospital and tries to impress him with her charm and beauty.