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kanasu              ponnu              thedi              geetham              thayi              neenu              thaai              mozhi              mazhai              maathu              hrudaya              vendum              bhale              kondu              naaku              huduga              paattu              mazha              kavithai              swapnam              kaattu              ulagam              iniyum              abhayam              pranam              muthal              njaan              bandham              ninne              mangalya              nooru              chesina              eradu              indha              koduku              anandha              raasa              mounam              neeye              pattathu              madhuram              sivappu              unnai              neeku              puthu              ninnu              theerpu              naane              makkalu              raktha             

Examples of "naanu"
• NANAGE NEENU NINAGE NAANU -for Anitha Subramanya
Betala begins to narrate one of his puzzling tales to Vikramāditya which is the story of Naanu (translates to I/Me/Myself), an ego-driven selfish rogue and the three women in his life. Naanu since childhood hates hypocrisy and always speaks the truth. In the process, he exposes the truth behind everything. A young woman Rathi comes to know her father's hatred towards her in this process and falls in love with Naanu. However she finds out that Naanu wants to marry a billionaire Keerthi whose deceased father decides that her husband would inherit her entire wealth. He prints wedding cards and distributes it to all, including the employees working in Keerthi's establishments. This angers Keerthi who orders her guardian's son (who wants to marry her for the same reason) to attack Naanu. They bring a woman Swathi, who lives in his house and toture her. Naanu comes to her rescue and it is revealed that Swathi is Naanu's wife.
Naanu and the three women reach an old building where an injured Naanu threatens to kill all of them and forces all to be his life partners to which they do not agree. Meanwhile, a rich person meets Naanu there who happens to be a poor man in the past. Naanu in the past advised him not to follow behind women and instead focus on earning money, adding that women will run for you if you are a wealthy man. At the same time, he sees a once-wealthy man whose wealth is usurped by his girlfriends. This pushes Naanu in a dilemma and sits in a room in the first floor. The three women, with rods in their hands, decide to kill him. Vethala stops the story here and asks Vikramāditya whether Naanu would survive or die in their hands. Vikramāditya understands the tale's intention and says that Naanu, Rathi, Swathi and Keerthi are not humans and instead represent human ego, beauty, responsibilities and money respectively. He concludes that Naanu should kill himself and take a rebirth again.
1977-1979 – He worked as an art director for Kannada movies “Banngarada Jinke”, “Ninagagi Naanu”, “Rajeshwari”, “Chadurida Chitragalu” etc.
Byalakere Shivananjappa Lingadevaru is an Indian television and film director who works in Kannada cinema. He is known for his films "Naanu Avanalla...Avalu", "Mouni", and "Kaada Beladingalu".
Saarepeedi neighborhood was populated 11th-12th century. there were Naanu fort, which speak of findings that have been used as a fortress of 12th-13th century. was first mentioned 1583.
The film is a remake of the Tamil film "Thaikulame Thaikulame" (1995) starring Pandiarajan and was remade in Telugu as "Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu" (1996) with Venkatesh. It was also remade in Kannada as "Naanu Nanna Hendthiru" (1999) with Ravichandran
Naanu Avanalla...Avalu is a tribute to everyone whose everyday life is a struggle. The film focuses on a transgender woman, who is destined to have a life of utter neglect and disappointment.
Naanu Naane is a 2002 movie directed by D. Rajendra Babu starring Upendra and Sakshi Shivanand in leading roles. The movie is a remake of Hindi movie "Raja Hindustani".
He played an important role in Venkat Prabhu's "Saroja". In 2008, he produced a film titled "Abhiyum Naanum" and played an important character in it. He remade the movie in Kannada as "Naanu Nanna Kanasu".
The music was composed by Ricky Kej for Junglee music company. One song "Amma Naanu" is composed by Mysore Ananthaswamy. The soundtrack includes popular folk poems written by acclaimed poets such as Kuvempu and K. S. Narasimhaswamy.
The music of the film was composed by Ilaiyaraja with lyrics by Chi. Udaya Shankar. The songs "Thangaliyaali Naanu" and "Yaava Shilpi" composed for the film were received extremely well and considered evergreen hits.
Naanu sees himself in a mirror and feels ashamed of his traits. He curses himself for pursuing all the three who never gave him any happiness. He realises the importance of "Us" instead of "I" and decides that ego is the root cause of all issues. By tearing the shirt featuring an imprint of his face, he kills his inner ego and the feeling of "I". The three woman disappear and Naanu, now silent and aimless, walks out of the building drenching in the rain.
Rathi meets him in person and confirms the facts. She threatens to kill both the women and commit a suicide if Naanu leaves her for anyone of those two women. He agrees, and Swathi leaves. She rescues the duo from Keerthi's henchmen and in turn, Naanu peruades her to return. She too threatens to kill both the women if Naanu leaves her for anyone of those two, to which Naanu agrees. He continues to be in a relationship with Rathi and hides it from Swathi and vice versa. However, his obsession for Keerthi never dies. He traps her guardian and after a turn of events, Keerthi agrees to marry him. While they both are in a jubilant mood, Rathi and Swathi come to know about this and reach the harbour where the duo is currently hiding in from the henchmen of Keerthi's guardian. When they reach the harbour, Keerthi is informed about Naanu's plans and she drops her marriage plans with him. He kidnaps all the three women and kills Keerthi's guardian and her son.
He took on the mantle of director with "Naanu Nanna Kanasu" in Kannada in 2010 for which he was the joint producer. The film completed 125 days successfully in the theatres across Karnataka becoming the biggest hit of the year. He was nominated for the Filmfare South 'The Best Director' category for his very first film.
Babu became an independent director with "Jiddu" starring Tiger Prabhakar and Jayamala. Though the film was not a big success, his subsequent films like "Swabhimaana" and "Naanu Nanna Hendthi" were massive silver jubilee hits. He has so far directed 50 films including a Hindi film, "Pyaar Karke Dekho" (1987).
Naa Ninna Mareyalare () is a 1976 Indian Kannada film directed by Vijay and produced by N. Veeraswamy, based on the story "Naanu Neenu Jodi" by A. R. Anand, and starring Rajkumar and Lakshmi in lead roles. The film was remade in Tamil as "Puthukavithai" with Rajinikanth. Director Vijay remade the movie in Hindi as "Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge".
In 2002, Upendra hit a rough patch, with his most expected films such as "H2O", "Super Star" and "Hollywood" not meeting expectations and having average run at the box office and films like "Nagarahavu" and "Naanu Naane" flopping at the box office.
"Baat Hamaari Pakki Hai" is the story of Saachi, an orphan who lives with her maternal uncle, Indar Sharma and Indar's wife, Usha Sharma along with her younger cousins: Shreya, Nani and Naanu. Saachi faces problems in finding a life partner and keeps getting rejected and Saachi's marriage becomes the only agenda in Usha's life.
Amulya (born Moulya on 14 September 1993) is an Indian film actress who appears in Kannada films. She made her debut as a child artist in the early 2000s and appeared in a lead role in 2007 with "Cheluvina Chittara". She is best known for her roles in the commercially successful films "Chaitrada Chandrama" (2008), "Naanu Nanna Kanasu" (2010) and "Shravani Subramanya" (2013).