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Examples of "nadon"
"Nadon", named after Maurice Nadon, the RCMP Commissioner between 1974-1977, is stationed at Nanaimo, British Columbia, and is responsible for patrolling the of coastline between the United States border and the Mid Coast, north of Vancouver Island.
In 1991 the RCMP commissioned RCMP vessel Nadon, a patrol boat and named for the former Commissioner. In 2011, the new RCMP Headquarters (M. J. Nadon Government of Canada Building) in Ottawa was named in his honour.
Nadon died in 2009 in Pembroke, Ontario and buried at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. Predeceased by his wife Madeleine Desrosiers, Nadon was survived by son Robert and daughter Suzanne.
Nadon has provided lighting design services for an array of projects including the following:
Momaw Nadon, an exiled Ithorian, was present in the Mos Eisley Cantina in "".
Joseph-Célestin Nadon (January 11, 1899 – December 17, 1953) was a Canadian provincial and federal politician.
The case arose when the federal government appointed Justice Marc Nadon to the position of puisne justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, on October 3, 2013. At the time of the appointment, Justice Nadon was a supernumerary judge of the Federal Court of Appeal, having served on the Federal Courts for over twenty years. Justice Nadon had been a member of the Quebec Bar before his appointment.
Federal Court of Appeals judge Marc Nadon was drafted by the team in the 1960s.
Nadon is the Founder and President of InFrame Designs, a company he started in 2006.
Having reverted to her original name "Nadon" continued in service with the RCMP until its recent decommissioning.
Nadon J.A. subsequently listed the following "circumstances" of what could be considered as reasonable in the case at bar:
Nadon was born in Mattawa, Ontario, joined the RCMP in 1941 and retired from the force in 1974.
In his stage and lighting design work on the Juno Awards, Nadon has drawn a creative spirit from the host city. For the 43rd Annual Juno Awards held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Nadon used stage elements/lighting technology to pay tribute to the host city, by presenting a representation of the city skyline.
On October 7, 2013, Galati brought a court application that challenged the appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada on the basis of Nadon being ineligible as under the Quebec provisions of the Supreme Court Act. The Act requires that three members of the Supreme Court be from Quebec. The Quebec government announced that it would also challenge Nadon's appointment.
Chaput was born in Mattawa, Ontario, to Frederic Chaput and Hermanie Nadon. Prior to being elected, Chaput owned and operated a hotel in North Bay.
Amélie Goulet-Nadon (born January 24, 1983 in Laval, Quebec) is a Canadian short track speed skater who competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Maurice Jean Nadon (July 8, 1920 – December 21, 2009) was the 16th Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, serving from January 1, 1974 to August 31, 1977.
Her two commanding officers were William E. Stevens and William H. Nadon, who were both Lieutenant junior grade, of the Coast Guard.
At the 2009 Juno Awards, held at Roger's Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Nadon used various LED lighting technologies to visually augment the giant vine leaves in the stage design.
In 2010 at The 24th Annual Gemini Awards, Nadon received multiple nominations: in the category of "Best Photography in a Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series" for his work on:/