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Examples of "nadzorna"
In August 1941, the Ustaša Surveillance Service ("Ustaška nadzorna služba") was created to combat anti-Ustaša activities throughout the NDH. The Surveillance Service consisted of four elements, the Ustaša Police, Ustaša Intelligence Service, Ustaša Defence Brigades, and Personnel. The head of the Surveillance Service was appointed by, and accountable directly to Pavelić.
Before the establishment of the Croatian state, Vokić was a member of the Ustaše branch in Zagreb. On 11 April 1941, by order of Slavko Kvaternik, he was sent to serve at the headquarters of the "Ustaška Nadzorna Služba" ("Ustasha Surveillance Service"), whose main task was to lead and build up existing Ustaša combat formations and form new ones. Later that year he was appointed Director of Train Services in Sarajevo. He was an organising commander of all Ustaša traffic brigades. An associate of Jure Francetić, he was a founding member of Crna Legija (Black Legion). In 1943 he left Sarajevo and moved to Zagreb and on 11 October of that year he was appointed Minister of Traffic.
The camp was constructed, managed and supervised by Department III of the "Ustaše Supervisory Service" ("Ustaška nadzorna služba", "UNS"), a special police force of the NDH. Vjekoslav "Maks" Luburić was head of the UNS. Individuals managing the camp at different times included Miroslav Filipović-Majstorović and Dinko Šakić. The camp administration in times used other Ustaše battalions, police units, "Domobrani" units, auxiliary units made up of Bosnian Muslims, as well as Germans and Hungarians. The Ustaše interned, tortured and executed men, women and children in Jasenovac. The largest number of victims were Serbs, but victims also included Jews, Roma (or "gypsies"), as well as some dissident Croats and Bosnian Muslims (i.e. Partisans or their sympathizers, all categorized by the Ustaše as "Communists").
In the evening of December 20, 1941, agents of the Ustasha Surveillance Service (Croatian: Ustaška nadzorna služba; UNS) broke into the Baković family apartment on Gundulićeva street, searched it, and eventually arrested Zdenka, Rajka and Mladen. Both sisters were subjected to severe torture in order to betray their connections. They were tortured at night and were taken to the newsstand during the day, because the police hoped that they would catch other members of the resistance movement, but that did not happen. Hana Pavelić, a resistance movement member who was responsible for a connection between the League of Communists and the newsstand, noticed that something was wrong in Zdenka and Rajka's behavior so she informed others. Hana Pavelić was soon caught and killed in the Stara Gradiška concentration camp. The sisters did not betray anyone despite severe beatings. When Rajka was brought to the newsstand, after enduring three days of constant beatings, she could not stand anymore. Slavka, the maid of Baković family, asked one of the agents to allow her to take Rajka home so she could at least take a bath. At one point, Rajka managed to pass to her brother, Jerko, a note that read: "May I speak now?" to which Jerko briefly answered: "No."