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kizhakku              dongalu              kudumba              nooru              kattu              theru              adavi              kaattu              raktha              kattalai              thaai              puthu              kaaval              nalla              ponnu              rahasyam              kapuram              varam              mangalya              velai              pattathu              ulagam              thedi              pattalam              devudu              angadi              kodalu              jenu              murattu              hrudaya              gaali              geetham              yaanai              ezhai              maduve              nanma              mogudu              abhayam              ellai              yudham              paravai              iniyum              bhale              vayasu              kaadu              swantham              nattu              poocha              sonnal              veedhi             

Examples of "nagaram"
Nagaram is a village in Guntur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located in Nagaram mandal.
Nagaram is a village in Suryapet district of Telangana, India. It is located in Nagaram mandal of Suryapet revenue division.
Sommanapalli, Ayyavaripalli, Nagaram, Dinnimeedha, Acharlapalli, Burujupalli, Divitivaripalli, Reddivaripalli, Gollapalli, BoomalaGadda,
Indian Bank and ATM, SBI Bank and ATM, Andhrabank and ATM at Bazar street, Karveti Nagaram
Nagaram is a village in Keesara mandal, Medchal district in Telangana, India.
Mrutyunjaya Nagaram is a panchayat in Parvathipuram mandal of Vizianagaram district in Andhra Pradesh, India.
Siripudi is a small village in Nagaram mandal, located in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India.
Despite such flaws "Nagaram" works because of its racy script and neat execution."
UgraSena is the king of Dhara Nagaram. He has three daughters, Rupasundari, Hemasundari and Gunasundari.
Thotapalli or Thota Palli is a village in Nagaram mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Autos ply frequently between Cherukupalli-Rajavolu, Rajavolu-Bhaatiprolu and Rajavolu-Nagaram
Nagaram is a village and panchayat in Ranga Reddy district, AP, India. It falls under the Maheswaram mandal. It is about 7 km from Shamshabad International Airport. It takes approximately 5 minutes on the ORR to reach Nagaram exit point from the Airport. It has the advantage of close proximity to the Airport, as well as Nagaram Village and Maheshwaram Mandal (ITIR region). A few connecting roads to Manasapally 'X' roads and Nagaram village are coming up fast and will pave the way for further growth.
Viluppuram is also affectionately called as "Vizhimaa Nagaram" (விழிமா நகரம்) in Tamil. It means town with wide-eyed people.
The village panchayats in Narmetta mandal include Veldanda, Ammapuram, Kanneboinagudem, Solipuram, Potharam, Ankushapuram, Abdul Nagaram, Malkapet, Tharigoppula and Machupahad.
The famous Mysore Maharaja Maligai(Jagiri Maligai) at S.V. Nagaram is located 5 km from the Arani Town.
Viluppuram is also affectionately called as "Vizhimaa Nagaram" (விழிமா நகரம்) in Tamil. It means town with wide-eyed people.
Nagaram (; "The City") is a village in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh in South India. Most of its people speak Telugu and Hindi, and very little English. The main religions in Nagaram are Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. The village is surrounded by paddy fields and coconut trees.
Indian Express appreciated Shankar’s debut directorial Tamil film Manal Nagaram about the lives of three migrant workers, their dreams, aspirations, sorrows and heart breaks and of course the obstructions that come in the way. They lauded the screenplay of the film and its narrative style, summing up as " With it’s fresh screenplay, Manal Nagaram is an impressive tamil directorial debut by Shankar."
The film then introduces Tenaliraman (Vadivelu as the witty common man) who captures a gang of thieves (led by "Besant Nagar" Ravi) and teaches them a lesson. He then takes off for Vikata Nagaram where he meets the feisty Princess Maadhulai (Meenakshi Dixit), daughter of the King of Vikata Nagaram, and defeats her in an arm wrestling competition.
The film's soundtrack is composed by K. Raghavan and penned by P. Bhaskaran. There are four songs including the romantic hit "Manjani Poonilavu" (sung by S. Janaki), a dance number "Mullappoo Maala Vilkum" (sung by L. R. Easwari) and another hit number "Nagaram Nagaram Mahasagaram" (sung by K. J. Yesudas).