Synonyms for nakakita or Related words with nakakita

fumiyo              kohinata              eisuke              teruko              utako              yousuke              chieko              shioya              sumiko              hideko              takane              yumiko              mitsue              ittoku              hidemi              makiko              harumi              mieko              ikuya              kokichi              eiko              ashikawa              amamoto              kudou              miyoko              kimie              tsugawa              kuniko              shinsaku              hachiro              hiroe              michiyo              teruo              satou              mihoko              katsumura              takemi              shizuki              shuichiro              katsuo              mitsuhiko              terajima              nakamaru              sosuke              mitsuaki              etsuko              tamotsu              tatsuko              masae              harue             

Examples of "nakakita"
The film won 1953 Blue Ribbon Awards for best director (Mikio Naruse), best film (Mikio Naruse) and for best supporting actress Chieko Nakakita. It also won Mainichi Film Concours for best film score by Ichirō Saitō and again for best supporting actress Chieko Nakakita.
The origin of NPC was founded in 1884 as . This was a private school run by Nagoya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Nakakita Co., Ltd. today). In 1890 the school was renamed Aichi School of Pharmacy (). The school was abolished in 1921, because it could not afford to meet the new requirement of Japanese pharmacist test (The requirement was that the examinees should be the graduates of "3-year" pharmaceutical schools; Aichi School of Pharmacy had only a "2.5-year" course.).
Two sisters, Chieko Nakakita as the elder and Mitsue Tachibana as the younger sister, one a dancer and the other a script supervisor at a big movie studio, become embroiled in union activities when a strike is called in sympathy with striking railroad workers, one of whom boards with the sisters and their parents. The girls' father argues with them about their strike, but finds his views changing when he himself loses his job.
In order to collect more evidence, Azuma went to Nanjing and got support from many Nanjing citizens and the curator of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Tsu Cheng-shen. They provided a great deal of physical evidence to help the Japanese lawyers. These evidence included seven Nanjing maps dated December, 1937 and two aerial photos. They proved that there were three ponds in the areas. Military maps used by the Japanese army during the Battle of Nanjing were among the maps provided. Tsu Cheng-shen also gave a 1.5 meter rail mail bag to the Japanese lawyers which proved that it can hold the victim. Twenty six area residents who lived close to the crime spot in Nanjing then also provided statements that they witnessed similar cruel war crimes committed by the Japanese army soldiers. Shiro Azuma's defense lawyer Nakakita Ryutaro said, "The reason why Shiro Azuma lost the first trial in April is because the trial judge at the Tokyo Area Court has no understanding of the history of the Nanjing Massacre and was confounded by the right wing group's lies." He thinks the judgment departed from the principle of respecting historical facts.