Synonyms for nakham or Related words with nakham

vahay              siji              perisytiharan              kingal              mkhar              phodang              chongkyir              bije              khunpluem              jyut              onom              kambu              loilong              kapeli              lefo              bkra              tatdo              gnyan              derzhavo              kalih              sangkhom              gunu              shenga              riang              phanit              lindung              benzhuism              pharro              wolu              thaong              khrims              tilya              kbachkun              huiautonomous              julungwangi              priyantun              dimaruguri              kinoto              sekrenyi              kdaw              dovessi              poson              satha              gzhung              njeriut              boyun              pithu              hunei              sangri              bayandalai             

Examples of "nakham"
The Lao Evangelical Church (LEC) is the largest registered Christian church in Laos. It is believed that the church has around 120,000 members (2% of the population) and 200 ordained Pastors. The LEC is headquartered in Nakham Village, in Vientiane Capital. There are three main churches in Vientiane capital, Nakham, Naxai and Anou church. These three churches are headed by the national leaders of the LEC. As of 2009 there have been no foreigners that have been allowed to become members of the LEC.
The Wat Xayaphoum temple was built in 1542 in Xayaphoum village on the bank of the Mekong River during the period when Ban Thahir or Nakham temple was built. As the Buddhist centre and largest monastery in Laos, its arts and architecture are dated to the earliest Savannakhet period. The temple has a large garden with ancient trees surrounding it. There is also a workshop near the entrance from the river side where golden Buddha statues are made. Pimai Lao festival is held in the province and boat racing is an important event.