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Jayanthan Nampoothiri was a migrant from Zamorin kingdom who settled in Travancore during Tipu Sultan's invasion. Having the experience of working in Zamorin's palace, Nampoothiri could earn respect from Travancore royal family also.
Odieiry Jayanthan Sankaran Nampoothiri was an 18th-century Dalawa of the Travancore, a former Indian kingdom.
Later when he was appointed as Dewan, Velu Thampi wreaked his vengeance on Jayanthan Nampoothiri and his assistants. Jayanthan Nampoothiri was banished and never recalled. Tharakan and Sankara Narayanan were publicly flogged and have their ears cut off. Tharakan was imprisoned at Trivandrum, while Sankara Narayanan was sent to be confined at Udayagiri Fort .
Regarding the exact location of Muziris, N.M. Nampoothiri points out that it had not yet been conclusively established that Pattanam was the ancient port of Muziris.
Tippu's Fort Dr. N.M. Nampoothiri Identified Tippu’s fort at Calicut (Feroke) and later Government of Kerala declared it as historical monument.
His tenure of Diwan ended with demise of Dharma Raja Karthika Thirunal in 1798. Balarama Varma, his successor aged fourteen became the crown prince who was a puppet in the hands Jayanthan Sankaran Nampoothiri. Raja Kesavadas was proclaimed as a traitor and kept under house arrest which helped Jayanthan Sankaran Nampoothiri to usurp the post of Diwan. Later his family assets were confiscated and was poisoned to death on 21 April 1799.
NM Nampoothiri quoting the Granthavaris of Calicut - Zamorin confirms the honorific title - In 1687 the Kuliyoti Kottakal Marakkayar was given the title Marakkayar. Another man, Kunnikkalathor was given the title Kunnali Marakkayar in the same year.
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Purooruvase is a 1985 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Kaviyoor Sivaprasad. The film stars and Varanasi Narayanan Nampoothiri in lead roles. The film had musical score by Anand Sankar.
Elavamkodu Desam is a 1998 Malayalam period drama film written and directed by K. G. George. It stars Mammootty and Rajeev in the lead roles, and Kushboo, Thilakan and Babu Nampoothiri in major supporting roles.
Nedumprom Nampoothiri family is related to this temple history and the King. The King and his loyal chief minister(Devan) Ramayyan Dalava took asylum in the Madom (Brahmin house). It is said that some members of this Nampoothiri family sacrificed their lives in order to protect the King and became Brahmarakshassu. With courtesy to this sacrifice, the King gave lands in Alapra, Ezhumattoor, Mannur and a Devi temple in the forest region of Pothenpuzha(Alapra) and making all these wealth and possessions free from taxes.
Soon after the death of Dharma Raja Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma on 17 February 1798, Balarama Varma was enthroned as Maharaja of Travancore. Bala Rama Varma was one of Travancore's least popular sovereigns whose reign was marked by unrest and various internal and external problems to the state. He became King at the young age of sixteen and came under the influence of Jayanthan Nampoothiri. One of the first acts of atrocities during his reign was the murder of Raja Kesavadas, the existing Dewan of Travancore on 21 April 1799. Jayanthan Nampoothiri was appointed as new Dewan. Sankara Narayanan Pillai of Thuckalay and Thachil Matthoo Tharakan assisted Nampoothiri. Due to their corruption, soon the treasury was empty. Jayanthan Nampoothiri decided to collect large sums of money from the people for the treasury. This resulted in a revolt led by Velu Thampi. Maharaja dismissed Dewan and his associates on 6th Mithunam 974 Malayalam Era (June 1799 AD) even before they complete a month in their offices. Ayyappan Chempaka Raman Pillai from Chirayinkeezhu was appointed as new Dewan and Velu Thampi, as commerce minister.
The story turns to the present where an adult Gautham Menon (Dileep) goes to see the old doctor uncle (Babu Nampoothiri) who was a friend of his late father and his mentor during his childhood. Gautham says his company posted him to India and he can choose his posting between Chennai and Bangalore.
Cheranalloor Kartha Family of South Chittor was the founder of Ernakulam Siva Temple.As per the devaprasna this temple have a connection with Vaishnava.Jadavedan nampoothiri was the swamiyar of Ernakulam Siva Temple and Thiruvananthapuram Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple.He was a member of Cheranalloor Kartha Family of South Chittoor
Easwar is the son of Easwaran Nampoothiri and Mallika, and the grandson of Kandararu Maheshwararu, senior supreme priest of Sabarimala. His higher studies were in philosophy and psychology, then pursued Global Leadership at the London School of Economics and is a Right Wing activist.
Bala Rama Varma was one of Travancore's least popular sovereigns whose reign was marked by unrest and various internal and external political problems. He became rajah at the age of sixteen and fell under the influence of the corrupt nobleman Jayanthan Sankaran Nampoothiri from the Zamorin of Calicut's kingdom. One of the first atrocities of his reign was the murder of Raja Kesavadas, the then Dewan of Travancore. Sankaran Nampoothiri was subsequently appointed Dewan or Prime Minister assisted by two other ministers. The state treasury was soon empty due to corruption so it was decided to collect money by ordering the tahsildars (district officers) to pay large amounts of money which were determined without any reference to the revenue of the districts. Velu Thampi, the Tahasildar of a southern district, was ordered to pay Rs. 3000 to which he responded that he needed three days to pay. Velu Thampi returned to his district, gathered the people and an uprising ensued. People from all parts of Travancore united to surround the palace and demand the immediate dismissal and banishment of Jayanthan Sankaran Nampoothiri. They also demanded that his two ministers be brought to a public place then undergo flogging and have their ears cut off. The punishments were duly carried out and the two ministers were put in jail at Trivandrum. Velu Thampi was later appointed the Dalawa of Travancore.
Bala Rama Varma was the ruler of Travancore at this time. He was one of the least popular sovereigns whose reign was marked by unrest and various internal and external problems to the state. He became King at the young age of sixteen and came under the influence of a corrupt nobleman known as Jayanthan Sankaran Nampoothiri from Calicut. One of the first acts of atrocities during his reign was the murder of Raja Kesavadas, the existing Dewan of Travancore. Sankaran Nampoothiri was then appointed as Dewan (Prime minister) with two other ministers. Using his influence, Mar Thoma VI was put in jail at Alleppy and was forced to conduct a service according to Catholic rites, but escaped during a rebellion in Travancore under Velu Thampi in 1799.
Ilayath (IAST:Ilayat) (also written as Elayath, Elayathu, Ilayathu) is a Hindu community in Kerala. They are one of the Brahmin communities and considered to be a sub sect of Nampoothiri Community. The house of an Ilayath is known as Illam. The origin of this community like those of Nampoothiris and Nairs and perhaps most of the upper class communities in Kerala is shrouded in history. And what remains is a few legends and traditions.
Though Nairs were once the predominant class, now the Ezhavas have gained both financial and social edge. The NSS Karayogams and the SNDP Sakhas have had significant contribution in the social and cultural progress of the members of the respective communities. The Syrian Christians were always in minority and a culturally distinct group. Most of them have migrated to cities. There a few families of Tamil Brahmins around the Evoor templeഅ and at least two Nampoothiri Illams of repute in Evoor. Almost all the members of the backward and scheduled communities have progressed considerably thanks to the enlightened community leaders of the locality and the influence of progressive political outlook.
He was born in Ponnani in Malappuram district on September 18, 1919. His father was Kothayath Manakkal Chithran Nampoothiri and mother was Mancherath Thazhathethil Devaki Amma. He had his schooling at Higher Elementary School, Kuttippuram, and A.V. HighSchool, Ponnani. He joined the freedom struggle while studying in high school class and could not complete his studies. He went to Madras (now ‘Chennai’) and settled there. In 1944 he joined Madras government service and worked there for 14 years. He was actively involved in politics in his early days and later concentrated on intellectual life. He was attracted towards the ideas of radical humanism expounded by M.N.Roy.