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Nanine () is a 1749 play by the French writer Voltaire.
Other: Daphne Guinness, Casey Legler, Nanine Linning, Benjamin Millepied, Tilda Swinton
On June 18, 1985, Jones married Nanine Warhurst. They have three children together, and an additional five stepchildren from their prior relationships.
Kenner was married to the former Anne Guillelmine Nanine Bringier (August 24, 1822 – November 6, 1911). They resided at the Ashland Plantation.
In 1805 "Nile" was under the command of Lieutenant John (or George) Fennell (or Fennel). In March she captured the French chasse maree "Deux Freres" and the brig "St François". On 17 June "Nile" captured the French brig "Jeune Nanine".
His sister, Nanine, married the surgeon Emile Chevé, who became an advocate for the system. Paris, along with his sister and Emile Chevé, continued touring and publishing pamphlets until his death
His notable works include "Anahata", Symphony No. 2, and "Black Magic/White Magic" (1981), a collaboration with his wife, poet Nanine Valen. Numerous CDs of his music have been released, and his scores are published by Theodore Presser.
She made her stage debut at Miner's Theater on Fifth Avenue on January 25, 1893. She played the role of "First Girl Friend" in "The Harvest". In 1894 she acted in support of Olga Nethersole in "The Transgressor" at Palmer's Theater, 485 Broadway near Broome Street. Conquest also worked with Nethersole in Camille, portraying "Nanine".
Alexis-Emmanuel Chabrier was born in Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme), a town in the Auvergne region of central France. His father was an attorney; his childhood nanny Anne Delayre (whom Chabrier called "Nanine") remained close to him throughout her life. He began his music lessons at the age of six; the earliest of his compositions to survive in manuscript are piano works from 1849.
There are 21 women artists represented with works in the collection: Marie-Guillemine Benoist, Élise Bruyère, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron, Eugénie Dalton, Madeleine Goblot, Hortense Haudebourt-Lescot, Joséphine Houssaye, Angelica Kauffmann, Adèle de Kercado, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, Judith Leyster, Catherine Lusurier, Constance Mayer, Louise Moillon, Julie Philipault, Rose Marie Pruvost, Théa Schleusner, Nanine Vallain, Anne Vallayer-Coster, Elisabeth Louise Vigée-LeBrun, and Marie-Denise Villers.
Garden City High School is the public high school in the Incorporated Village of Garden City in the Town of Hempstead, New York, United States. The principal of the school is Nanine McLaughlin. Assistant principals are Kevin Steingruebner and Dave Perrotta.
Due to the person marking nature of these affixes, the need for the presence of a core noun phrase in the same clause is negated. Thus the following sentence is still grammatical without NP Rusa nanine, as the verb has a pronominal affix that gives the same information.
In October 1923, Niezychowski became engaged to Nanine H. Ulman (1896-1972), a Baltimore socialite and Colonial Dame, daughter of Jacob A. Ulman of Helmore Farms in Green Spring Valley, and great grandniece of President Thomas Jefferson. Niezychowski renounced his European titles, became an American citizen in January 1926, and married on December 27, 1927. Admiral Walter McLean, commander of the Norfolk Navy Yard where his ship had been interned ten years earlier, was his best man.
Marguerite dies lying in bed in her apartment holding the book Armand gave her, wishing to sleep where she is happy dreaming about Armand. Marguerite's maid Nanine, and her newlywed friends Gaston and Nichette are at her bedside as she dies. The viewer is left to believe that Armand never found out about his father forcing Marguerite to leave him, and therefore never saw Marguerite again after the casino scene.
Chevé was born in Douarnenez. He entered the Marines at age 16 and qualified there to become a doctor and surgeon. In 1835, he returned to Paris and studied medicine and mathematics. He also visited a course taught by Aimé Paris, who propagated a music notation system inherited from Pierre Galin. He was very attracted to the method, and when he ended up marrying Paris's sister Nanine, he promoted and developed it together with Paris.
Niezychowski and Nanine had no biological children, though Niezychowski did become guardian for the children of his half-brother Count Antoni Dunin, after both Antoni and his wife, Zofia Werner Dunin (daughter of Polish vice-Finance Minister Edward Werner), had been killed in 1939, during the German offensive in the Invasion of Poland. According to the "Detroit News", Alfred worked with Senator Homer Ferguson of Michigan, to obtain visas so that the orphaned children could enter the United States in the 1940s. They were:
In his final years, Chabrier was strained by financial problems caused by the collapse of his bankers, suffered from failing health brought on by the terminal stage of syphilis, and depression about the neglect of his stage works in France. The death of his beloved "Nanine" in January 1891 greatly affected him. He became obsessed with the composition of his opera "Briséïs", which was inspired by a tragedy of Goethe and has melodic echoes of Wagner, but he completed only one act. At the Paris première of "Gwendoline", which finally took place in December 1893, the ailing composer in a box did not understand that the applause was for him. In 1892, he had written to his friend Charles Lecocq: "Never has an artist more loved, more tried to honour music than me, none has suffered more from it; and I will go on suffering from it for ever".
Henry Harisse was born in Paris May 28, 1829, Abraham, furrier, probably from Russia or Prague, and Nanine Marcus, Paris Very young, he moved to his American family and takes the nationality of the country. He studied at the University of South Carolina and began his academic career at the University of North Carolina. He teaches letters, philosophy and law? According to his biographer Henri Cordier his early writings are devoted to Taine and Renan and it would have annotated the works of metaphysical Descartes. But the turn of his mind focused on the study of the origins of modern America s and he gave himself ardently. This will lead to the exploration of the archives of the discovery of the Americas and achieving a critical and complete historical Oevre of this object.
Encouraged to study design and painting (water-colour), he took the design course run by Prosper Saint-Germain in Morlaix and then set up as a photographer. In April 1857 he married Adah-Ana Souvestre, a daughter of the Morlaix writer Émile Souvestre and his wife Nanine Souvestre-Papot, who was also a writer. Coming under the influence of the ceramist Michel Bouquet, and his interest in ceramics reviving during the time of the Second Empire, he started painting on pottery producing a variety of plates decorated with genre scenes of Breton life, flowers and historic portraits. After 1870, when he had failed to secure work with the "Faïencerie HB-Henriot Quimper" pottery, because Beau insisted on signing his work, he was backed by the widow of Adolphe Porquier and became the artistic director of the Porquier pottery and in time this became Porquier-Beau and their pieces were marked "PB".
By 1830, William Kenner and his brother-in-law Philip Minor consolidated 1,800 acres of land to form a sugar plantation. After William died, his two sons Duncan Kenner and George R. Kenner inherited the property. In 1840 the Kenner brothers acquired the Oakland, Belle Grove, and Pasture Plantations. Kenner was a man of considerable wealth and holdings. He acquired land and property that included not only what was to be named the Ashland Plantation and mansion that he built for his wife, Anne Guillemine Nanine Bringier, but also interests in the Bowden (1858), The Houmas, the 1400-acre Hollywood, the Hermitage (his wife was the granddaughter of Emmanuel Marius Pons Bringier), the Fashion (home of his brother-in-law and partner General Richard Taylor), and Roseland plantations. Kenner was a horseman (with a race track built at Ashland), a lawyer, a gambler, an inventor, and a politician. Property also included leases in the New Basin Canal in New Orleans with Taylor. Kenner helped organize the New Orleans Jockey Club and the New Louisiana Jockey Club.