Synonyms for nanoflower or Related words with nanoflower

nanoflowers              nanocube              nanoplate              nanocubes              nanostars              nanobelt              nanodisks              agnp              nanoboxes              nanobelts              nanorings              nanochain              nanotriangles              nanomeshes              nanobars              agnps              nanoplates              nanoprism              nanoring              nanorod              nanoprisms              nanoprotrusions              nanorectangle              nanoline              nanocups              nanoneedles              nanohexagons              nanograins              nanotubular              aunp              nanoisland              nanoislands              nanodendrite              nanocages              nanotriangle              nanoflake              nanofibrilar              nanocones              nanoropes              nanopiller              nanotubule              nanonets              nanoneedle              nanocavities              nanosprings              nanodisc              nanocylinders              nanocrystallite              nanocone              octapod             

Examples of "nanoflower"
A nanoflower, in chemistry, refers to a compound of certain elements that results in formations which in microscopic view resemble flowers or, in some cases, trees that are called nanobouquets or nanotrees. These formations are nanometers long and thick so they can only be observed using electron microscopy.