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Examples of "nantel"
His older brother, Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel, was also a politician.
Wilfrid Bruno Nantel, (November 8, 1857 – May 22, 1940) was a Canadian politician.
He died in Montreal in 1909. His brother, Wilfrid Bruno Nantel, was also a politician.
Another uncle Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel also served in the House of Commons.
Antonin Nantel (17 September 1839 – 30 July 1929) was a Canadian Roman Catholic priest, teacher, school administrator, and author.
Prior to being elected, Nantel was a researcher and television commentator, including a stint at Radio-Canada television.
Valerie Nantel wrote in the "Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History": "The desolate landscape and other elements suggest an immediate connection to Surrealist works. The dreamy quality of fading seems to pull towards the idea of the subconscious." Nantel wrote that the "passivity and detachment of the figures within the work disturb us as emotional beings", and that this "detachment is accentuated by the method in which the figures are rendered. They almost look as if they were stuck on to the canvas."
In 1967, the Government of Canada named Chadderton to the position of Executive Secretary to the Canadian Pension Survey Committee along with Hon. Judge Randall and Colonel Nantel under the Department of Veterans Affairs in Ottawa, Ontario.
Julien Nantel (born September 6, 1996) is a Canadian professional ice hockey forward currently playing for the Colorado Eagles of the ECHL. He was drafted in the 6th round by Colorado Avalanche in the 2014 NHL draft.
The son of Adolphe Ouimet and Clephire Nantel, he was educated at the Collège Sainte-Marie de Montréal and entered practice as a notary in Saint-Polycarpe. In 1905, Ouimet married Hortense Mousseau, the sister of Joseph-Octave Mousseau.
Louise Chabot has been president since 2012., Marc Nantel, Line Camerlain and Pierre Jobin are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd vice-presidents, respectively. Daniel B. Lafrenière is the secretary-treasurer.
In his limited spare time, he was an active outdoorsman, who enjoyed hunting and fishing at his cottage on Lac Profond, near Gracefield, Quebec. He died near Blue Sea Lake in western Quebec in 1956. Juliette Nantel died in 1966.
A 1989 study by Markovits and Nantel gave participants four reasoning tasks. The results indicated “a significant belief-bias effect” that existed “independently of the subjects' abstract reasoning ability.”
He was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1883 and studied at the University of Ottawa and Osgoode Hall. In 1912, he married Germaine, the daughter of Wilfrid Bruno Nantel who was a federal cabinet minister.
Nantel (2010), Kaya (2010), and others have similarly observed how information can easily get stuck in institutional "silos". Social networks, like the CUNY Academic Commons, can "help open communications between departments" and improve knowledge transfer (Nantel). While countering the "prospect of missed connections" was a principal reason why the CUNY Academic Commons was formed, serendipitous discovery became a technological goal. Developers of the site (primarily faculty and graduate students) experimented with social media tools to see how best to connect scholars, while not being too intrusive in their daily lives.
He was born in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, the son of David Rochon and Célina Nantel, and was educated at the Séminaire de Sainte-Thérèse and the Université Laval. Rochon was called to the Quebec bar in 1902 and practised law at Saint-Jérôme. In 1909, he married Victorine Prévost. He was elected to the House of Commons in an 1915 by-election held after his uncle Wilfrid-Bruno Nantel was named Railway Commissioner. Rochon died in office in Saint-Jérôme at the age of 40.
NTSB Chairman Hersman responded: "The information we're providing is consistent with our procedures and processes ... One of the hallmarks of the NTSB is our transparency. We work for the traveling public. There are a lot of organizations and groups that have advocates. We are the advocate for the traveling public. We believe it's important to show our work and tell people what we are doing." Answering ALPA's criticism, NTSB spokeswoman Kelly Nantel also said the agency routinely provided factual updates during investigations. "For the public to have confidence in the investigative process, transparency and accuracy are critical," Nantel said.
David was married to Antonia Nantel (known as Madame Athanase David), who was an important arts administrator and patron in Montreal. He notably helped her in establishing the Montreal Symphony Orchestra in 1934 and the Montreal Festivals in 1936. Their son, Paul David, was also a Canadian senator and a prominent cardiologist.
"La Reconquête" focuses on the love life of Danny Bouchard and Marc Gagnon. Bouchard is rapidly turned into a man he is not by his new mistress Valérie Nantel and could result in a dramatic ending. Marc Gagnon also has to find a way to deal with his emotions as he still has feelings for his ex, Suzie Lambert.
A series of successful burglaries in Montreal in 1984, which targeted files on financial contributions to the Mulroney camp, held in the homes and offices of Walter Wolf, W. David Angus, Roger Nantel, Rodrigue Pageau, and others, eliminated most if not all records of the German cash, along with material on others' contributions. Despite police investigation, none of the burglaries were ever solved.