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xiangfei              geping              feifei              jiajia              wenhai              jingyu              meifang              wenyong              wenlong              haoyu              xianglan              chunhua              jesseca              yapeng              xiaoxiao              zihao              nailiang              cunxin              shaoguang              xuejian              yuanyuan              yingxiong              zhihao              mengmeng              xiwen              letian              jiaqi              liping              yiyun              zhaoxing              minwei              qingzhao              yuanhao              yumei              zhihui              shucheng              meijiao              anqi              xiaohu              houren              yaodong              yixiang              fangfang              yunfei              yuqing              chunyuan              xiaoyang              yiyi              yongliang              qiming             

Examples of "nanxing"
The township comprises nine villages: Beipu, Nanxing, Dahu, Puwei, Shuiji, Nanpu, Dalin, Nankeng and Waiping.
The Nanxing Park () is a park in Nangang District, Taipei, Taiwan.
Nanxing Township () is a township-level division of Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.
This is the first drama Li Nanxing acted in after his divorce with ex-actress Yang Libing.
The show stars Li Nanxing, Aileen Tan, Jacelyn Tay, Pan Lingling, Lin Meijiao, Rayson Tan, Huang Shinan, Patricia Mok and Zhang Wei.
Bianchouzhu Lou (The Leaning Tower), located in Nanxing Village was constructed in 1903. It has seven floors and overlooks a pond.
Around this time, Jin Shiyi's son, Jin Zhuliu, sets foot on the mainland and goes on a series of adventures. By chance, he encounters Li Nanxing, Li Shengnan's nephew, and becomes sworn brothers with him.
Imperfect () is a 2012 Singapore action film, directed by Steve Cheng, produced by Li Nanxing and starring Liu Kai Chi, Li and Chiang Tsu-ping. It was officially released in cinemas on August 30, 2012, in Singapore.
This drama was ranked 9th on the viewership ratings chart for Year 2006, while Li Nanxing won the Best Actor award in the Star Awards 2006 for his role in this drama.
The Best Actor and Best Actress awards were only introduced in 1995. Prior to that, it was more of a popularity contest, with Li Nanxing, Chew Chor Meng and Zoe Tay winning the Most Popular Actor and Actress award.
Yang married actor Li Nanxing in 1994 after co-starring with him in several drama series. They divorced in 2004 citing irreconcilable personality differences. Both have yet to remarry and they have no children from the marriage.
The township comprises 26 villages: Aiding, Cunren, Dingliao, Gangbian, Longde, Nanan, Nancheng, Nanjian, Nanning, Nanqiang, Nanxing, Nanzheng, Shengai, Shenghu, Subei, Sunan, Sutung, Suxi, Tungao, Xincheng, Yongchun, Yongguang, Yongle, Yongrong, Zhangan and Zhaoyang.
Yuchen had had an unforgettable relationship. Three years ago, she met the famous Zhang Feng (Li Nanxing), dubbed as God of Gamblers, in Macau and had planned to marry him. However, he vanished on the eve of their wedding, and was never seen again. Rumour has it that he has been killed by his enemies. Yuchen refuses to believe those rumours and she continues to harbour the hope of his return. She meets Zhou Zhida (Li Nanxing), who bears an uncanny resemblance to Zhang Feng (though the two are polar opposites in all other areas), and is convinced that the two are the same person.
Shi Baidu arranges for a marriage between his sister and Shuai Mengxiong, a Qing general leading imperial forces to suppress a rebellion in Xichang. He is actually plotting to lure Li Nanxing into a trap and harm him. Jin Zhuliu mistakenly believes that Shi Hongying loves Li Nanxing and feels heartbroken. However, after learning the truth, he rushes to save his sworn brother and engages enemies in battle. Li Nanxing is injured but is saved by Gongsun Yan, the daughter of Gongsun Hong, the leader of the Red Tassel Society. He gradually falls in love with Gongsun Yan. Even though his plot has failed, Shi Baidu still insists on making Shi Hongying marry Shuai Mengxiong. On the wedding day, Jin Zhuliu, Li Nanxing, Gongsun Yan and their allies show up in Xichang, disrupt the wedding and defeat Shuai Mengxiong and his forces. Shi Baidu meets his downfall and commits suicide in shame. Shi Hongying becomes the new chief of the Six Harmonies Sect and pledges to support the rebels in resisting the Qing government.
During the battle at Xichang, Li Nanxing and Gongsun Yan accidentally fall off a cliff together and are presumed dead. In the meantime, some lowlifes led by Yang Hao re-establish the Heavenly Demonic Cult in Li Nanxing's name and commit atrocities in the "wulin". Jin Zhuliu is surprised to hear that his sworn brother, who he thought was dead, is alive and has become a villain. He refuses to believe the rumours and infiltrates the Heavenly Demonic Cult to investigate. He encounters Li Nanxing, who has survived the fall, while investigating the cult at night. They discover that Yang Hao has found someone to impersonate Li Nanxing and pledged allegiance to the Qing government. Jin Zhuliu, Li Nanxing and their allies clash with Yang Hao and his supporters at the Heavenly Demonic Cult's headquarters on Mount Zulai and defeat the enemy, thereby preventing a major crisis in the "wulin" from taking place. The cult is disbanded again and the majority of its members join the rebels. Around the time, Jin Zhuliu's parents also return to the mainland and defeat seven highly skilled martial artists from Fusang.
The Sanxingdui archaeological site is located about 4 km northeast of Nanxing Township, Guanghan, Deyang, Sichuan Province. The site is a walled city belonging to the Sanxingdui Culture founded c 1,600 BCE. The trapezoidal city has an east wall 2,000 m, south wall 2,000 m, west wall 1,600 m enclosing 3.6 km, similar in scale to the inner city of the Zhengzhou Shang City.
The Vagrant () is a 2002 Chinese drama. It was produced by Mediacorp, a television station in Singapore. The cast includes veteran actors Li Nanxing, Huang Biren and Huang Yiliang as well as new artistes Zhang Yaodong, Le Yao and Zzen Zhang. "The Vagrant" was the second highest rated drama serial in 2002, after Beautiful Connection which coincidentally also starred Huang Bi Ren.
The other anchor couple, Wei Lantian (Li Nanxing) and Huang Zhijie (Rui En) will welcome a new member to their family but that doesn’t mean Zhijie will sit out of all the crime-busting action as the pair will continue to head their respective teams in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).
Soh Hock (Christopher Lee), a never-do-well, is obsessed with becoming rich and constantly scheming to get the secret recipe to Hao Xing, his brother-in-law's (Li Nanxing) famous traditional Chinese pastry. When a God Of Fortune (Mark Lee) stumbles into his and his family's lives, things become messy.
The district is administered as 37 villages: Dazhu, Fuchang, Fulu, Fuxing, Fuzhu, Haihu,Hongzhu, Jinxing, Jinzhong, Jixiang, Kengkou, Kengzi, Luxing, Luzhu, Nankan, Nanrong, Nanxing, Neicuo, Shanbi, Shangxing, Shangzhu, Shanjiao, Shunxing, Waishe, Wayao, Wufu, Xiangchou, Xingrong, Xinxing, Xinzhuang, Yingfu, Yingpan, Zhangshou, Zhangxing, Zhongfu, Zhongshan and Zhongxing.