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cheeked_tit              throated_redstart              tailed_hillstar              throated_robin_irania              crested_elaenia_elaenia_albiceps              monasa_morphoeus              eyed_parakeet_psittacara              spotted_flufftail_sarothrura_pulchra              fronted_nunbird              urochroa              naped_pigeon_columba              fronted_bee_eater              plumed_honeyeater              bellied_bustard_eupodotis_senegalensis              chested_alethe              euryura              crowned_pigeon_patagioenas              tailed_wheatear_oenanthe_leucopyga              faced_heron_egretta              throated_munia_euodice_malabarica              headed_duck_oxyura              bellied_seedsnipe              hodgson_redstart              collared_seedeater_sporophila_torqueola              throated_caracara              capped_tanager              winged_magpie              bougueri              crested_tyrannulet              poliocerca              bellied_woodstar              bellied_munia              backed_mousebird_colius              merops_bullockoides_little              savile_bustard              leucophthalmus              cinnyris_talatala              crowned_penduline_tit              gorgeted_flycatcher              rufonuchalis              family_sarothruridae              lc_rhipidura              gaped_honeyeater              bellied_tit              white_winged_redstart              leucoptera_horned_lark_eremophila              tailed_crested_flycatcher              bellied_woodpecker_dryocopus_javensis              tailed_stonechat              throated_munia             

Examples of "naped_tit"
The white-naped tit was formerly one of the many species in the genus "Parus" but was moved to "Machlolophus" after a molecular phylogenetic analysis published in 2013 showed that the members of the new genus formed a distinct clade.
The rufous-vented tit ("Periparus rubidiventris") is an Asian songbird species in the tit and chickadee family (Paridae). Some of its subspecies were formerly assigned to its western relative the rufous-naped tit ("P. rufonuchalis"), or these two were considered entirely conspecific.
The rufous-naped tit ("Periparus rufonuchalis"), also known as the black-breasted tit or dark-grey tit, is an Asian songbird species in the tit and chickadee family (Paridae). It was sometimes considered conspecific with the rufous-vented tit ("P. rubidiventris"), and was formerly placed in the genus "Parus".
The sanctuary also is habitat for harriers, common cranes, black partridges (local name: "kalo tetar"), sand grouses, black and grey francolin, spotted and Indian sandgrouse, quails, larks, shrikes, coursers and plovers. Vulnerable species such as the Stoliczka's bushchat and white-naped tit have also been recorded in the KBS. The migratory bird, the imperial eagle is also sighted here.
The white-naped tit ("Machlolophus nuchalis"), sometimes called the white-winged tit, is a passerine bird in the tit family Paridae. It is endemic to India where it is found in dry thorn scrub forest in two disjunct populations, in western India and southern India.
The sanctuary is listed as an IBA assessed bird area by the BirdLife International in 2004 which extends over the same semiarid area as the sanctuary. The two most endangered species in the sanctuary are "Gyps" species of vultures – the white-rumped vulture ("Gyps bengalensis") and Indian vulture ("Gyps indicus"). The four vulnerable species reported are Nilgiri wood-pigeon ("Columba elphinstonii"), greater spotted eagle ("Clanga clanga"), white-naped tit ("Parus nuchalis") and yellow-throated bulbul ("Pycnonotus xantholaemus"). Other bird species reported are 25 species of Malayan Tropical Dry Zone which includes the near threatened red-headed vulture ("Sarcogyps calvus"). The species of least concern reported here is the resident white-bellied blue-flycatcher ("Cyornis pallipes").