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Narsarmijit is the southernmost settlement in the country, located approximately north of Cape Farewell, the southern cape of Greenland.
According to the Icelandic "Landnámabók", his family settled at Herjólfsfjörð on Herjólfsnes peninsula south of Brattahlíð, near modern Narsarmijit (Friedrichsthal) south of Nanortalik.
The village is served by the Narsarmijit Heliport. Air Greenland district helicopters link the settlement with Nanortalik, and further to Qaqortoq and Narsarsuaq.
Together with the settlements Narsarmijit and Tasiusaq the village is governed by a joint council. The head of the council is Hans Levisen.
Nearby settlements are Narsarmijit, Alluitsup Paa (Sydprøven), Tasiusaq, Aappilattoq, Ammassivik as well as the following settlements with no more than 20 inhabitants each: "Saputit", "Nalasut", "Nuugaarsuk", "Akuliaruseq", "Qallimiut", "Qorlortorsuaq", "Alluitsoq", and the weather station "Ikerasassuaq".
Narsaq Kujalleq Heliport or Narsarmijit Heliport is a heliport in Narsaq Kujalleq, a village in the Kujalleq municipality in southern Greenland. The heliport is considered a "helistop", and is served by Air Greenland as part of a government contract.
Narsarmijit , formerly Frederiksdal, is a settlement in southern Greenland. It is located in the Kujalleq municipality near Cape Thorvaldsen. Its population was 97 in 2010. There has been a slow but steady pattern of emigration since the late 1950s.
Ikigait is a former community in Greenland about 3 kilometers west of Narsarmijit. It was the site of Herjólfr Bárðarson's farm Herjolfsnes ("Herjolf's Point"), one of the easternmost of the Norse settlements during their colonization of Greenland.
Most towns and settlements in southern Greenland exhibit negative growth patterns over the last two decades, with many settlements rapidly depopulating. The population of Narsarmijit has decreased nearly a half relative to the 1990 levels, by nearly a quarter relative to the 2000 levels.
The modern Greenlandic name of the fjord is Narssap Sarqa, with the northwest fork called Amitsuarssuk. It features one community, Narsarmijit (sometimes appearing on maps as Narsaq Kujalleq and formerly Frederiksdal), located on the eastern shoreline about 3 km across the fjord from the ruins of the old Herjolfsnes homestead. The Herjolfsnes site later became known by Inuit Greenlanders as Ikigait, but is now uninhabited.
By the time of the Danish-Norwegian re-colonization of Greenland starting in the 18th century, the former site of Herjolfsnes was known as Ikigait by local Inuit Greenlanders. The community was abandoned at some point in the early 20th century, with the inhabitants perhaps having moved to nearby Narsarmijit on the other side of the fjord. A few concrete and wooden foundations from the time can be seen in current photographs of the site. Herjolfsnes / Ikigait is now uninhabited.
The Moravian missionary Conrad Kleinschmidt (1768–1832) founded the station of Friedrichsthal (, "Frederick's Valley") in 1824. The name honored Frederick VI of Denmark. The station was the Moravian's fourth, after Neu-Herrnhut (1733), Lichtenfels (1748), and Lichtenau (1774) and before Umanak (1861) and Idlorpait (1864). All the Greenland missions were surrendered to the Lutheran church in 1900. In the 19th century, the area served as a prime territory for sealing. Members of the settlement rescued the survivors of the ill-fated German polar expedition's "Hansa" in 1870. In 1906, pastor Jens Chemnitz founded Greenland's first sheep farm in Narsarmijit; the industry has since moved north to the larger pastures around Narsaq.