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devasthana              siddhar              sthan              stotram              thirtha              mataji              mahaganapati              simhasana              vadiraja              natha              svami              siddh              pakshi              ravalnath              basaveshwara              theertha              bhagawan              devala              bhagawati              bramha              thakura              vinayakar              anjaneyar              brahmendra              tarapith              mallinath              nrusimha              munisuvrata              chandraprabha              kalangi              teertha              sadashiva              variyar              shringi              andavan              parshwanath              brahmasri              anandashram              kunthunath              kshetram              siddeshwara              damodara              bhagvan              vimalnath              sthothram              ninra              mahatmyam              koyil              jeeyar              godiji             

Examples of "nathar"
Kalangi Nathar was the guru of Bhogar (or Bhogarnathar). Kalangi Nathar was from Benaras.
Nathar Vali's name and title is variously rendered as "Nathar Wali", "Natharuddin", "Baba-e-Nathar Sarmast Tabl-e-Aalam Dhool Samandar" and Syed Sha Mutaheruddin Suhrawardy".
Palunkanda Nathar. His consort is known as Periyanayaki.
Kalangi Nathar and Bogar were considered to possess an ideal master and student relationship. It is said that they had a mutual care among both of them in their own spiritual progresses. Kalangi Nathar, especially took more care and strain towards the spiritual advancement of his disciple bogar. Kalangi Nathar was behind Bogar's every development and his innovations for the world.
In Thirupugazh saint Arunagiri Nathar wrote a song and worshpped Temple Lord Murugan.
St. Arockia Nathar Church is a Catholic church located in Vavathurai, Kanyakumari, India.
Manathunai Nathar Temple is a Hindu temple in the village of Valivalam in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, India.
Jain peoples celebrate the Kannum Pongal festival at the time of Pongal. The first Tirthankarar of Jains Lord Virushba Nathar (lord Adhi Nathar) idol in decorating chariot runs on Mada streets. In April Jains, celebrate Mahaveer Jayanthi. In May, Jains celebrate the Atchaya Tiritiyai as Dhana Poojai.
The Vavathurai Church is dedicated to St. Arockiya Nathar (St. Roach). Arockiya Nathar means "one who always saves from sickness and gives good health". Truly a beautiful structure, the church looks gorgeous because it stands on the sea shore with a background of bluish sky.
Sri Kalangi Nadhar belongs to Kannar caste. Many people believe that Sri Kalangi Nathar is siddhar Kamalamuni. In the 63rd song of "Kamalamuni Suthiram 76", a line says that 'Kamalamuni alias Kalangi". Hence it may be true that Sri Kalangi Nathar is siddhar Kamalamuni himself.
Piramanoor (Piramanur / Brahmanur) is a village in Tiruppuvanam block, Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu, India. The ancient "Shree Kailasha Nathar Temple" is situated in this village.
The Padikasu Nathar Temple is located in the village of Alagaputhur which is situated at a distance of 6 kilometres from Kumbakonam on the way to Tiruvarur.
Karavera Nathar Temple is a Hindu temple located at Karaveram in the Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deity is Shiva.
Vandurai Nathar Temple is a Hindu temple located at Cherivadi Vaikal in the Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deity is Shiva.
Piramanoor Shree Kailasha Nathar Temple is an ancient Shiva temple(now under renovation) in Piramanoor, a village in Tiruppuvanam Taluk, Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu, India.
The temple was constructed by the Early Chola king Killivalavan. The presiding deity is called as Mullaivana Nathar. His consort is known as Ani Konda Kothai Ammai.
Kaathu Kutthal - ear piercing and adorning child with earrings. This ceremony is mostly performed in either Aarpakkam temple or Thirunarangkondai i.e.Thirunarungkundram. (Appandai Nathar is the deity).
Palunkanda Nathar Temple is a Hindu temple in the village of Thiruvaipadi near Thiruppanandal in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, India.
Kalangi Nathar was an Indian ascetic who had gone to China. Kalangi Nathar belongs to both Nath tradition of Northern India and also the Siddha tradition of Southern India. Kalangi Nathar is associated with Kaanja Malai in South India and later migrated and lived in China and spread the knowledge of yoga and Varma-Kalai (acupuncture) to the Chinese people. In China he is called Confucius. Kalangi Nathar decided to go into Samadhi for a very long time (for about 5000-years), and called Bogar to come to China to continue his mission. According to Chinese tradition, Laozi lived in the 6th century BC, however many historians contend that Laozi actually lived in the 4th century BC, which was the period of Hundred Schools of Thought and Warring States Period, whereas Confucius was born in 551 BCE in Lu, a small state in China and died in 479 BCE (as per Chinese sources). This shows that Confucius was elder to Laozi. Bhoganathar who is called Laozi/Lao Tzu in China, was the successor of Kalangi Nathar (Confucius).
Padikasu Nathar Temple is a Hindu temple located at Alagaputhur in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deity is Shiva. The temple dates to the Chola period.