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Examples of "naundorf"
Groß Naundorf lies about 11 kilometres south of Jessen.
Between 1818 and 1952, Zschornegosda and Naundorf were part of Kreis Calau.
Naundorf is a municipality in the district Nordsachsen, in Saxony, Germany.
Naundorf bei Seyda lies about 17 km northeast of Lutherstadt Wittenberg in the Fläming.
The river passes through Reichenau, Kleinbobritzsch, Hartmannsdorf, Friedersdorf, Oberbobritzsch and Niederbobritzsch, Naundorf, Falkenberg, Krummenhennersdorf, Reinsberg and Bieberstein.
It may be ascended from the western-located Naundorf (easy, no signposts) or from the north (Riegelhofstiege, difficult, "Klettersteig").
Colmnitzbach is a river of Saxony, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Bobritzsch, which it joins in Naundorf.
The first written evidence of Naundorf (as "Nuwendorff") came from a pledge deed from 1421. Zschornegosda was first written in 1449 (as "Cschörnegast") in feudal deed of Duke Frederick II, Elector of Saxony. Naundorf is a typical street village. Zschornegosda is a rotunde called "okolnica". The chapel was on the highest point of a sandy knoll.
Groß Naundorf (or "Gross Naundorf") is a village and a former municipality in Wittenberg district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Since 1 January 2011, it is part of the town Annaburg. The municipality belonged to the administrative municipality ("Verwaltungsgemeinschaft") of Annaburg-Prettin.
Starkenberg is a municipality in the district Altenburger Land, in Thuringia, Germany. On 1 December 2008, it incorporated the former municipalities Naundorf and Tegkwitz.
Naundorf is a village and a former municipality in the district Altenburger Land, in Thuringia, Germany. Since 1 December 2008, it has been part of Starkenberg.
Christian Wolff (Naundorf, 1705 – Dahlen, 1773) was a German baroque composer. He studied in Dresden and Leipzig and then was first "kapellmeister" then rector and organist in Dahlen.
The date of foundation of this community is unknown. Zschornegosda and Naundorf were founded in the 12th or the 13th century after the Christianization of the Sorbs.
From 1635, both Zschornegosda and Naundorf were part of Saxony. In 1815 both villages came to Prussia because of the Congress of Vienna.
Today the volunteer fire department of Radebeul consists of four separate quarter departments: Radebeul-Ost, Kötzschenbroda (Naundorf), Lindenau and Wahnsdord. Each of the departments has his own junior firefighter section. The quarter department of Radebeul-Kötzschenbroda was founded 2008 in the course of the construction of a rescue central station in Radebeul West. In the process the volunteer fire departments of Radebeul-West and Naundorf where consolidated. The rescue central station also houses the "Technisches Hilfswerk Radebeul"
Naundorf bei Seyda is a village and a former municipality in the district of Wittenberg, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Since 1 January 2010, it is part of the town Jessen.
Christian Friedrich Fritzsche (17 August 1776, Naundorf near Zeitz – 29 October 1850, Zürich) was a German Protestant theologian. He was the father of theologian Otto Fridolinus Fritzsche and of philologist Franz Volkmar Fritzsche.
The Großer Bärenstein is located within a loop of the River Elbe near Rathen. Immediately at its foot is the woodland of the farms of Fleck from Weißig and the villages of Thürmsdorf and Naundorf, as well as the village of Pötzscha, part of Stadt Wehlen.
Its waters flow almost entirely on the territory of the eponymous unitary municipality of Kabelsketal with its villages of Beuditz, Schwoitsch, Benndorf and Naundorf, until it reaches the Halle city quarter of Kanena, where it empties into the Reide from the left. The Reide, in turn, discharges into the White Elster near Osendorf after another 6.5 km.
The railway embankment was largely completed over a length of around 5.5 km by early December 2009. The construction of the last section, including the connection to the Berlin–Dresden line, was carried out during a full closure of the Großenhain–Radebeul-Naundorf section for one year from mid-December 2009.