Synonyms for nauseas or Related words with nauseas

obstipation              sleeplessness              diaphoresis              hypersalivation              dyspnoea              lightheadedness              stomachache              somnolence              hyposalivation              listlessness              sialorrhea              paresthesias              dysphasia              dyspeptic              nauseated              kinetosis              phonophobia              paraesthesia              jitteriness              giddiness              earaches              breathlessness              tiredness              indisposition              cephalea              malaise              nauseous              dysgeusia              neurasthenia              osmophobia              anxiousness              retching              dysesthesia              hypoesthesia              dysphagia              odynophagia              presyncope              hypogeusia              lassitude              motn              dysuria              hyperosmia              anosmia              palpitations              inappetence              hyperthyroids              hypersomnolence              constipations              colics              antiparkinsonic             

Examples of "nauseas"
In October 2005, the autonomous government in the region of Catalonia launched a program of therapeutical use of Sativex for 600 patients of a wide set of illnesses, from multiple sclerosis to cancer, in order to avoid nauseas or to relax tense muscles. The project involves six hospitals, forty researchers and sixty drugstores. The product is presented as an atomizer to be taken orally, and it will be delivered at drugstores inside some hospitals. The full text of the research initiative can be seen here, in Catalan, from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
"“Increased blood pressure and body temperature as well as increased heart rate and pulse, other effects may be present, such as shivers, flushing or paleness, nauseas, tremor and heavy legs; in some cases headache, dizziness, euphoria, and changes in behavior; almost always, occurrence of hallucinations shaped like geometric bright figures of various and changing colors like a kaleidoscope, changes in the understanding with rapid disintegration and confusion of ideas, difficulty to distinguish reality from fiction, loss of space and location, sense of shortening or elongated as well as distorted or disconnected body parts; schizophrenia, namely, split personality, feeling apart from the body and mind. All of these trigger a state of anguish, unable to distinguish between real and unreal, but generally, a feel that there is direct communication with god or supernatural forces or beings. In general, the psychotropic effect lasts for four to five hours but it can last longer, there can be sporadic manifestations even several days after the ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms.”"