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Examples of "ncurses"
ncurses supports GPM; many applications use ncurses mouse-support.
ncurses (new curses) "originated as pcurses ... and was re-issued as ncurses 1.8.1 in late 1993".
Projects have started for an ncurses frontend, that also could be used in Windows (with GNUWin32 Ncurses).
Although the ncurses library was initially developed under Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and NetBSD it has been ported to many other ANSI/POSIX UNIX systems, mainly by Thomas Dickey. PDCurses, while not identical to ncurses, uses the same function calls and operates the same way as ncurses does except that PDCurses targets different devices, e.g., console windows for DOS, Win32, OS/2, as well as X11. Porting between the two is not difficult. For example, the roguelike game "ADOM" was written for Linux and ncurses, later ported to DOS and PDCurses.
To use codice_1, Linux source is a requirement, a make tool, a C compiler, and the ncurses library.
"nvi" is only available on POSIX/Unix platforms due to its reliance on the curses/ncurses library.
ncurses, libpcap, SDL along with many other libraries have been ported, so DSLinux is in theory capable of running almost any application that has an ncurses-based or framebuffer based user interface. It also runs basic shell applications provided by BusyBox and GNU Coreutils has also been ported. The C-library is uClibc.
An alternative is to use the tput command, which as a part of the ncurses library is available on most Unix/Linux operating systems:
ALSA includes several front-end pieces of application software, including codice_1, codice_2, codice_3 command-line tools/utilities, as well as the alsamixer, a ncurses-based TUI.
Differing from the Expat License, the X11 License and the "MIT License" chosen for ncurses by the Free Software Foundation include the clause:
Curses-based software is software whose user interface is implemented through the Curses library, or a compatible library (such as Ncurses).
ncurses is the most widely known implementation of curses, and has motivated further development of other variations, such as BSD curses in the NetBSD project.
WeeChat comes with a default ncurses interface, but it is possible to use other interfaces (e.g. Glowing Bear, a web frontend).
In Unix-like operating systems, TUIs are often constructed using the terminal control library "curses", or "ncurses", a mostly compatible library.
It uses the Telepathy software framework for server communications and ncurses to provide a console-bound user interface. Currently no graphical interface is planned.
cmus is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and operates exclusively through a text-based user interface, built with ncurses.
On August 17, 2008, the project was founded by Chris Tusa with work on version 1 of the code. A year later, development on this branch, now known as OpenTG/1, ended. The back-end configuration tool had taken shape using the NCurses library, and database abstraction using ruby-DBI and PostgreSQL for the backend database engine. The developer deemed this version of the code a failure due to problems maintaining NCurses screen layouts and SQL queries through DBI.
"aptitude" is based on the ncurses computer terminal library, with which it provides an interface that incorporates some elements commonly seen in graphical user interfaces (GUIs) (such as pull-down menus).
Ncurses can use either terminfo (with extensible data) or termcap. Other implementations of curses generally use terminfo; a minority use termcap. Few (mytinfo was an older exception) use both.
codice_1 as it can fetch packages from remote locations and deal with complex package relations, such as dependency resolution. Frontends for APT like aptitude (ncurses) and synaptic (GTK+) are used for their friendlier interfaces.