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gypohierax_angolensis_hooded_vulture              necrosyrtes_monachus_egyptian_vulture              vocifer_palm_nut_vulture              lammergeier_gypaetus_barbatus_egyptian              schuettii              tailed_wheatear_oenanthe_leucopyga              vulture_neophron_percnopterus              hooded_vulture_necrosyrtes_monachus              backed_duck_thalassornis              myioparus_plumbeus              maurus_whinchat              duck_anas_sparsa              headed_lapwing_vanellus_tectus              neophron_percnopterus              africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              asiatica_zenaida_dove_zenaida              whinchat_saxicola_rubetra_european              headed_lapwing_vanellus_albiceps              tauraco_livingstonii              white_winged_redstart              anas_hottentota              slate_colored_seedeater              nettapus_auritus_african              semicollared_flycatcher_ficedula_semitorquata              tracheliotos_white_headed              crowned_lapwing_vanellus_coronatus              senegal_lapwing_vanellus_lugubris              capped_flycatcher_erythrocercus_mccallii              daurian_redstart_phoenicurus_auroreus              dusky_crested_flycatcher              moussier_redstart_phoenicurus_moussieri              gracupica              lonchura_kelaarti              pied_bushchat_saxicola_caprata              leucocephala_asian_openbill              phoenicurus_siberian              capped_heron_pilherodius              erckel_francolin              cape_teal_anas              neotis_nuba              crithagra_sulphuratus              lesser_noddy_anous              throated_robin_irania              tauraco_schalowi              bellied_kingfisher_corythornis              migrans_pallas              concolor_eurasian              blue_flycatcher_elminia              falcon_falco_biarmicus              throated_redstart             

Examples of "necrosyrtes_monachus"
The hooded vulture ("Necrosyrtes monachus") is an Old World vulture in the order Accipitriformes, which also includes eagles, kites, buzzards and hawks. It is the only member of the genus "Necrosyrtes" and is native to sub-Saharan Africa. It is a scruffy-looking, small vulture with dark brown plumage, a long thin bill, bare crown, face and fore-neck, and a downy nape and hind-neck. It typically scavenges on carcasses. Although this is a common species, numbers of these birds are decreasing rapidly. Threats include poisoning, hunting and loss of habitat, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has rated its conservation status as "critically endangered".
A migratory route for birds, linking Western Europe with North Africa, passes across the Strait of Gibraltar and through Morocco. 490 species of bird have been recorded in the country, many of them in passage or winter visitors. A single endemic bird species, the northern bald ibis ("Geronticus eremita") occurs here, and there are about 12 globally endangered species; the white-headed duck ("Oxyura leucocephala"), the Balearic shearwater ("Puffinus mauretanicus"), the northern bald ibis, the Egyptian vulture ("Neophron percnopterus"), the lappet-faced vulture ("Torgos tracheliotos"), the hooded vulture ("Necrosyrtes monachus"), the white-backed vulture ("Gyps africanus"), the Rüppell's vulture ("Gyps rueppelli"), the sociable lapwing ("Vanellus gregarius"), the slender-billed curlew ("Numenius tenuirostris"), the great knot ("Calidris tenuirostris") and the saker falcon ("Falco cherrug"). Other birds with restricted ranges in north Africa include the Levaillant's woodpecker ("Picus vaillantii"), the Moussier's redstart ("Phoenicurus moussieri") and the Tristram's warbler ("Sylvia deserticola").
There are reports of Verreaux's eagle-owls attacking even larger raptorial birds. A case of the Verreaux's eagle-owl killing an adult Pel's fishing owl in Botswana was verified. At roughly in body mass, the fishing owl is of nearly the same size as the eagle-owl. Cases where they’ve attacked the nests of particularly large diurnal birds of prey have sometimes involved only nestlings being victimized, such as attacks on the hooded vulture ("Necrosyrtes monachus") and the bateleur ("Terathopius ecaudatus"), none of the adults, which are about the same average adult body mass as the Verreaux's eagle-owls, have been reported as prey. However, in some even larger birds of prey, adults as well as nestlings and fledglings have been killed. Successful nighttime attacks have been reported on adults of the African fish eagle ("Haliaeetus vocifer") and the secretarybird ("Sagittarius serpentarius"). In the Matobo Hills of Zimbabwe, the Verreaux's eagle-owl has been considered as one of the inferred predators of Verreaux's eagle ("Aquila verreauxii"), although whether adults or only nestlings are vulnerable is not definitely clear.