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Examples of "nedelko"
Ivan Nedelko (born 12 May 1986) is a Russian tennis player.
"Najden, Nase, Naste, Natanail, Naum, Nace, Nakje, Neven, Nedelko, Nektarij, Noefit, Nestor, Nikanor, Nikita, Nikifor, Nikodim, Nikola, Novak, Nove"
Nedelko made his ATP main draw debut at the 2011 St. Petersburg Open in the singles draw facing Potito Starace.
Nedelko has a career high ATP singles ranking of 261 achieved on 6 June 2016. He also has a career high ATP doubles ranking of 674 achieved on 16 June 2014.
Élan Media Partners was established in 2010 after Surrealus - a company run by Paul Uniacke and Edward Nedelko that owns and operates Video Ezy, Blockbuster and EzyDVD under its Franchise Entertainment Group - acquired Stomp Entertainment. Following a transitional period, Stomp changed its name to Élan Media Partners. Craig White, former Director of Sales at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, was appointed General Manager.
Nedelkovo () is a village in Tran Municipality near the small town of Tran, western Bulgaria. The village was named after the local partisan supporter Nedelko Savov in 1950; its old name was Baba, first mentioned as "Babin Dol" in 1451 and as "Baba" in 1453. The old name is derived either from the common noun "baba" (баба, "grandmother") or from the dialectal "baba" ("height, dome-like hill"), both equally possible.
Nedelko 'Neville' Jelich (born 11 March 1962) is a Yugoslavian born former Australian cricket player, who played first class cricket for Queensland and Tasmania. He debuted for Queensland in the 1985-86 season, but transferred to Tasmania the following summer, where he played until the end of the 1987-88 season. He was a left-handed middle order batsman, and scored one first class century.
In August 2010, Paul Uniacke and Edward Nedelko's other company, Surrealus, bought the failed entertainment group, Stomp Entertainment (which included the Australian operations of Play4Me and CD WOW!) for an undisclosed sum. By October that year, Surrealus had reorganised Stomp and given it a new name - Élan Media Partners. Uniacke and Nedelko also arranged for the transfer of the Video Ezy Australia, Blockbuster Australia and EzyDVD online businesses from FEG to Élan Media Partners, leaving FEG to manage the franchise relationships with individual Video Ezy/Blockbuster outlets and the three remaining EzyDVD-branded stores.
In August 2005, business partners, Paul Uniacke and Edward Nedelko - who between them owned 24 Video Ezy franchises in Victoria - purchased the shares held in Video Ezy Australasia Pty Ltd by Perpetual Trustees and Ivany Investments to become majority shareholders in the company. They replaced Robert Maidment as Executive Chairman. At that stage Video Ezy-branded outlets numbered, 560 in Australia, 156 in New Zealand, 128 in Thailand, 135 in Indonesia, 19 in Singapore, 9 in Malaysia, 1 in Fiji and 1 in the United Arab Emirates.
In 1995 the first Windows version was developed by Igor Nedelko and Andrey Akselrod for the AbrewSoft company as a shareware. This was a faithful remake of Color Lines, with 256-color graphics and a custom window with buttons for all the functions. The characters on the pillars, champion and pretender, were still there, but in a modern office instead of a medieval setting. The figurines to the right was ever so slightly animated, blinking and tapping a hand now and then. The ball with the four cyan arrows was for moving the window around. A new concept of a four-color balls on advanced levels was introduced with this version.
In January 1943, Mandrapa was singled out by the Croatian Ustaše Josep "Zhila" Friganović, who had noticed his stoic behavior during the forced labor days and the slaughter of prisoners at night. Then, he was mutilated by Friganović, after his repeated refusals to praise Ustase leader Ante Pavelic. For as long as Mandrapa could speak, he told Friganović "radi ti, dijete, svoj posao." ("Do your job, child" in Serbian): as a result his ears, tongue and nose were cut, then his eyes and heart were gouged out, and his throat was slit. Friganović is said to have been unable to kill more people that night, fallen into alcoholism, and years later later he confessed this to a doctor named Nedelko Nedo Zets, who wrote it down. This testimony would be used later to make Mandrapa a saint.