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kudumba              iniyum              theerpu              njaan              geetham              sookshikkuka              poocha              puthu              njan              theeratha              thilakam              rajavu              sneham              thedi              paattu              raktha              puthri              vilikkunnu              varavu              pillalu              bandham              sambhavam              paadum              patham              raavukal              bhaktha              thayi              sukham              rahasyam              naanu              sowbhagya              kaattu              pennu              veliye              mangalya              paravaigal              hrudaya              ithu              nooru              ponnu              ninakku              adimakal              sundaran              yudham              vayasu              thaai              bandhangal              eradu              moonam              nirangal             

Examples of "neethi"
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The "Consumerfed" operates the supermarket chain Triveni Supermarkets, Neethi Store, and other retail outlets.
Previously there were 7 houses. Preethi, Keerthi, Neethi, Spoorthi, Shakthi, Kanthi and Shanthi.
Backing vocals on the track "Maahi Ve"— Maria Roe Vincent, Rhea Raphael, Neethi Dorairaju
The winner of the first series was Rehan Khan who beat in the finals Neethi Nair and Anandrupa Bagchi.
The village has other temples of Mariyamman, Viswalingaswamy (Siddhar Samathi), Vinayagar (5 temples), Iyanar Yellaiamman and other deities. Raja Neethi Vinayagar is a special temple which was established during Raja Raja Chola period. The temple Raja Neethi Vinayagar is under renovation. This temple was constructed by "Raja Raja Chola's Mother". According to the legend, Raja Neethi Vinayakar blessed her while she struggled with family issues and salvation was given to her by the Lord. Now, the temple awaits renovation which has been pending for several years.
As the wicked Kali came to the world, the ocean waves became angry and washed away many parts of land. All the ethical people went into the forest from the country. There the eldest one among Pancha pandavas, Yudhishthira asked the Dharma Neethi "If all of you have gone away, how can we get to Vaikuntam?". The Darma Neethi replied that the advent of Kali barred the ethical people from reaching Vaikuntam, and thus the Dharma Neethi were going to Vishnu. So the Panchapandavas followed them and headed to Vishnu.
Neethi is a 1971 Indian Malayalam film, directed by AB Raj. The film stars Prem Nazir, Sheela, Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair and Adoor Bhasi in lead roles.
Their slogan is "Swathantryam – Neethi – Surakrsha" which means Freedom, Justice and Security. In 1997 it stood behind the formation of the Confederation of Human Rights Organizations.
Ithente Neethi is the story of a faithful dog and his love for his master, who was brutally killed by the villain. The film is the tale of revenge done by the dog on his master's killers.
The film was remade in India twice, first in Hindi as "Insaaf Ka Tarazu" (1980) then as a Tamil - Telugu bilingual film, which were released as "Neethi Devan Mayakkam" and "Edi Dharmam Edi Nyayam?" respectively.
"Tamil Pulavar Charithram" (History of Tamil poets), "Ilakkiya Sol Aharathy" (Dictionary of classical terms), "Neethi Neri Vilakkam" (An explanation of the judicial process), "Megathootha Karikai" and "Raguvamsa Charitha Amirtham" (Both religious works).
Ithu Engal Neethi is a 1988 Indian Tamil film, directed by S. A. Chandrasekhar and produced by S. S. Neelakandan and Shoba Chandrasekhar. The film stars Ramki, Radhika, Ramki and Vani Viswanath in lead roles. The film had musical score by Ilayaraja.
Manitha Neethi Pasarai (MNP) is a Muslim organisation in Tamil Nadu, India. Established in 2001, it has its stated objective as to "work on issues related to minorities and backward communities in Tamil Nadu". It runs a Tamil magazine "Vidiyal Velli" that highlights various aspects of Islam.
Ithente Neethi is a 1987 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by J. Sasikumar for Sreelakshmi Creations starring Shankar in lead role, supported by Balan K. Nair, Rajya Lakshmi and Shari playing other important roles. The film is the remake of Bollywood hit, "Teri Meherbaniyan".
Nyaya Neethi Dharma (Kannada: ನ್ಯಾಯ ನೀತಿ ಧರ್ಮ) is a 1980 Indian Kannada film, directed by A. T. Raghu and produced by V. K. Ramesh. The film stars Ambarish, Aarathi, Dwarakish and Sundar Krishna Urs in lead roles. The film had musical score by Upendra Kumar.
The National Political Conference was held on February 13–15, 2009 at Kozhikode in Kerala. It was organized by several social organizations in India such as the Lilong Social Forum, the Manitha Neethi Pasare, the Karnataka Forum for Dignity and the Popular Front of India. This conference later led to the formation of a new political party called the Social Democratic Party of India.
Neethi Devan Mayakkam (English: Delusion of god of law) in Tamil, Edi Dharmam Edi Nyayam (English: Which is justice, which is duty ?) in Telugu is a 1982 bilingual social drama film directed by Bapu. The film stars Bhanu Chander and Madhavi in the lead roles. Kamal Haasan acted as Military Officer as guest appearance. The film was a remake of Hindi film "Insaf Ka Tarazu" which inturn was a remake of 1976 Hollywood film "Lipstick".
He became the District Muncif of Mayuram (presently Mayavaram) and served there for 13 years. Vedanayagam showed a passion for writing from early age. He translated law books to Tamil and his ethical book called Neethi Nool was well accepted. In total he wrote 16 books of which Prathapa Mudaliar Charithram is regarded as the first Tamil Novel. The novel reflects Vedanaygam's own ideals of women's liberation and education.
Nalan was into event management and real estate when he heard about Naalaya Iyakunar. There were just ten days to the deadline. So he turned it meta and made a short called Oru Padam Edukkanum about a filmmaker with a deadline. He went on to make seven more short films. Nenjukku Neethi, his entry for the final round, made him 1st Prize winner of the Season-1 of Naalaya Iyakunar show.