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anata              shiawase              namida              yakusoku              omoide              hitotsu              chikai              omoi              kanashimi              bokura              tenshi              unmei              koibito              hajimari              inochi              taiyou              mukou              dareka              yoru              kimochi              boku              kotoba              hitori              yoake              hajimete              zutto              kanojo              kodoku              kaze              kiseki              watashi              mieru              tsukiyo              ashita              yasashii              bokutachi              itsuka              tameni              otona              futatsu              jikan              kisetsu              mayonaka              shiranai              tsuki              kakera              jounetsu              kamisama              okurimono              kioku             

Examples of "negai"
""Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro"" - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)
Soga was played by Horikoshi Nori in " Saikai ~Yokota Megumi-san no Negai~ "
Andrian Negai (born 28 January 1985 in Chișinău) is a Moldovan international footballer who currently plays for FC Milsami Orhei.
"Negai No Sora" peaked at the #1 spot on the Okinawa Indies chart, under name "タワタエミ" (Tawata Emi).
Nami's 16th single, "Give Me Up", was used as the theme song for the anime "Yatterman". Another song, "Negai Hoshi", which is included in her 17th single, is the theme song for the new Wii RPG, "Arc Rise Fantasia", while her 18th single, "Moshimo Negai ga..." is also the theme song for another Wii RPG, "". Both games were released by Marvelous Entertainment.
She was decommissioned on 25 December 1935, and sold for 25,143 "francs" to a M. Negai on 26 May 1937.
Ashida starred as Miu Kinoshita, the daughter of a single father who suffered from juvenile Alzheimer's disease, in Fuji Television's summer drama series "Beautiful Rain". She also sang its theme song, entitled "Ame ni Negai o". Written by singer Yumi Matsutoya, "Ame ni Negai o" was the first drama theme song Mana performed solo. The single was released in Japan on 1 August 2012.
Other ways to increase politeness involve indirection of the request: "kore o tsukau you ni o negai shimasu": "I humbly request that you think about using this".
The theme song, "Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro", was written and sung by the director's ex-wife, pop singer Hikaru Utada.
One of the album's standout tracks is a blues-flavored remake of "Bad Communication," as well as a more energetic version of the hit "Negai".
Japanese requests and commands have many set forms depending on who is being addressed by whom. For example, the phrase "yoroshiku o negai shimasu", meaning "I ask your favor" can take various forms. At the bottom of the scale comes
This mini-album includes a reggae cover of Fumido's "Yura Yura." and the song "Negai no Sora" which managed to get the #1 spot on the Indies chart as a single.
The novel "The Seven Deadly Sins -Gaiden- Sekijitsu no Ōto Nanatsu no Negai" was the 33rd best-selling light novel of the first half of 2015, with 61,939 copies sold.
In 1972, their debut song under the Nippon Columbia, "Onna no Michi", sold about 4 million copies, following that "Onna no Negai" and "Onna no Yume" also reached million copies in sales each.
The music in the game was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Yuki Harada. The opening theme is Negai Hoshi by Nami Tamaki, and the ending theme is Tenshi no Hashigo ~crepuscular rays~ by Yui Makino.
MYV Pops (often stylised as MYV☆POPS) is the fourth studio album by Miyavi. It was released on August 2, 2006 and charted 15th on Oricon. Its limited edition comes with an additional DVD, containing a documentary with back stage footage of the artist's previous tour and the making of the music video for "Kimi ni Negai Wo". The first album singles, "Señor Señora Señorita/Gigpig Boogie" and "Kimi ni Negai Wo" charted as tenth and twenty-sixth respectively. This was the first album, where his style shifted towards a more pop sound, wanting to "study pop music in [his] own way".
Negai was deployed from a JAXA Picosatellite Deployer attached to the second stage of the H-IIA 202 rocket used in the launch of the Akatsuki spacecraft towards Venus. Negai shared its dispenser with the K-Sat satellite, whilst a second dispenser contained Waseda-SAT2. The three CubeSats separated into low Earth orbit during a coast phase of the launch, between the first and second burns of the second stage. The rocket then continued to Heliocentric orbit, where it deployed Akatsuki, along with the IKAROS and UNITEC-1 spacecraft.
In 2006, Nippon Television (NTV) aired Saikai -Yokota Megumi-san no Negai- (再会 ~横田めぐみさんの願い~ " Reunion ~Yokota Megumi's Wish~") a television film about the life of Megumi Yokota. The movie starred Mayuko Fukuda and Nana Katase as Yokota during different periods in her life.
At their presents live at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT on November 28, 2014, the band announced that they will take a hiatus after their oneman live, "星に願いを…" (hoshi ni negai wo...) at Ikebukuro EDGE on January 18, 2015.
The opening sequence of the L/R, "Go where no ones gone before" by Billy Preston, was released on a CD single on February 3, 2003 under the JVC Victor label. The ending sequence of L/R, "Negai no Toki" by Mikako Takahashi, was released on January 22, 2003 under the same label.