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thyrsiflora              tylophora              laurifolius              millettia              paniculatum              cocculus              anaphalis              parvifolius              bracteata              hyptis              randia              divaricata              clerodendron              micrantha              martinii              paniculatus              gnaphalium              latifolium              hispidula              auriculata              multifida              aristata              umbellata              alseodaphne              helenium              cotula              corymbosa              sessiliflora              salicifolium              multicaulis              saprosma              uniflora              laxiflora              chamaesyce              amberboa              trilobata              involucrata              obtusifolium              calamintha              longiflora              wedelia              diversifolia              microphylla              rotundifolia              heliotropium              chrysantha              laurifolia              densiflorum              glabrescens              oblongifolia             

Examples of "nepalense"
Penicillium nepalense is a species of the genus of "Penicillium".
Satyrium nepalense is a species of orchid occurring from the Indian subcontinent to south-central China.
Agonidium nepalense is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Platyninae. It was described by Habu in 1973.
Caryocolum nepalense is a moth of the Gelechiidae family. It is found in Nepal. It occurs at altitudes between 1,500 and 3,800 meters.
Zeuzera nepalense is a moth in the Cossidae family. It was described by Daniel in 1962. It is found in Nepal.
Pegaeophyton nepalense is a plant species reported from Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Xizang (= Tibet). It is found high in the Himalayas at elevations of over 4000 m (13,000 feet).
are found on the high west edge of the park. Among the grasslands are a plethora of "Brachycorythis iantha", Satyrium nepalense, "Habenaria cephalotes", "Seidenfia densiflora", "Spiranthes sinensis" and Liparis atropurpurea.
"Lilium nepalense" grows up to about 1 m high, usually less. The bulbs are stoloniferous, and for newly planted bulbs, the shoot will often come up some distance from the planting spot. Flowers are few, often solitary, pendant, pale green with a purple throat. The flowers are generally unscented during daylight hours and heavily scented after dark.
In cultivation, "L. nepalense" is best suited to a cool glasshouse, preferring a slightly acidic, humus rich soil that is well drained. It prefers the bulb to be kept cool while the plant itself can stand full sun. The plant should be well watered in spring, simulating a snow melt. After flowering, the plant should be kept fairly dry or the bulb will rot.
Lilium nepalense (common name Lily of Nepal) is an Asian plant species in the lily family. It is native of the Himalayas and nearby regions: northern Thailand, northern Myanmar, Assam, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Uttarakhand, Tibet, and Yunnan. It can be found growing on wet forest borders at .
"Pegaeophyton nepalense"is a very small perennial herb rarely more than 2 cm tall, with an underground caudex and a rosette of leaves above ground. Leaves have relatively long petioles up to 14 mm long. Blades are ovate to almost round, up to 4 mm wide. Flowers number 3-8 per plant, up to 3 mm across, with white petals. Fruits are egg-shaped to almost spherical, up to 2 mm across, each with 2-4 seeds.
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