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artaserse              mefistofele              abbandonata              ottavia              amanti              semiramide              ottone              poppea              parisina              farnace              montecchi              zandonai              cilea              fiammetta              andromaca              pizzetti              arlesiana              trionfo              drammatico              tamerlano              mercadante              olimpiade              almirena              capuleti              paride              ariodante              clori              frammenti              ipermestra              ersilia              broschi              questi              amadigi              figlia              promessi              porpora              vaccai              zanetto              ermione              mitridate              ovvero              segreto              tragico              arsace              ossia              schicchi              alcina              radamisto              imeneo              capuana             

Examples of "nerone"
He created a unique festival named “Teatro Libero del Monte Nerone” (Free theatre of Monte Nerone) that takes place every August since 2011 in the middle of a wood between Marche and Umbria.
Ballast Island is a small, 15-acre (0.049 km²) private island in Lake Erie, about northeast of the northeast tip of South Bass Island. It is known primarily as a navigation point for boats going to or from Put-in-Bay from the east. There are shoals between Ballast and South Bass, but there is a passage between known locally as "the wagon tracks". Ballast Island is partially owned by Mr. and Mrs. Americo Nerone and their five children (Richard Nerone, Tom Nerone, Marianne DeLauro, Linda Reinert and Carl Nerone); there are currently 7 houses built on Ballast Island.
Nerone fatto Cesare is a lost dramma per musica by Antonio Vivaldi.
O.K. Nerone is a 1951 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Soldati.
Nerone, an Italian name derived from the word "nero" meaning "black", may refer to:
Ramsay, Keith. "The Lincoln Mystery Plays: A Personal Odyssey." London: Nerone Books, 2008. ISBN 978-0-9555365-0-2
Z.XLVIII "Casalotti", Z.XLIX "Santa Maria di Galeria", Z.L "Ottavia", Z.LI "La Storta" and Z.LIII Tomba di Nerone.
"Nerone" was premièred in Milan on 16 January 1935, followed by the première in Livorno on 24 August.
Nerone ("Nero") is an opera in three acts by Pietro Mascagni from a libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti, based on the play "Nerone" by Pietro Cossa. Most of Mascagni's music was drawn from a failed project "Vistilia" (from 1907) - the music made to 'fit' a wholly unconnected liberetto.
Ernman worked with conductor René Jacobs in the roles of Nerone in "Agrippina", Roberto in Scarlatti’s "Griselda" and Diana in Cavalli’s "La Calisto".
Monte Nerone and the location of the Battle of the Metaurus are nearby. The Candigliano is joined by the Biscubio in the vicinity of the town.
In 2009 Ullmann appeared as Nerone in Monteverdi's opera "L'incoronazione di Poppea" at the Boston Early Music Festival with Gillian Keith as Poppea.
Nerone is a 1977 Italian comedy film directed by Castellacci & Pingitore. It parodies real life event of the Roman emperor Nero.
Drusilla muses on the life of happiness before her, when Arnalta arrives with a lictor. Arnalta accuses Drusilla of being Poppea's assailant, and she is arrested. As Nerone enters, Arnalta denounces Drusilla, who protests her innocence. Threatened with torture unless she names her accomplices, Drusilla decides to protect Ottone by confessing her own guilt. Nerone commands her to suffer a painful death, at which point Ottone rushes in and reveals the truth: that he had acted alone, at the command of the Empress Ottavia, and that Drusilla was innocent of complicity. Nerone is impressed by Drusilla's fortitude, and in an act of clemency spares Ottone's life, ordering him banished. Drusilla chooses exile with him. Nerone now feels entitled to act against Ottavia and she is exiled, too. This leaves the way open for him to marry Poppea, who is overjoyed: "No delay, no obstacle can come between us now."
Petrolini's sympathies for, and impertinences towards, the Fascist regime were complex. Petrolini was admired and befriended by Mussolini, even though his "Nerone" caricature was widely perceived as a parody of the dictator. It has been suggested that the "Nerone" characterfirst created by Petrolini in 1917may actually have influenced Mussolini's own mannerisms. Although a public supporter of the regime, Petrolini did not refrain from satire, including a famously disrespectful rejoinder after Mussolini had presented him with a medal.
Boito wrote very little music, but completed (and later destroyed) the opera, "Ero e Leandro", and left incomplete a further opera, "Nerone", which he had been working at, on and off, between 1877 and 1915. Excluding its last act, for which Boito left only a few sketches, "Nerone" was finished after his death by Arturo Toscanini and Vincenzo Tommasini and premiered at La Scala, 1924. He also left a Symphony in A minor in manuscript.
Following "Nerone", Guarrera sang in two more productions at La Scala in 1948, Zurga in a new production of "Les Pêcheurs de Perles" with Onelia Fineschi, and Manfredo in "L'amore dei tre re" with Clara Petrella and Nicola Rossi-Lemeni.
Vittorio Gui was also a prolific author and critic. Notable writings include his 1924 study of Boito's opera "Nerone", an article on "Mozart in Italy" from 1955, and his collected essays, "Battute d'aspetto" (1946).
The Monte Nerone is a mountain in the Umbrian Apennines, in the province of Pesaro e Urbino, Marche, central Italy. The highest peak is at 1,525 m above sea level.
At the same time two other sections of Ballast Island were for sale. They were purchased by a Cleveland Business man. He sold his property in 1967 to two brothers Amerigo and Frank Nerone.