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nesting              organized              hierarchies              segmented              hierarchical              clustered              stackable              nestable              hierarchal              hierarchy              grouped              nest              juxtaposed              interlinked              assembled              interlocked              unordered              collapsed              merged              concatenated              stacked              concentric              disjoint              partitions              cascaded              shuffled              interdependent              tiled              ordered              folded              interleaved              grouping              telescoping              tree              packed              contiguous              tiered              namespaces              staggered              intertwined              indexed              collapsible              hierarchically              replicated              groupings              tiers              recursive              schemas              instantiated              chained             

Examples of "nested"
NESL supports nested data parallelism by using the flattening transform to convert nested data parallelism to flat data parallelism. This works by storing nested vectors as the nested data and a segment descriptor of vector lengths, separately.
Some nested radicals can be rewritten in a form that is not nested. For example,
Fred Silverman insisted that every season the series devotes one episode to be a nested pilot. The following are known nested pilots, however other seasons did include episodes which appeared to be nested pilots:
Use the EXPAND expression to flatten nested arrays. This expression takes as input an array of nested arrays [ [ T ] ] and produces an output array [ T ], by promoting the elements of each nested array to the top-level output array.
If an experiment or process has nested variation, the experiment or process has multiple sources of random error that affect its output. Having nested random effects in a model is the same thing as having nested variation in a model.
Genes nested opposite the coding sequences of their host genes are very rare, and have been observed in prokaryotes, and more recently, in yeast ("S. cerevisiae") and in "Tetrahymena thermophila". These non-intronic nested genes remain to be identified in metazoan genomes. As with intronic nested genes, nonintronic nested genes typically do not share functions or expression patterns with their host genes.
CSS does support logical nesting, but the code blocks themselves are not nested. Sass allows the nested code to be inserted within each other.
This error happens with types of arity > 0 in nested "case" or "let" clauses and disappears by type annotating the variables in the nested clauses.
Designed a theory for nested rectangular array that provided a formal structure used in the development of the Nested Interactive Array Language.
The nested set model is a particular technique for representing nested sets (also known as trees or hierarchies) in relational databases.
Hash join is similar to nested loop join but faster than nested loop join and hash join is used for equi join.
The nested interval theorem is another form of completeness. Let be a sequence of closed intervals, and suppose that these intervals are nested in the sense that
Summarizing, GenVoca values are nested tuples of program artifacts, and features are nested delta tuples, where + recursively composes them by vector addition. This is the essence of AHEAD.
A nested loop join is a naive algorithm that joins two sets by using two nested loops. Join operations are important to database management.
Scholarly articles on nested polymerase chain reactions
Complex statements and nested instructions are supported:
/* Comments /* may not be nested */ Syntax error */
nested space (room, floor, building, city, planet).
Nested dissection consists of the following steps:
A nested UTID is defined as the id component of a UTID is another UTID. Therefore, the id component of a nested UTID MUST contain dns component and follow the UTID syntax. On the contrary, a UTID in which id component contains dns component is not necessary to be a nested UTID. Whether a UTID is a nested UTID is determined both by the syntax and the usage context of the UTID.