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Examples of "neuendorf"
Neuendorf Church () was a Protestant church in the Adlig Neuendorf quarter of Königsberg, Germany.
The RU Hohen Neuendorf is a German rugby union from Hohen Neuendorf, currently playing in the Rugby-Bundesliga.
Hohen Neuendorf (in German S-Bahnhof Hohen Neuendorf) is a railway station in the town of Hohen Neuendorf, Germany. It is served by the Berlin S-Bahn and by several local buses.
Neuendorf is the southernmost settlement on Hiddensee. The inhabitants of Neuendorf are known by the rest of the island as "Die Süder" ("The Southerners"). Although Neuendorf is only six kilometres from Vitte, its inhabitants speak a different dialect. Large parts of Neuendorf resemble a large pasture on which the houses are arranged like a piece of string. There are no paths in places, so that some addresses may only be reached by walking over the grass. Neuendorf has its own harbour.
For its loyalty to the Teutonic Knights during the Thirteen Years' War, Altstadt was granted the village of Neuendorf in 1466. Neuendorf Church was constructed during the era of the Teutonic Knights. Neuendorf grew to reach the Alter Pregel and a pond, the Mühlenteich. The fort XII Eulenburg, part of the Königsberg fortifications, was constructed near Neuendorf from 1872 to 1874.
The community has only the "Gemarkung" (traditional rural cadastral area) of Neuendorf; however, it is made up of two "Ortsteile" called Neuendorf and Nantenbach.
In 1933, "FV" joined the Gauliga Mittelrhein, one of sixteen top flight divisions established in the re-organization of German football under the Third Reich that year. The club was immediately relegated, and in 1934 was joined by "Turnverein 1864 Neuendorf", "Arbeitersportverein Neuendorf" and "DJK Neuendorf", to create "Turn- und Spielvereinigung Neuendorf". Both "ASV" and "DJK" were forced into the merger through the policies of the Nazi regime which regarded worker's and church-sponsored clubs as politically undesirable. "TuS Neuendorf" returned to first division play in 1935 and was in and out of the Gauliga over the next several seasons.
Neuendorf consists of two originally independent villages: the older one, "Plogshagen", existed as early as the 13th century and the actual Neuendorf, which was formed in 1700 by relocation of people from "Glambek". Ruins of these settlements are still recognisable today northeast of Neuendorf parish.
Schoolchildren from years one to eight were until 1967 taught in the community-owned schoolhouse in Neuendorf. In the course of school realignment, years five to eight have been schooled in Langenprozelten since 1967, with the years one to four staying in Neuendorf until 1974. Today, all Neuendorf children go to primary school or secondary schools in Lohr am Main.
Hohen Neuendorf consists of 4 districts (with area codes):
The original club was lost in 1917, but in 1919 the successor side "Fussball Verein 1911 Neuendorf" was assembled out of the former memberships of "FCD", "Fussball Club Concordia 1910 Neuendorf", and "Fussball Club Alemania 1912 Neuendorf", both of which had folded in 1914.
Neuendorf is first mentioned in 1417 as "Núwen Dorff".
With the rising role of Hohen Neuendorf as a commuter village across from Stolpe (which stayed largely agricultural in nature), it was finally with the (mis)placement of the train stop that emphasis on the settlement of Hohen Neuendorf ensued.
Neuendorf studied Philosophy and Art History in Munich, financing his studies by dealing in paintings and prints. Opening Neuendorf Gallery in 1964 in Hamburg, he exhibited American Pop Art, artists being unknown in Europe prior to that time.
Neuendorf A is a village and a former municipality in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The municipality consisted of Neuendorf itself and the village of Kurtshagen. Since 1 January 2012, it is part of the municipality Ducherow.
Until mid-2008, Konrad Rauch (CSU/Unabhängige Bürger) was the Mayor of Neuendorf.
Challengers: Allison Ferry v Joanne Rogers, Shane Vuletich v Wayne Neuendorf
Rietz-Neuendorf is a municipality in the Oder-Spree district, in Brandenburg, Germany
Neuendorf is a municipality in the district of Bitburg-Prüm, in Rhineland-Palatinate, western Germany.
Neuendorf bei Elmshorn is a municipality in the district of Steinburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.